Isekai Onsen e Youkoso! – Chapter 8

Looking For an Architect


One week after deciding to create an Onsen Hotel, I spent my days collecting Magic Stones every day.

Money is necessary in order to create a hotel.

It’s necessary to confirm how much remuneration I obtain by collecting Magic Stones for a week.

Then, the collection day.

「This time’s share, thank you in advance」

Early in the afternoon.

I hand over the bag of Magic Stones to the soldier dispatched by the castle.

Thre are Magic Stones in the bag that I’ve collected over the week.

「Oo! Red, Blue, White…… What! There’s even a Gold one!」

The soldier raises his voice after confirming the Magic Stones in the bag.

Apparently, the results are better than expected.

I make guts pose in my mind.
After writing something on a paper, the soldier takes out money from a pocket-sized bag.

「This is the remuneration」

30 White Gold coins have been handed to me.

In other words, 3,000,000 Ells.

「Is it okay to give me that much?」

Umm, at this rate, I will be able to build a hotel or two quite quickly.

「No, it’s rather too little. Up until now, all high-quality magic stones are buried in this undeveloped land, right? All of this would be no less than 30,000,000 Ells on the market」

The soldier sent me a gaze of sympathy.

Being sympathised with, all I can do is to show a wry smile.

Working like a horse for low wages is normal in this kingdom.

But then, comfortably digging holes with Tina and getting paid 3,000,000 for that may be considered exceptional.

「Anyway, Takuma-dono」
「Were there any changes?」

The soldier asks while looking around.

I answer honestly without suspicion.

「After goofing around and digging a 2000m deep hole, I dug up onsen」
「On, sen?」

The soldier tilts his head with a question mark floating on his face.

「Yes. The underground water is hot, therefore I collect it in a drum every day. It removes the fatigue, it’s very pleasant」
「I don’t understand well, but other than that onsen thing, nothing else happened?」
「Something else?」
「No, it’s nothing. If nothing happened, then that’s good」

It seems that it was only a false rumour. The soldier mutters under his breath.

While preparing to ask what he meant,

「Well then, I will be returning to the castle. I will come next week」

He hangs the bag on his shoulders like a Santa Claus and promptly leaves the church.

「…… Ah, well」
「Thanks for your hard work nanodesu, Takuma-sama!」

When I sigh, Tina comes to me holding a glass of water in her hands with her cat ears going blip blop.

「Oo. I was feeling thirsty, thank you」
「You are welcome nanodesu!」

The depressed and painful expression Tina had when I first met her was now completely replaced with smiles.

As the days passed, she became more and more cheerful.

She probably originally had such personality before being stained by her poor environment.

(It’s the onsen’s doing after all……)

That day──When Tina entered the Onsen for the first time, all her wounds had disappeared.

The traces of the painful looking whip lashes instantly vanished.

Different world’s promised Magic?

Outrageous phenomenon?

However, after asking Tina, it doesn’t seem she knows the wounds were healed just by entering the Onsen.

I asked the people in the town who knew about these things in a roundabout way, but I wasn’t able to find a satisfactory answer.

「It would be bad if it gets exposed after all」
「What desu?」

Tina inquiries with her eyes.

「If we announce that we dug up Onsen that can cure wounds, the royal castle may put their eyes on it」

Of course, although there is a medical use, it may be potentially used for military purposes.

If I was a King, I would definitely want such place under my control.

As a place used to heal soldiers wounded in the war for example.

「We will think about it when such time comes nanodesu! We finally found something fun nodesu, I think giving that up would be waste nodesu!」

My concern was instantly blown off with Tina’s smile.

My heart was struck with her straightforward words.

「…… Un, that’s right, huh. That’s right!」

There’s no need to worry about it.

Trouble will follow even if I don’t do anything.

It’s alright to just take that the obstacle down when it comes.

Let’s do it until the end.

And create it.

The best Onsen Hotel!

「Yosh, it’s decided! First, we need to gather talented people! Let’s go to the town and find an architect who could build us an Onsen!」
「Yes nanodesu!」

Thus, we sallied forth to the town.
「No way, no way! We don’t build such thing here!」

I hit the wall right away.

I sigh while looking dumbfoundedly at the door closed with a slam.

I have asked architects in the town, but every answer was severe.

You can guess the reason.

The first reason, the general idea of Onsen’s structure is nonexistent.

The technique to combine the bath and the pipes exist, but it has not been established yet in this kingdom.

It was a mistake thinking that something casual like soaking in a hot water can be easily done.

In the first place, the custom in this kingdom is to heat the water with Magic Stones.

They have no technique to dig deep into the ground, therefore, this kingdom doesn’t know about Onsens in the first place.

I draw the hot water right from the source and I pour it into a big bathtub. There is also no concept of draining the dirty water away.

When I explain it to the architects, they just throw in the towel.

I have a feeling that I won’t be able to make it.

The second reason is the problem of the money after all.

There were also cases where they didn’t want to talk to such youngster like myself paired with even younger Tina.

They probably judged that I have no money.

It can’t be helped.

「Uumu, I should put the cash right in front of me from the beginning after all……」

I put my hand on my chin while walking on the main street.

「Somehow, I’m sorry nanodesu……」
「Don’t apologize. Nothing can be so simple」

I pat Tina’s head who unusually went silent, then I slap my cheeks.

「Yosh, it’s already getting late, let’s try one last place today!」
「Wa, yes nanodesu……」
「Don’t feel so down. It’s alright, there’s always a ray of hope in situation like these!」

Surely, I must get a different answer in the last place. With such thoughts, I walked towards the last place.


「Fuumu. This deal seems a bit tough, huh」
「As expected, huh」

Well, the reality isn’t that simple.

I sigh with dropped shoulders.

「Please don’t be so discouraged! We will definitely find help somewhere else nodesu yo!」
「It feels somewhat Déjà vu, that statemanet」

I get slightly cheered up by Tina’s consoling.

However, if even this is no good, all the architects and builders of this town are out of a question.

「Do you perhaps know of an architect-san who could help me out?」

I ask in desperation.

The old architect woman crosses her arms with groan and answers.

「I have never seen or heard of such mechanism before, but. I have heard similar story about something similar to the Onsen you are talking about from my architect friend」
「…… Eh?」

I am lost at the reply which I did not think to hear.

「The story is from an architect who has visited the east. It was about soaking in hot water that gushed out from the ground in order to heal fatigue or something」
「Th, that is……!!」

Truly, an Onsen itself!!

「I see you, ray of hope!」

After my tension raised to the max, I asked the old architect woman to give me the address of her friend and ran out of the shop.


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