Isekai Onsen e Youkoso! – Chapter 5

Shopping in the Town


The temperature of the gushing onsen is around 40 degrees.

Although its slightly muddy, there doesn’t seem to be any problems.

Sometimes, the water becomes reddish because of the iron oxide or something like that.

Hyogo’s is famous for their red springs.

「Saying that, I can’t let it just discharge like this」

If I let it like that, the entire surrounding are will submerge.

Let’s make a hole similar to a mini-pool first and let all the water flow in there.

That will most likely hold for a night.

「Is this the『bath』Takuma-sama was talking about? 」
「No, this is pinnacle of luxury, even higher than a bath, the『onsen』!」
「On, sen?」

Tina looks at the onsen with interest.

「It’s a thing we, Japanese love and always will. If bath can drop your fatigue by ten points, then onsen can drop it by ten thousand」
「I, I don’t really understand, but…… it seems to be something amazing……」

Yosh yosh, I will make onsen capture your heart immediately.

While refining a plan in my head, Tina’s stomach lets out a lovely cry.

「S, sorry…… my stomach emptied from all the moving」
「It’s a good timing. Yosh, let’s cook something」

Fortunately, the church has a kitchen.

I head towards the town together with Tina in order purchase ingredients and facilities for the onsen.

It’s about ten minutes downhill from the church.

Being a Castle Town, there are a lot of people.

I walk with Tina on the two-lane dirt road.

Not used to such a scene in front of me, I restlessly look around.

All the talking I hear is in Japanese.

I have a feeling that the summoning gave me an ability to convert the language to Japanese.

Different world magic banzai.

When I walk around the town, I can see a girl with dog ears and man with a green lizard skin all over his body.

This is the definite proof that this is not Japan.

There’s not a single LED signboard.

The street is lined up with two to three floors buildings.

「First of all, I must check the value of this world’s currency」

Even though I have received some money from King-sama, I am not clear about the value of silver and gold coins.

「Tina, will you lead me somewhere in this area where we can buy food?」
「Wa, yes nanodesu」

We have arrived at the shop which is popular in this slave era.

Thanks to the sociable, friendly shopkeeper Oji-san, I was able to find out that this world uses currency called『Ell』.

1 Ell = approximately 1 yen, as for the value of every coin,

1 Iron Coin = Approximately 10 Ells.
1 Copper Coin = Approximately 100 Ells.
1 Silver Coin = Approximately 1,000 Ells.
1 Gold Coin = Approximately 10,000 Ells.
1 White Gold Coin = Approximately 100,000 Ells.

The exchange rate is,

10 Iron Coins = 1 Copper Coin
10 Copper Coins = 1 Silver Coin
10 Silver Coins = 1 Gold Coin
10 Gold Coins = 1 White Gold Coin

Then, I realized.

The coins I received from King-sama are 10 White Gold Coins, 100 Gold Coins, and 100 Silver Coins.

2,100,000 Ells in total.

「Amazing…… you are a rich person, Takuma-sama」
「Maa, I was forcibly dragged to this world, so he may have given me a little too much」

If I consider the mental pain I suffered after the summoning, it may be still too little.

「Ah, that’s right」

There’s something we need to buy before purchasing ingredients.

After we leave the grocery store, I pull Tina by hand in the clothing store.

「For now, pick some clothes you like. I will buy anything you like」

Tina stares in amazement at my words.

「That…… clothes for a slave like me……」
「No, I say it’s alright. I have more than enough money. Besides, if you keep wearing those clothes you will catch a cold」

I push the reluctant Tina to try on clothes.

「Uu…… so embarrassing nodesu……」

Tina ended up wearing a peach-colored blouse and gray skirt.

Seeing her cast down her eyes and blush, I almost forgot to breathe.

As expected, when dressed properly, Tina looks really adorable.

These cute clothes really match with her childish nature.

A model debut won’t be just a dream in the future.

「Yosh. Let’s keep on trying clothes!」

After that, Tina tried more than ten sets of clothes. I ended up purchasing three of them.

That there is a maid outfit mixed in there is probably not a coincidence.

Tina bowed down again and again while holding the purchased clothes near her chest.

Let’s buy the ingredients next.

Fortunately, ingredients here are not much different from the ones back on Earth.

Although the names are different, vegetable, fish, beef, pork, sauces, salt, and pepper, garlic, they have it all.

And above all, I’m really happy that distribution works in this world.

Although there is no staple Japanese food here, it seems that there is a market for them.

I’m glad this world is Japanese friendly.

Because there is not something so convenient as rice cooker, I bought the cooked rice from the shop.

Let’s cook a side dish that goes well with rice today.

After buying ingredients, I buy frying pan, kitchen knife and other cookware in the daily necessities shop.

Their prices were about the same as in Japan.

After that, I bought Magic Stones which seemed necessary in a store that specializes in Magic Stones.

「Yosh, it gets real now」

I enter an engineering store.

I purchase several kinds of tools and pipes around 50cm in diameter.

「U…… as expected, I can’t carry it…..」

I bought too many spares.

It seems to be made of iron.

My strength is not enough for transportation.

「I, I will carry it」

Nsho nsho, Tina takes the frying pan and ingredients from me.

「I’m sorry. You are a lifesaver」

When I pat Tina’s head, sound of comfort escapes from her throat.

You won’t find a cuter one around.

「Now then, let’s quickly return before my waist breaks」
「Yes nanodesu」

On the way back,

「…… Ge」

Suddenly, faces I recognize enter my vision.

A blonde ikemen with bad personality carrying a huge sword on his back──Tougou Eiji.

And, a black haired, school’s number one bishoujo and class president──Nanase Iori.

These two, surrounded by another three people are coming towards us while vulgarly laughing.

──I don’t know just how many times I was humiliated by them.

Commonly referred to as bullies.

My natural enemies.

I will be fine even if I get entangled with those guys, but I’m not sure what they would do to Tina.

I must avoid them at all cost.

「Takuma-sama? What happened desu?」
「Come here」

I turn around and leave quickly.
I take Tina who has a question mark floating around her head by hand and quickly rush towards the church.


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