Hone no Aru Yatsu – Chapter 2


What to do?
The words didn’t come out.
When I woke up, nothing of my memory remained, I don’t know where this is and my body turned out to be only bones.
How should I say it, the situation developed way too rapidly and even if I complain, no one will be able to answer me in these ruins.
I already don’t know what’s what.
Putting the loss of my memories aside, what should I do without skin, muscles, and internal organs?
At least, if I only lost my memories (I was still overwhelmed at first) I may be able to find a human settlement and start a new life.
I would find a job, put my life in order, get a wife and lead a happy life.
Furthermore, my memories might have returned in the middle, and I actually turned to be the son of a noble, the inheritance would fall to my lap, I would start a business and make a lot of money, such development may have happened.
However, only the bones remain from me!

No, shall I switch my mindset a little?
I should collect the scattered things again little by little.
I think, therefore I am.

Although I don’t know if I’m a man or a woman, for starters let’s call myself with「Jibun」.
I will confirm the things about myself one by one.
I may be able to decide what to do once I find some clues.
Well then, let’s begin.

First, the only thing left of me is this skeleton.
Also, human common sense and a certain amount of knowledge.
Ah, shit. I’m completely empty……
Is having an intelligence a good thing or a bad thing?
Although it’s strange how am I able to think without a brain, let’s not think about it.

Then, I would like to think about what to do from now on, but honestly, I have no idea at all.
If I was a human, I would think about securing food or finding a secure place to sleep, getting a wife and leaving descendants behind and such things.
But, I’m not a human anymore (Although I would like to think that I still am a human in philosophical meaning), therefore food is not necessary for me.
And I also think that I don’t need a secure place to sleep. Although I have slept until a while ago, I very much doubt that I will need to sleep from now on.
I also have a feeling that leaving behind descendants is also……, a no. (But, if there was a lovely girl around, I have a feeling that I would want to flirt with her)
But, I don’t have a reproductive organ in the first place, so I don’t know if I’m a man or a woman.
Huh? If I’m fond of girls, does that make me a man?
Wait, wait, there are girls who like other girls, it’s too early to come to a conclusion.

In any case, I myself understand that I don’t want to disappear as I am.
In that case, I should go to a nearby cave and gaze at clouds leisurely.

No, wrong.
I don’t desire such a thing.
I think I wouldn’t be able to withstand such empty life.
I hate the thought of just waiting for my mind and body to wear out.
In the first place, the premise is wrong.
It’s not「What to do」, but「What do I want to do」.
Therefore, I noticed one important thing that was left in me.
It’s not intelligence nor the knowledge. It’s「Heart」.
Although I have become like this, I can still cry, laugh and get angry.
It feels nice for some reason.
Thus, this is all of me right now.
Then, for now, what do I want to do? What would make me happy?
I see, that is so.
I would like to meet someone.


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