Isekai Onsen e Youkoso! – Chapter 20



As originally planned, the Onsen Hotel was finished in two months.

Only the interior was left.

The appearances aimed at the commoners because of Eiri’s wooden architectural style.

At first glance, it looks like a large public bath.

The budget was fully used, the site area is spacious almost at a school scale.

Because this is the first Onsen facility in the country, I’m anticipating a considerable amount of visitors.

Up to 200 people can enter the large bath and the lobby is quite spacious so I’m going to fuss over the size for now.

Because we were able to invest all the funds into the construction, it turned out quite large.

Thanks to Eiri’s acquaintance, I know that there are a lot of rich resources flowing under this land.

Because of that, I am able to carefully pay attention to hygiene.

The hot water will be changed regularly every day.

Cleaning also can’t be missed.

The hot water will be used from the newly made reservoir.

I will have Eiri’s conjurer acquaintance purify the water regularly making it clean as possible.

Now then, with the building complete, there are still some problems left.

The first problem is manpower.

With this becoming such large institution, I and Tina naturally won’t be enough to keep it running.

Cleaning of the bathtubs and lobby, accountant, customer service, I would like at least ten employees.

I have considered general recruitment but, after considering the time that would take, I approached the engineers with a proposal.

As for the terms of employment.

・Morning shift 9:00 ~ 17:00
Evening shift 17:00 ~ 24:00
The desired shift system.

・Five days a week

・Hourly wage of 1200 Ells (late night after 22nd hour, 1500 Ells)

・After the end of duties, free entry to the Onsen.

As a result of having explained,

「I want to work here for the rest of my life! The free entry to the Onsen and that wage is extraordinary!」
「It would be shame to let others work at such comfortable workplace!」
「Finally…… finally released from the unstable heavy labor job……!!」

I’m told with appreciation that everyone would like to get the job.

Just how poor are this country’s work conditions?

According to what I heard, they are making 7000 Ells after working 12 hours a day.

That’s around 600 Ells hourly.

There’s not even a fragment of Labor Standards Act, huh.

They even told me that when really unlucky, they are even treated violently by their employer.

The employer’s position is higher than employees’, therefore, they are treated like laborers in Europe’s Middle Ages.

Certainly, our workplace must be equal to paradise.

First of all, having more manpower is good and after all, I’m already acquainted with these people so I employed everyone that wanted to get the job.

I have guaranteed 20 employees.

For now, I will interview them personally and give them a post that’s appropriate for their abilities.

Because there are plenty of female engineers good at cooking, it may be good to open a dining room that would provide Japanese dishes.

Of course, I’m considering something that can be quickly produced and quickly eaten.

Like that, I was able to secure employees.

I noticed that I forgot one essential thing before the opening.

「What will we do about the Onsen’s name?」

In the newly established private bath in the church.

A problem came to light while submerging in the Onsen with Tina and Eiri (My reluctance already left somewhere far away).

「Come to think of it, it wasn’t decided yet」

Eiri folds her hands while thinking.

Splendid Oppai has appeared with the splashing water.

It feels like if I poked them with my finger, they would make a nice sound.

I feel momentarily crisis so I turn towards Tina.

「I’m bad about thinking such things nodesu yo~」

Fuee says Tina and submerged up to her nose.

I calm down.

「Uun, a name, huh…… you might as well come up with an easy to understand one that would leave an impression」
「Then, I have a proposal! Ultimately Gorgeous Relaxing Ragnarok!!」
「Too incomprehensible」
「I don’t understand what you just said nodesu……」

It can’t be blamed that I remember my poorly named organization I created in middle school.

Rather, just how much did I cultivate that poor naming sense?

「How about Ergland’s hot springs….. no that sounds too cheap」

More like…… piercing and straight…… once heard it would arouse one’s interest…… I would like a name like that.

「Yes, yes nodesu! How about Fluffy fu Onsen!?」
「What’s with this flower field name. It’s so pink it sounds scary」
「How about Indy Sting’s Journey Through the Deer Drive of Soaring Pleasure!?」
「I said it’s too incomprehensible!」

After that, the three of us were thinking hard, but couldn’t come up with anything good.

Just before exploding from thinking too much,

「…… Isekai Onsen, how about that?」

It was as if something fell from the sky.

As if the god residing at the top has dropped the name down at me.

「I see, Isekai Onsen, huh. Fumu, sounds good, doesn’t it? I think it’s appropriate name for Onsen that Takuma-dono made」
「It’s easy to understand and sounds good nodesu!」

Oh, the reactions of the two are good.

「Then let’s go with『Isekai Onsen』」
「「Agreed!!」 nanodesu!!」

Thus, the 『Isekai Onsen』 were joyously born.


「Finally, huh……」

I mutter to myself at the balcony after the bath.

My objective is realizing.

I can finally share my loved Onsen with the people of this world.

I came this far with these thoughts.

However, there is still a mountain of problems.

「Once we open, there will be a lot of difficulties, right~ The sense of value is completely different from Japan and in the first place, there are races that are not human」

More than anything, I’m worried about the effect of Onsen.

The Royal Castle must not get to know about Tina’s whip wounds which disappeared instantly.

I must think carefully about what to say when the Royal Castle asks me about the Onsen’s effect.

「Apart from that, I have to invite Nanase-san」

It has been a month since I promised Nanase-san to inform her about Onsen’s completion.

I haven’t met Nanase-san since that day.

The soldier in the charge of collecting has returned and the day with Nanase-san started feeling like a dream.

But, it’s a fact that she left a strong impression in my mind.

The cool, exceptional at studying and exercise, trusted by everyone, Nanase-san showed me her surprising side.

No, there were two or even three sides.

Although Nanase-san was on my not good list, I have good feelings about her now.

The last smile Nanase-san showed me was different from the usual.

If I said I wasn’t captivated, I would be lying.

Since then, Nanase-san’s image couldn’t be separated from my brain.

「Once the customer traffic calms down I will invite you then~ I will have you relax outside of business hours!」

I felt my heart throb as never before.

I determinedly looked to the direction of the Royal Castle.


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