Hone no Aru Yatsu – Chapter 11


Awful, this is seriously awful.
What is awful? I can’t move an inch.
Although I’m conscious, my arms and legs don’t move.
Because my lower jaw flew off somewhere, I can’t even talk.
But, a new discovery.
Although I’m scattered all over the place, I’m still alive.
No, since I’m just bones, I may already be dead.
Therefore, that may not be an accurate expression.
However, it’s certain that my body parts are all over the place because I can see myself.
It’s a strange sight.
Is this a sight of no longer being myself?
It’s like staring at a dead animal.
Is it a sense of loosing myself after being decapitated?
But, that over there is surely me, and me over here is also me.
In any case, I must do something about this.
But, I can’t move, I can’t talk, I’m just a skeleton scattered around.
What to do if I can’t talk and move?
I have no clue.
Anyway, Gen-san should come tomorrow.
I have no choice, but to wait.

Like that, the sun started raising.
As expected, Gen-san came, but it’s not just him.
Emily and Misery are next to him.
Misery was looking restlessly around from between the two people, then her sight fell on me.
After she ran towards me in panic, she hugged my skull close to her chest and started crying.
Both Gen-san and Emily were surprised at my scattered figure.
But, as expected, they are adults.
They seemed to understand the situation.

「Oi, Bones! Bones!」

Emily calls me in Misery’s embrace many times.
I desperately wanted to answer.
It’s alright, I can hear you.
Therefore, there’s no need to cry.
I wanted to say that, but the voice is not coming out.
What should I do?
In the first place, how did I make myself speak before?
Misery still cries loudly.
I can’t answer no matter how many times I’m spoken to.
Seeing me in such state, everyone seemed to misunderstand.
The two adult’s faces turned blue.
But, they can’t think of anything.
They gave up with a sigh and collected my bones.
Then, they went back to the village with them.

There’s a huge uproar back in the village.
A lot of people came after it became known what has become of me.
My bones were put in the usual hut.
Misery was crying next to it as usual.
Gen-san entered carrying a big box.
No matter how you look at it, it’s a coffin.
Then, I finally noticed.
That this is really serious.
But, there is nothing that the present me can do.
Emily carefuly put my bones in the coffin.

「You have broken apart, but. The last thing I can do is to put you back together……」

She said with a sligthly wet eyes.
She assembles me in the coffin like pieces of a puzzle.
And finally, when the frame of the body was completed, she put the skull on the neck.
「Ah, it won’t do without this」
Finally, she picked up the lower jaw and connected it to the skull.
After she finished, Roy-kun came over with the coffin lid.

「Gen-san, I should put the lid over and then nail it with a hammer, right?」
「Ou」Gen-san answers shortly.

Roy-kun leaned the lid against the wall and looked down at me.

「But, is there a need to go that far for him?」

Gen-san quitely answered「Yes」.

「In the first place, this would never happen if you have asked for my help」

Gen-san hangs his head, Emily starts shedding tears.

「Gen-san is not in the wrong. I have introduced the job to Bones」

Roy-kun brings the lid to the coffin.

「Others are already diggin a hole for the coffin」

Hearing those words, I clearly understood the fear within me.
I am put in a wooden coffin, lid nailed with nails, buried in a soil.
Surely I’m just bones, but I have consciousness.
If I was a human, that would be the same as being buried alive.
Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap……
If I’ buried like that, when will I be able to get out?
When the coffin rots and when the soil is removed from a top of the coffin, but when will that be?
I have no confidence to get out of the soil by myself.
No, there’s no guarantee that I will be able to get out in the first place.
I will spend an eternity conscious in the soil.
Just imagining it makes me crazy.
When Roy-kun was about to finally close the lid, I cried in my mind.
Wait! I’m still alive! No, I may be already dead, but, I’m still living!


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