Hone no Aru Yatsu – Chapter 14


I have asked Gen-san if he could increase my workload, but it wasn’t possible.
After all, there’s no room to sell wood when the food prices doubled in price.
The most necessary thing in life for the human is food.
Using an extreme logic, even if a human loses his house and clothes, as long as he has food he can survive.

「Sorry ’bout that, Bones」

Gen-san says apologetically.
He’s making the same face the mother I saw this morning made.
A face that can’t do anything for a hungry child, but smile apologetically.
Can’t I do something about it? What should I do?
I can’t think of anything even after thinking about it.
I don’t even understand anything in the first place.

That day, I finish my job and return to the village’s entrance.
Then, someone suddenly pulls me to the side by hand, when I look closely, it was Roy-kun.

「Eh, what?」

I understand that he usually looks at me with a cute resentment.
I thought maybe he would like to scold me, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.
Roy-kun says with a serious expression.

「Understand? Don’t make too much noise」
「U, un」

What is it, what he wants to do?
He pulls on my thin muscleless hand.
But, why is he pulling me towards that house in the back?
The destination is the hut I was living in at first.

「Emily has requested me to hide you here. I beg you, don’t come out, alright?」
「Eh? Eh?」

What is he saying all of sudden?
I don’t understand.

「Anyway, don’t come out no matter what. Sorry, I don’t have the time to explain」

Roy-kun stands up and quickly leaves the hut.
Being confused, I was planning to leave and ask, but a violent shout from outside.

「Oi! Where is that guy who went to the bathroom a little while ago?」

Then, Roy-kun answers.

「Yes, yes! I’m already back!」

Apparently, something is happening at the village square.
But, what is?
No, I won’t know even if I think about it.
But, there certainly seems to be something strange going on.
Un, what to do……
Roy-kun told me to not leave no matter what.
And that was probably the correct call.
But, I just can’t stand still if something bad happens.
If I didn’t get out before, I would be probably still sitting in the ruins watching the sky.
Let’s confirm what is happening first.
While staying hidden as I was told.
But, it also depends on the situation.
If something happens.
There must something that even I could do.
No, this time, there’s will be something I will do.
I slightly open the hut’s door and look outside.
Although the day has not finished yet, no one is walking around.
But, I can hear anxious voices of the villagers coming from the village square.
I confirm the surroundings and carefully move to the tree’s shadow.
I remember the first night I left the ruins while avoiding sight.
And then, I arrived at the village square without being discovered by anyone.
All villagers except me are gathered here.
Several men with iron swords and armor are here.
They are protecting a woman in dark purple robes behind them.
Although I can’t tell because of the hood and veil over her face, I can somehow see her beautiful eyes and nose.
The armed men are either soldiers or mercenaries.
The man in the front with the good physique seems to be the captain.
The captain confirms with the woman in the purple robe.

「This is the place without a doubt?」

Yes, the woman in purple answered.

「It matches perfectly with my fortune-telling」

The captain nods and shouts at the gathered villagers.

「Is the village chief here!」

His voice is very powerful. Resounding through the whole village.
The adults who heard the voice got surprised, and there were some children who burst into tears.
After villagers stirred for a moment, the village chief stepped forward.

「It is I」

The captain looks at village chief and says.

「I want to ask you something. Are all the villagers here?」

The village chief looks around the gathered villagers carefully.
Then, he turns towards the captain again and says.

「Everyone is here」

Was that response unexpected?


The captain says with a ‘what is going on?’ tone and turns towards Marga, the woman in the purple.
Marga says「Is that so?」with a sigh.

「It seems that the person you are looking for is not here」
「Then, what should we do?」

The captain turns towards Marga.
But, Marga shakes her head.

「No, he’s probably hiding somewhere. Everyone, can I ask you?」

Hearing those words, the captain gave a signal.
The armed soldiers enter a nearby family house.
Seeing that the door is locked, they kick the door open.
They knock over the big jar of water and wreck a big wooden toolbox.
They break every place where a person could hide.
The village men made angry expressions for a moment, but seeing the swords at the soldiers’s waists they could only look with regretable faces.
The village women were screamed in panic.
If they find a doubtful guy like me in the village, it won’t be good for the villagers.
I understand!
I understand that, but!

「Stop it」

I grasp hands of one of the soldiers who was going to kick another door open.

「What are you?」

He turned annoyingly around expecting a villager resisting, but he instead found a skull looking at him with hollow eyes.
The soldier screamed and called for his friends.
I saw Roy-kun in the corner of my view.
His face was saying「Fool!」very clearly.


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