Hone no Aru Yatsu – Chapter 5


Are you able to greet a person you don’t know with ease?
No, wrong, wrong.
I don’t aim to greet them, but to have just a little talk.
It’s really just that, but…… ah, it’s scary after all?
Even if I have the courage to speak, if I get ignored I will get really depressed.
But, that is only if I get close enough to speak.
Nene, what if I think from the other side?
I would be surprised at the sudden greeting and would put up my vigilance because he is a stranger.
For example, if I was unarmed and a person with a sword on his waist would call out to me?
If that happened to me I would be really afraid.
Buuut, I really don’t have any weapons.
Even though I have no sword, skin, muscles and internal organs, such perfect unarmed state, why I must be so cautious?
Ah, wouldn’t the partner of my conversation be freaked out because I have nothing on me instead, tehepero? (for some reason, my tongue doesn’t come out)

Serious reflection.
Serious reflection completed.
Ehh, since I woke up at the ruins, I have been moving in shadows.
While carefully advancing forward, I finally found a small village.
However, the desire of conversation with the people of the village.
At first, I have slowly approached the village while waiting for a good timing to talk.
However, when I saw the figure of the people nearby, I blankly jumped out of my cover in joy.


What a hilarious greeting.
Of course, my joy was expressed with my whole skeleton body.
A welcome pose with both arms spread wide open.
However, the partner of my conversation cried out「Gyaa!」and fell down while going in reverse nodesu.
I was in a daze for a while, but after several seconds, I have remembered that I’m stark naked and fidgeted in embarrassment.
But, if that’s the case, hentai! I have wanted to escape from reality with those words.
But, when I turned around, I thought about the irreparable damage and finally regained myself nodesu.
Then, I have finally noticed that the person who has fallen on the ground is a kindhearted looking aunty.
I was so in high spirits that I didn’ even notice who my conversation partner is.
In the evening, called out by a skeleton voice, anyone would be frightened.
But, first of all, I can’t leave aunty in the middle of the road.
I intended to carry her in both hands to the shade of a tree.
However, that backfired.
I should have fled immediately nodesu.
Before I could drag the plump like a pig aunty to the tree completely, the villagers who heard the aunty’s scream a while ago started gathering.
In their eyes, I must look like a demon who stunned the aunty and is trying to kidnap her.
And before long, they arrived
Ah, let’s stop the honorifics because I’m tired. I will reflect seriously later.

「What, that fellow」
「Why are the bones moving around」
「Ora, monster! Release the old woman!」

The villagers encircle me in distance cautiously.
I heard the sound of gulping once in a while.
In such tense situation, I expressed my present feelings with「Hawawawawa!」
Although I am surrounded by many people, can’t I at least act calm?
I separate from aunty in a hurry.
The villagers secure aunty immediately.
Then, when they turn back to me, first, they throw a stone timidly at me.
Although the small stone passed through my rib cage, it hit a bone on the way out.
That really hurt.
To feel pain, that’s some punishment game!

「It hurts, stop it, stop it. You will chip my humerus!」

Because I have no nerves, I shouldn’t be feeling pain, yet how unreasonable, how unreasonable!
Villagers became excited at my timid comment.

「Oi, it seems that it worked」
「Nice, get more!」

The quantity of hurled stones increased.
After I crouched down on the ground, the villagers all at once seized me.
My whole body was pushed down to the ground.

「Ah, please handle my collar bone more gently」
「This fellow, even though he is in trouble he’s quite calm!?」

It looks like I’m going to be dragged somewhere just like that.
Where am I going to be taken to?
I’m uneasy.
But, I’m pleased with one thing.
Though I have never confirmed it before, even though I wanted to have a conversation, it seems that I can talk even without vocal cords.
Why does it come out, I have no idea, but for now.


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