Hone no Aru Yatsu – Chapter 10


It looks like Emily really did as she said.
Gen-san came immediately the next day.
He’s a tall man with arms thick as trees and a long beard.

「Of course, you are good starting from today, right?」

He said in a loud voice as soon as he opened the door of my house.
He lifted me up by my shoulders.
He grasps me so strongly that I am not even able to stir.
Ah, yes……
I don’t have the right to veto.
I was dragged to the forest just like that.
By the way, Misery didn’t come today.
Emily is probably taking care of her.
That being the case, I was dragged to the forest I was walking in a while ago.
Gen-san who doesn’t talk about unnecessary things said ‘here’ and passed me an axe.
After receiving the axe in panic, my hands started shaking.
Most likely because of my muscleless hands, I have troubles holding it.
But, I have somehow managed to swing.
Although Gen-san looked slightly worried when he saw that.

「Take a look at me」

Saying that, he took the axe from my hands and swung at the nearby tree.
Gen-san swings the axe continuously with a great vigor.
The tree was chopped down in a blink of an eye.
One wonderful log fell down right in front of me.

「Do it like that」

He hands me the spare axe.
Since Gen-san’s immediately shifted his attention from me, I also went to look for a suitable tree.
I found a reasonable looking tree and started working.

When the sun goes down.
I was finally able to cut down one.
Haahaa, cutting trees is seriously serious.
But, there’s a strange sense of accomplishment.
I’m satisfied with my performance of my new hands.
Un, a good log.
How is it? Gen-san. It’s alright to praise me, you know?
I take a glimpse at the working man.
Gen-san has already cut down five trees.
He’s sitting on a stump and smoking tobacco.

「You, have no strength at all」

No way, he was looking properly!
Moreover, I’m being judged!
I want to kill that guy who was feeling accomplished a while ago.
But, even still, Gen-san asked me.

「But, it’s really busy at the moment. Can I ask for your help tomorrow?」

The answer is, of course, a yes.

「Well then, let’s end for today」

I call out to Gen-san who is preparing to leave.

「Umm, is it alright if I stay a little longer?」

In fact, I think I just got the hang of it so I wanted to try cut one more.
Gen-san seemed a little troubled, but he gave me his consent.
After he left, I found a tree bigger than the last one and begun to cut it.
As expected, doing it the second time is different from the first.
Since I’m just bones so I can’t wield the axe well, but the axe goes to the trunk smoothly.
After a short time.
When the tree was almost down, I swung the axe harder than normally.
The tree falls my way for some reason.
I am dumbfoundedly staring at the falling tree without dodging.
The tree fell down at me just like that.
I felt a big impact on my entire body.

For a moment, I didn’t know what was happening.
I must have fallen on the ground since I can see the crawling insects.
I noticed that I couldn’t raise by pushing up with my arms.
I can’t even move my neck.
I move my line of sight to look around.
Then, I saw something white under the fallen tree.


Un, no matter how you look at it, it’s my body.
Are, did my head possibly roll away?
Moreover, I can’t move at all.
Somebody, save me~!


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