Isekai Onsen e Youkoso! – Chapter 7

To the Onsen!


After dinner.

I connect a new pipe to the stopcock and pour the hot water into the drum.

It became full of hot water after around 30 minutes.

「Yosh, onsen, let’s enter the onsen!!」

I stand before the drum full of rising steam in a towel wrapped around my body.

There’s also a towel to put on the head and a bucket nearby.

「Saa, here I go!」

My dreamy natural onsen!



「Fuaa…… My head feels somewhat warm and fuzzy……」
「I wonder why」

Tina’s small figure from behind appears in my field of vision.

Why am I facing Tina’s back in the drum?

The answer is simple.

While humming alone in the onsen, Tina wrapped in a towel appeared from nowhere,

「Me too, that….. can I also enter……?」

After that, you can guess what happened.

I did not even think about it being bad ethnically.

When she looked at me with eyes of a stray puppy, I just couldn’t decline.

Tina just simply wanted to enter together with me without any wicked feelings.

It’s the same feeling as a baby girl entering a bath with her father.

From Tina’s appearance, I think she’s in the first half of her teens, but her mind seems much younger.

That moment, I gave up and decided to let Tina enter.

My body became red only after a few minutes.

After that, I lift Tina under her arms and put her into the drum.

When lifting her up, Tina tried to conceal the whip marks on her body.

…… Chapon.

「Ah…… so warm…… and it feels so nice……」

Tina melts right after soaking in the onsen.

Her cheeks relax and her eyes start dozing off.

Tina thoroughly enjoyed the onsen in a posture that forces me to embrace her from behind.

If this world has some kind of children law protection, I’m definitely going to the jail.

I still can’t believe that a beautiful girl is glued to me in the same bath.

Is this the misfortune of being summoned?

(No, isn’t this completely the opposite……?)

The 200L drum would be tightly packed if two adults entered.

We have some leeway because it’s me and Tina.

However, the soft, silky smooth feeling on the front of my body is unchanged.

Although she didn’t use any shampoo before, a very good scent drifts from Tina’s nape.

To be frank, this is really bad for my heart.

If it was someone else, he would definitely attack Tina like a savage beast.

Tina is still a child, I frantically pray ‘Tina is still a child’ in my mind, desperately trying to shake off my wicked thoughts.

──I got used to it after a while.

It can’t be helped even if I think about it.

Besides, it’s the onsen I finally made by myself.

I give up myself to the comfortable natural onsen and lean on Tina feeling weakened.

「Hya…… Takuma-sama?」

Tina splashes water in surprise.

「Sorry. Was that unpleasant?」
「N, no…… I was just slightly surprised nanodesu」
「Then, that’s good」

I became somewhat dull.

The fatigue and stress accumulated in my body suddenly came out.

──What happens to me after this?

I absentmindedly think about what to do from now on.

For a while, I will gather the Magic Stones in this ground.

However, the quotas are not particularly imposed on me.

I was informed that the person in charge is going to come every week in order to collect the Magic Stones.

The salary depends on the quantity and quality of the Magic Stones. I’m not being restrained and can do whatever I want.

Are they even expecting me to dig?

(Are? If I think about it, am I not in the most comfortable position?)

Every single of my classmates has to train hard every day in order to fight against powerful enemies.

On the other hand, I will comfortably dig with my skill, gather some Magic Stones and the rest is a Freetime.

I can sleep until the noon.

I can soak in the relaxing onsen.

Without the meddling classmates around, isn’t this the best working environment?

Because I have no relatives, I haven’t even considered going back to Japan.

Although I will never see the animes and read novels I was looking forward to, I will get used to it after a while.

Rather, isn’t this world much more exciting?

The fantasy world I have always dreamed about is now right in front of my eyes.

(But, it doesn’t match the relaxing slow life settings……)

There doesn’t even seem to be retirement age.

I don’t think I would be able to enjoy here the elderly life on a bench while sipping a tea.

I want to find something I can immerse myself in.

「Maa, I should just look for it from now on」
「What desu?」
「I came to a different world, I would like to do something else than dig out holes」
「Something else than digging holes, desu……」

Tina folds her arms and starts thinking.

「Then, how about spreading this『Onsen』to the town?」
「…… Eh?」

I was dumbfounded by Tina’s word for a while.

「Because the Onsen is very comfortable, I thought that the people from town would definitely like it too……」
「This is it!!」

I raise my fist unintentionally.

「Good job, Tina! We have the hot springs, we should start an Onsen Hotel!」
「Wa, yes nodesu…… I’m happy that I could be of help……」

It seems this country foolishly neglected onsens and they have almost no bathing customs.

Therefore, if I create an Onsen Hotel here, with a price general public could afford……

「Becoming a billionaire isn’t just a dream……!!」

There are many variations of the onsen.

Onsens are common in Japan, but this world from a novel doesn’t know about them.

The dream just expanded.

However, I will need a bigger bathtub than this drum.

「Although there are no bathing customs, the nobility probably has high standards」

When it comes to that, I can’t make it myself because I don’t know materials used for a bathtub.

Judging from the bathhouse near my home, the material should be similar to plastic.

This world probably doesn’t have the technology to create such thing.

「The combination of wood like cypress would be good. But then, how would I build it? Ah, can someone make it cheaply for me?」

Funds are necessary for labor.

While thinking absentmindedly what to do,

「Ta, Takuma-sama……」
「N? What’s wrong Ti……」


「…… Wa?」

Tina suddenly stood up and looked into my eyes.

Her silky white skin is completely exposed.

The parts that were concealed──her two small sized bulges are in full view.

「Wa wa wa Tina!? Why did you suddenly became a stripper!?」

Did you become dizzy!?

When I raise from the drum and lay my hands on Tina’s shoulders,

「…… Are?」

I notice something strange.

The thing that should be on Tina’s body is not there anymore.

The marks of abuse.

The traces of whip that should remain there all her life, completely vanished from Tina’s body.

「Tina, this is……」
「I don’t know…… I don’t know, but……」

Small tears of joy flow out from her eyes.

「I’m glad desu…… I’m really, happy desu……」

Tina who could not bear it anymore embraced me all of sudden.

It’s a situation that would normally send me into a panic, but my thoughts were somewhere else.

(Tina definitely had whip traces on her body when she entered the onsen…… the cause is definitely……)

I think while looking at the light red colored water in the drum.

Perhaps I, did I perhaps dug up something outrageous?


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