Isekai Onsen e Youkoso! – Chapter 17

Naked Socialising



Onsen Hotel development site.

While Eiri was having a meeting with the engineers, I energetically put my skill into operation.

Depth 【2】km

Shape 【Column Type】

Scope 【0.5】m


Bagan, a familiar hole appeared together with a loud sound.

My heart throbs excitingly in anticipation and after a while, a warm water starts gushing out of the hole.

「Yatta! Success!」


It gushed out on the spot.

Seeing such scene, the impressed engineers clap their hands and Eiri high fives Tina in joy.

「You did it! Takuma-sama」

Tina rushes to me.

Her cat ears have immediately risen in excitement.

「Un. Maa, there is a lot of unexploited hot springs sleeping bellow, Eiri’s acquaintance has verified this」

Eiri’s acquaintance who is a registered surveyor said that in this area, hot springs will gush out from anywhere if I dig deeply enough.

It’s something like Tokyo’s 23 wards.

However, this hot spring is unlike the one near the church, it’s not so reddish.

「With this, we don’t have to worry about the hot water anymore. Let’s begin the construction as planned」

Eiri sighs in relief and a smile floats on her face.

Somehow, her long, deep-crimson hair seems to be more lovely than usual.

「Yes. Let’s start working at once」
「Yosh! Let’s insert a pipe in the hole first and create the channel for the onsen!」

The engineers vigorously started working.

After that, they assembled the pipe and added a stopcock just like I did in the church and the hot water could be freely distributed.

What’s a different, is that there’s a the pipe is connected to a tank, which adjusts the temperature of the water in the whole structure with the use of Magic Stones.
The temperature is fixed around 40 degrees and is planned to change according to seasons.

From now on, all the onsen water will come from this tank.

In addition, in order for the water not get dirtied, they added a network of small nets which to remove the dirt.

This is all in order to provide as much clean, hot water as possible.

Today’s work ends here.

After ending the work, I dragged the contractors to a big noble-like bathtub.

I though about letting them relax after sweating for a whole day.

「Everyone, please enter if you’d like! It feels very nice!」

There wasn’t anyone who refused such attractive proposal.

I set up a divider from a material that can’t be seen through outside and let the women enter first.

They seemed restless because it was their first experience, but with Eiri’s and Tina’s initiation, they were able to relax to their heart’s content.

I was told that they felt so comfortable for the first time in their lives.

Next, it’s men’s time to enter.

I also started my naked socialising.

I mostly felt scared because there were 30 naked men, but I relaxed immediately after entering the onsen.

Everyone became cheerful and their bodies became slightly red.

「But, lad you are quite something!! Still so young and already doing such a big project, you are quite something!!」

I reverberating sound of a hefty dwarf resounded in the bath.

「No. I just wanted to share this comfortableness with everyone」
「No wonder! Something so wonderful shouldn’t be monopolized!」

He violently claps on my back.

It hurts.

「Nevertheless, Takuma-kun was it? Is it really alright for laborers like us to receive such treatment?」

A young, blonde-haired handsome man asks.

Apparently, people who do heavy labor-related jobs are treated poorly.

One hour break every three hours, lunch provided, and onsen after the work. I’m told it’s so perfect that they are frightened.

「Rather, that way is correct. If I mercilessly let you work, the efficiency would decline, a person who takes a break can demonstrate their ability better, it will definitely make a huge difference in quality once completed」
「I see…… you certainly have a point」
「Yes. Also, rather than letting you suffer from the work, isn’t it better to have a good atmosphere while working?」
「You will certainly become a good manager in the future」
「I wonder about that?」

Of course, I would like that to happen, but my knowledge about management is nonexistent.

Of course, I have some different world knowledge, but that is all from the stories after all.

Reality and light novels are totally different after all.

I think that there is a better, efficient way, but I have no choice, but to search for it.

Just about everything is new, sometimes I’m tormented by the cloud of anxiety, but a freshness of that extent is interesting.

The men continue talking in the onsen.

「So, Kevin, were you able to meet that woman again?」
「Gulp!! Roamal, how do you know about that!?」
「Eh, Kevin you have done it again!? You, you should already refrain from womanizing!!」
「W, wrong!! We met by a chance!! We just happened to meet on the street and talk……」
「Don’t lie!! You were holding hands!!」
「We weren’t!?」

I unconsciously smile at the noisy conversation in the bath.

Somehow, it feels like taking a bath with friends on a school trip.

Although I never had friends to make merry with. I have always entered the bath alone after everyone went out.


I’m somehow moved to tears.

「Ah, it’s time for me to leave. The towels are over there, feel free to use them」
「Ou, how thoughtfull!! Understood!!」
「Because I will pour hot water everyday, you are free to enter every day after work until you finish if you like」
「I will use it every day until the Onsen Hotel is complete. Thank you」

I left the bath in haste, while everyone was severarly thanking me.

The first day has passed like that.

If all goes right, the building should be completed in approximately two months.

I wished that everything will go smoothly.


An incident has happened about a month after the construction began.

The foundation was completed and the placing of walls and floors has begun.

That day was the day of Magic Stones collection so I and Tina stayed in the church.

「We have collected quite more than the last time!」
「Un. To think something like that would have happened」

Because of the Onsen Hotel construction I was anxious because I have neglected the Magic Stones collecting at first, but the quantity actually increased.

The reason is quite simple.

It’s because the engineers have helped me to gather Magic Stones after they finished working on the Onsen Hotel.

They say it was as a thanks for providing such pleasant working conditions.

Thanks to them being used to a heavy-labor, we have collected a lot of Magic Stones.

As a result, we have sucessfully gathered more Magic Stones than ever before.

「The collecting person in charge will be surely surprised nodesu!」
「Right. But, how will he……」


「Yes nanodesu~!」

He seems to have arrived so Tina runs to the entrance.

I follow after her.

「Thank you for waiting node, su……?」

Tina who opened the door tilts her head and I raise my voice in surprise.

It wasn’t the usual young man who comes to collect the Magic Stones.

「Long time no see, Kamijou-kun」

But class president, the number one honor student bishoujo.

It was Nanase Iori.


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