Hone no Aru Yatsu – Chapter 3


The thing I desire the most right now.
That is to meet someone, I didn’t even dream that the thing which I desire most is something like that.
I prepare for a journey while feeling that I wasn’t a person who gets lonely so easily.
Although I say that, eating is not necessary, there is no need to sleep and I don’t feel the heat nor the coldness.
Change of clothes and food are not needed……

But, while it may be so right now, what about when I actually meet someone?
I look at the reflection of my figure in the nearby puddle again.
Aan, I’m wearing a splendid birthday suit after all.
I’m not wearing a jacket nor pants, of course, no underwear either.
In fact, without any skin, muscles and internal organs I’m flawlessly naked.
A healthy set of teeth, a nice skull, bewitching collar bones and ribs that show off my curvy, gentle figure.
In a sense, the ultimate nude.
If someone could see this nude beauty without any wicked thoughts would be a miracle, a miracle!
Although, I think no one would want to see such figure in the first place.
It’s only natural.

If I met someone while looking like this the opponent would most likely be considerably surprised, depending on the circumstances he might mistake me for a demon and attack me.
Well, it wouldn’t be a mistake.
Depending on the viewpoint, I certainly may be a demon.

Uun, what should I do about that?
It doesn’t seem like anyone would want to meet someone looking like me, I think.
How to say this, I don’t understand it myself, but first of all, I want to talk to somebody.
Honestly, the topic could be anything.
Talk about weather, false virginity loss stories, I think that I would be able to enjoy anything at this point.
I just want to converse. Only that.

Of course, I understand that may not be an easy thing to do.
But, for now, I want to do that which I desire the most.
I wonder if just holding a conversation wouldn’t be a huge hurdle?
Just hiding in shadows while talking would be enough.
It’s not necessary to show my figure.
In the worst case, I will try to obtain clothes somewhere.
If there will be a need to obtain clothes, because I have no money, I will have no choice, but to steal them.

However, I understand that somewhere deep inside my heart, I don’t wish to do that.
In that sense, talking while hiding seems like a good idea.
Although I would give an eternal impression of a suspicious person.
First of all, let’s try to find a place with people during the night.
I should be able to avoid public gaze better during the darkness of the night.

Ah, wait, wait.
If I want to go, in which direction should I go?
I look around.
I find a road in front of me.
The ground under my feet feels harder over here.
Let’s try advancing along this road.
But, I certainly can’t magnificently walk in the middle of the road.
Moving on the side of the road while hiding behind obstacles is somewhat frightening.
Anyway, I was able to find an indicator.
I advance on the road with expectations.
That much is enough to nourish my heart.


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