Isekai Onsen e Youkoso! – Chapter 3

Skill, For the First Time


After Tina stopped crying, I decided to clean a part of the church that could endure the rain in order to make it as our base.

I opened all windows in order to let the fresh air in and clean the trash scattered on the floor.

With Tina’s help, we were able to create suitable living conditions.

「Yosh, let’s dig some holes!!」

I raise my fist up and shout in the courtyard.
「O, o~, nanodesu……」

Tina raises her fist and voice modestly.

It seems that the distance between us shrank after the hug earlier, but her movements are still awkward.

Maa, it will be good if she could open her heart gradually to me from now on.

「Mmm, let’s try operating the skill first……」

I learned the one condition to operate the skill in the Royal Castle.


Just this.

Something similar to a console screen appears before me.
「This thing is surprisingly modern」

I think that the VRMMO screens described in light novels would most likely look like this.

Following contents are displayed at the screen.


Skill Effect
Creates a hole on the surface.
Select the Depth and the Shape of the hole.
Select the Scope of the hole.
Please push the Confirm Button after fixing your sight at the excavation site.

Depth 【】m
Shape 【】
Scope 【】m

「Let’s start with a small hole. Umm, the location of the hole over there, the depth is……」

I operate the screen similarly to a smartphone.

Depth 【0.3】m

Shape 【Column Type】

Scope 【0.3】m

I decided to make a hole both 30cm in diameter and depth.

「Yosh, confirm!」

The moment I press the button, don! A hole appears in the ground with a heavy sound.

No matter how you look at it, a hole undoubtedly appeared in the courtyard.

「Oo!! Somehow even a Swiss Roll is included!!」

Amazingamazing, I obtained my first strange talent for the first time in my life.

I look at Tina who is blankly staring at the scene.

「This is, a skill……」
「N? Tina, is this your first time seeing a skill?」
「Wa, yes. Skill is something only a few selected people can operate. Since it’s special……」
「Hahaa, I see」

Certainly, I can gather Magic Stones without limit with this excavation skill.

If I dig crater-shaped holes, we would be able to gather the Magic Stones that appear.

This ability may be more useful than I thought.

If I pile them up steadily, becoming a millionaire is not just a dream.

「Umm, to fill the hole……」

There is a different part that says【Fill】.

It’s somehow easy to understand.

The dug up hole become fabulously covered again.
The aftercare service seems to be substantial too.

「Yosh, let’s dig more! Tina, I will now dig a relatively big hole, so if you find some Magic Stones, pick them up!」
「Wa, yes nanodesu!」

Mahou koku ou ni, ore wa naru!![One Piece reference. I’ll be the Mahou koku/Magic Stone King]

After that, for some time, dokkan dokkan, I did nothing but dig up various holes.


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