「I love detailed things!
    Embroidery or drawing magic circles is the best, isn’t it!
    Fighting? Even if I fight, I won’t be able to hit a moving target, you know~」

    Diving wholly into the digital world of sword and magic! Defeating monsters, cutting down trees, opening up your world!
    A girl with a trademark bucket helm has arrived at such world-fist VRMMO.
    Swordsmanship? I told you that I won’t hit! Rather, I will cut myself.
    Magic? Magic patterns are wonderful, aren’t they?
    Her playstyle is, unfortunately gruesome…… prejudiced occupation and famous production character.
    In this world where the economy has been stabilized due to NPC craftsmen’s fury, will the somewhat carefree Bucket-san be able to depend on and display her craftsman soul……?

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    Original Title: ふろんてぃあーず ~バケツさんの細かめな開拓記~
    Author: 天界
    Translator: Shinsori
    Translation Status: DROPPED
    RAWS: Syosetu
    Genre: Fantasy, Female Protagonist, VRMMO