Isekai Onsen e Youkoso! – Chapter 10

Elf Rescue


The men who assaulted Eirias are obviously just a small fries, but still, fighting them head on would be probably difficult for me.

It’s nothing to be proud of, but my status and level are that of an ordinary person.

Combat Power 5.
Fuu, a garbage and laughable level.

Thus, a once in a lifetime surprise attack was necessary.


The Hoodlum A who was extending his hand towards Eirias’ overflowing chest was blown off.

A surprise attack that will break his posture and perhaps damage him!

It feels right, but



The sound of a person breaking reaches my ears and shockwave creates right before my eyes.

The man who has received my fist spins around like a character from manga and crashes into a wooden box.

A literal one punch.

The noise disappears from the surroundings.

Alias, even the other man.

I became senile for a moment.

Umm, this is that, un.

「I don’t understand well, but surprise attack – success!」


Wait, wait, no matter what that was definitely weird.

Even if I had a black belt in judo, sending an adult man flying would definitely be impossible.

Is this the commonly called different world correction? A cheat?

Like it or not, I only have the drilling skill in the first place, my stamina, and physical strength should be average.

I shouldn’t be able to possess such power.

「I see, that thing! The gravity of this world is lower than Earth’s or the native strength is weaker or there is definitely a different reason!」

I was bad at studying and exercising since elementary school, but to become a super-hero just because of lower gravity, what a Sci-Fi manga would that make?

Earth’s laws are different, it would not be strange that individuals strength would be different.

I, who is corrupted with stories, concluded the reason smoothly.

「Yosh, problem solved! Let’s run!」
「Wa, wai……」

I grab Eirias’ hand who is still in a state of confusion and start running.

「…… Hey, wait you!!」

Hoodlum B suddenly started chasing after us.

Apparently, with my strength increased, I’m able to move my legs easily and run at fast speed.

It seems at this speed, I will be able to shake him off, but Tina is waiting ahead.

I must confine the hoodlum here.

「Keep going!!」
「Wa, but……」
「It’s okay!!」

I let Eirias run ahead and face the Hoodlum B.

「How dare you did that!? I’m returning the favor!!」

While looking at the Hoodlum’s B big fist, I shout.


Excavation skill start!


I type the necessary details with my high APM acquired from gaming.

Depth 【3】m

Shape 【Square Type】

Scope 【3】m

I push the confirm button and shout.

「Fall down!!」



Suddenly, a hole appears in front of the Hoodlum B.

「U, uwaaaaaaaaaaa!!」

The Hoodlum B who ran at full speed couldn’t avoid the hole.


Maa, it’s not so deep so he won’t get injured badly.

I pray that the passing people help you out, Amen.

「I must come and bury it after some times passes」

I mutter such and walk off while pretending not to hear the noisy hole.


While walking down the street with Eirias, many men turned around because of her beauty.

Deep crimson long hair and white porcelain-like skin and fingers I’m in contact with.

Her body figure is tall and slender, I almost praised her chest unintentionally.

It’s no secret that I unintentionally watched her chest in the middle of running away.

It can’t be helped.

I pull such Eirias by hand to Tina’s location.


Tina embraces me as soon as I return.

「I’m glad you are safe nanodesu!」

Tina smiles in relief from the bottom of her heart.

「Ou, I have safely completed the mission!」

I smile broadly while giving a thumbs up.

「T, that……」
「Oh, sorry. I suddenly kidnapped you」
「No, please don’t mind it. Rather, I really appreciate your help」

Eirias lowers her head.

「However, even though you helped me, I’m really sorry, I’m penniless. I don’t have anything satisfactory to reward you with」

To Eirias who cast down her eyes, I say in a friendly tone.

「No, money is not the reason I have helped you, Eirias-san」
「Then, why did you…… hey, why do you know my name?」

I introduce myself to Eirias who is looking at me with suspicion.

「Pleased to meet you, Eirias-san. I’m Kamijou Takuma. I have come to you with a commision」
「Commision, to me……?」

She stared at me like she couldn’t believe it, but before long, she laughed in self-mockery.

「A commission to me who has lost the fortune, achievements, and pride……」
「Do you know about『Onsen』,Alias-san?」

I interrupt Eirias-san and inquire.

「Y, yes. The hot water gushing out of the ground, right? It’s custom in my country to soak in them every day」

This may be it.

「…… Do you know the method of making an Onsen bathtub? 」
「I do have the knowledge. But then, this country doesn’t have the excavating technology」

It came!

Not being able to hold the excitement in my heart, I ask further.

「Then, if I said could dig up the Onsen?」

I grin broadly.

「The commission is simple. Won’t you make an Onsen Hotel with me?」

It goes without saying that Eirias nodded her head after contemplating for a moment.
Architect, getto da ze!


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