Hone no Aru Yatsu – Chapter 6


I was taken by the villagers who were holding me tightly on the both sides to some dirty hut.
I have received a terrible treatment.
I was made to sit down and my whole body was tied with a rope to a pillar.
Although the village men were complaining things like「The rope slips through the bones!」「It’s so thin it’s hard to tie up!」, but they finally tied me up.
But, I wonder why they do such bothersome thing?
If I was a human and found a demon, I would club it to death.
And yet, they bring me to such a place, I don’t understand the meaning behind that.
I though it was strange so I ask.

「Nene. Why don’t you beat me to death right away?」
「Yes? More than that, what are you?」
「Umm…… I wonder?」
「Are you playing dumb?」
「It’s different」

The man sighs.

「Anyway, something strange came to our village, we need to consult with village chief first. That’s the rule. Though I don’t think there’s a need to in the first place」
「Why does this fellow look so happy!」

The man sighs unpleasantly and leaves the hut in haste.
The first contact was in a sense the worst, but I finally had a proper conversation, tehehe.
In any case, this situation may not be so good.
In the worst case, I will really get killed.
Are, but, how do I die?
If I was a human, I would die if my head was cut off or even from the loss of blood.
But, me?
Would I die if my neck bones are cut?
Or will I die if my skull is crushed?
Uwaa, no way, no way.
Either way, I’d rather not try.
While thinking such, it became slightly noisy outside the hut.
I hear people talking outside.
A short time later, the hut door’s open and a tiny Ojiichan enters.
A number of men are standing behind him, is he village chief-san?
Yosh, smooth human relationships start from greetings.


My greetings are met with silence, and soon, the villagers start to be noisy.
It was just a greeting, but what is this feeling?
While this feeling was going on, village chief was just indifferently staring at me.
Because he was staring so much, it became uncomfortable, so I unconsciously blurted out.

「Ojisan, your eyebrows are really long」

Ah, it’s so after all.
But, I didn’t say it to hurt you, don’t take it personally.
It’s true, you know?
The village chief nods and says「Fumu」at me and ordered the men to leave the hut.
Then, the first thing he said.

「My dear, what are you?」

I honestly answered to the village chief who was frequently staring at me.

「I don’t know」
「Where did you come from?」
「Umm, from the ruins a little far away. Do you know them?」

Village chief shakes his head.

「Ahh, you don’t know」
「Fumu. But it doesn’t make a difference. I want to know your true identity」
「True identity?」

But, I certainly can’t say that I am I.
I have a certain feeling that we won’t get anywhere if I say that.
Ah, no good.
Like this, the conversation will continue in a loop.
If that’s the case, then, I should tell my story since the beginning.
I start explaining what has happened to me.
The Village chief is a relatively good listener as he threw in an appropriate comment.
It was somewhat pleasing, so I start talking what happened to me in the past week with excitement.

「I see. That must have been misfortune, wasn’t it?」
「You have become just bones, didn’t you?」
「That’s so. But, I don’t think it’s that difficult, it’s miracle!」

The Village chief laughs.

「Then, what do you plan on doing from now on?」
「From…… now…… on……?」
「That’s right」
「No, I didn’t think about it at all. I came this far only because I only desired to talk with someone」

The Village chief nods with「Fumu」again.
「It may be a weird question to ask you, who is just bones, but do you……『Eat』something?」
「I went without eating and drinking this past week. I think that’s my new record」
After saying that, Village chief looked into my eyes (or at least the place my eyes should be) and said.

「Do you want to stay in this village for a while?」

Eh, that’s a proposal I could only hope for!

「Yes, yes, yes! I want! I want to live in this village!」
「No, I didn’t say anything about living here, though」
「Ah, living here is not good?」

Village chief smiles bitterly.

「Fumu, let’s wait and see for a while」

After saying that, he stands up and leaves the hut.
When he opens the door, he seemed to explain the details to the other villagers.
After his explanation ended, he entered the hut again.

「I don’t know if you require bed, but you can stay in this hut, for now」
「Umm, I’d like to have the rope removed, I wish」

After hearing me, Village chief began talking with the other villagers in a low voice.

「Untie the rope」
「Is that okay?」
「I don’t mind, there won’t be any harm. It doesn’t eat, you can think of it as a pet」

The Village chief whispers to other villagers while looking this way.


The villagers still persist.

「Besides, if we come to mutual understanding it may be useful. It doesn’t look too bright though」

Village chief~ I can hear you, I can hear you~


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