Hone no Aru Yatsu – Chapter 9


The next day, I have started living together with Misery.
I went to pick up Misery as soon as the sun has risen.
It seems like Emily has spread the news to the villagers.
When we were strolling around the village, I was occasionally called out.

「Morning, Bones」Emily greeted me.
「Wassup. Bones」Lumberjack Gen-san also greeted me.
「It’s not like I have recognized you yet!」Roy-kun who seems to be their close friend said.

Although there are still a lot of villagers who put distance between me, but I don’t feel the obstacle I felt yesterday.
By the way, we were strolling aimlessly.
I let Misery eat the same way as yesterday.
Then, after she fell asleep, I suddenly realized.
I gazed around the house while elbows on the table.
Emily who brought Misery a lunch was cleaning the house the whole noon.
She complained that the house wasn’t cleaned for a while.
But, yesterday, when she told me about Misery’s parents, she looked worried about the state of the house.
Apart from that, the first day happily passed.
We were happily playing in the river today, but my leg got stuck in a slightly deep place.
And apparently, I don’t float!
Seriously? I can’t swim. I have received a slight shock.
However, after successfully pulling out my leg「The drowned spirit demands further victims」I played it off, Misery was very pleased.

My current balance is zero.
Although I said that I will take care of Misery, is it alright to just play like this?
It doesn’t feel like taking care of her at all.
When I told Emily so.

「Playing with her and keeping her company is enough」
「Is that so? But, I can’t help, but feel that I’m not taking care of Misery properly」

When I told Emily that I want to work, she looked at me with a puzzled expression.

「What will you do after you work? It does not look like your body needs money though」

「No, if I earn some money, I could feed this child properly, I could even buy her clothes or something」
Eh, she became interested.

「You, can you do something?」
「No, I don’t know about that. Therefore, I’m consulting with you」

Emily thought about it for a while, then proposed.

「Then, how about cutting wood with Gen-san?」
「I will do it!」

Gen-san seems to be very busy right now because the nearby town ordered a lot of wood.
But, like this, I won’t be able to look after Misery.
Sensing my worry, Emily said.

「I thought that it was bad pushing everything onto you so, let’s take turns looking after her?」
「Let’s do that, let’s do that」

It seems Emily will go and inform Gen-san right away.
After we finished talking, I heard violent knocking on the door.
When I opened the door, Roy-kun was standing there.
He is a slightly blunt youth of around 20 years old.

「Hey, I’m also worried about Misery’s situation」

Roy-kun enters the house and looks at the sleeping Misery.

「Is he perhaps another kind human who look after others without a reason?」

When I whispered in Emily’s ear, she burst out laughing.

「No, that’s different. His aim is me」

Are, is that so?

「Are you lovers?」
「No, you are wrong. I won’t even let him hold my hand」

Do we look like flirting while whispering into each other’s ears?
When Roy-kun came back, he cleared his throat loudly.

「It will soon become dark. Emily, I will send you home」

I stealthily addressed Emily again.

「He’s so obvious, but why don’t you return together?」
「N, I intended to do that」

To Roy-kun who annoyedly interrupted our conversation, Emily gloomily responded.

「Alright. Then, Bones, take care of the rest」

Emily opens the door and leaves.
Roy-kun also left the home while staring at me.
I see the two off.
What take care of the rest, so noisy, you are unrelated in the first place, Roy-kun storms after Emily.
The two people leave side-by-side
If I had skin, muscles, and internal organs, would I be able to walk alongside someone like that?
Maa, it can’t be helped since I’m asking for too much.
First, let’s be thankful that at least bones remained.


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