Hone no Aru Yatsu – Chapter 7


After that, I who became free was cheerfully walking around the village.
But, not a single soul is out in the village that became completely dark.
Occasionally, children look at me through small windows, but


When I greet them, they get startled and withdraw their faces.
Un, boring.
How boring.
Though it’s not important, I said it twice.
It can’t be helped.
I guess it’s time for good children to sleep.
I will return to the hut obediently for today.
Are, but, does that mean the children who are awake are bad children?
Because bad children won’t talk to me, I talk to myself.
It’s already quite late, what kind of children are bad children?
Ecchi Neesan? Guhehe.
Maa, all’s good if I can find a drunk ossan to talk with~


I, it’s not like I’m lonely or anything!

From the gap in the hut where the wind usually whizzes, a morning sun came.
Finally morning~ I stand up slowly and stretch myself.
The pleasant feeling of stretching is not there, but imitating like this is important.
I behaved myself in the hut last night.
I had fun playing committing suicide by hanging a rope from the ceiling and hanging my white bones on the rope, then falling down.
Particularly, the「Struggling and Dying」poses are important and can be considered high-level techniques.
I extended my right hand towards the direction of the residential area and tried to crawl in that direction with my last strength.
Anyway, with the rising sun, I thought about going out to play.
The hut’s door slightly opened.
And then, a tiny face appeared and stared at me.
Arara, a girl?
A girl wrapped in a long, thin cloth is staring at me.
I don’t know the reason, but I stayed silent and stared back.
Then, as I have thought, a tiny body slipped in the hut through the small opening.
How old is she?
Six? Seven?
A girl with such feeling.
A long sleeved dress and long skirt. Large round eyes, a tiny nose, and mouth.
It seems the long, thin cloth is apparently a bandage.
A beautiful blonde hair is escaping through the gaps of the bandage on her head.
That child comes right in front of me and chattered with her mouth many times over.
At first, I thought my ears (although I have no ears) were acting funny, but I was wrong.
Because the villagers started their daily activities, the inside of the hut becomes filled with the sounds of busy villagers and chirping of birds.
Un, I got it.
I bent down in order to read the movements of her mouth, but it didn’t go well.


I groan with a troubled tone.
But even still, the girl continued chattering with her mouth.
Such situation continued, but it didn’t seem that she realized that I couldn’t understand what she wanted to say.
Although I didn’t understand, she embraced me tightly.
Be that as it may, she could only cling to my spine.
The girl hugged my spine while sitting inside my rib cage.
I was perplexed by this weird feeling the girl was giving me, but after a while, she separated from me.
Un, I don’t understand.
But, for now, let’s stroll around the village as planned.
I point at myself and the door, then look at her.
It seems my intentions were conveyed.
I present her my bony, rather my right-hand bones and she took it without hesitation.
Then, we leave the hut hand in hand.

People of the village had already come and went when I left the hut.
A woman who goes to the stream with a basket of laundry.
A man with an ax enters the forest.
A person that goes hunting while carrying a bow on his shoulder.
Many children in high spirits.
I thought there would be people I could talk to, but I guess I was wrong.
Everybody looks so busy in the morning, it would be difficult to talk.
I wonder if I should try talking to them when the things calm down in the afternoon?
Let’s stroll in the village until then.
The vigor of the people is different in the morning then in the evening.
Then, after walking for a while, a black-haired Oneesan in her twenties looks towards us and mutters.

「Oya, Misery?」

This child’s name?

「YOu are called Misery?」

The little girl looks at me absentmindedly for a while, then grasps my hand tightly and nods.
Eh, what, what was that right now?
Ah, well.
But, Oneesan’s eyes look strict.

「You, where do you plan on taking that child?」

Yes, a false accusation.

「I don’t plan to take her anywhere on particular. This child somehow came to my hut, so we went on a stroll together」

Oneesan looks at me with suspicion in her eyes.

「Misery, is what this fellow says the truth?」

At last, when Misery nods, Oneesan finally seemed to be convinced.

「I see. But, of all things, this thing」

What’s about this thing?
Are you talking about me?
Oneesan mutters something after staring at me for a while.

「Oi, you」
「What was your name again?」
「I don’t know」
「I see, well, since you are just bones, I will call you Bones」


「I’m Emily. Oi, Bones. I have something to do right now, wait for me by the stream in the evening」

Somehow, I have been called out by Oneesan with a good character.


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