Isekai Onsen e Youkoso! – Chapter 9

Red-Haired Elf Architect


It seems they call that architect with Eirias.

This architect came to this Ergland Kingdom alone, therefore I will be able to recognize him at once because he is a red-haired elf that is unusual around here, is what the old architect woman said.

When I heard that he doesn’t have any achievements yet I got a little worried, but I can’t afford a luxury.

Finding the architect thanks to the address and name I got from the old woman is quite easy.

There is a building in a dark alley that deviates from the main street.

「This is……」

Looking at the two-story wooden apartment, my worries became even greater.

It’s obviously rugged.

The rent would be around 10,000 yen in Tokyo.

It’s at the level I would be uneasy letting a girl inside.

「It looks very humble nanodesu ne」

Despite my anxiety, Tina is excited as usual.

「First of all, let’s meet him」

When I was going to knock on the door,

「You won’t be able to escape anymore, lass!」

I heard a rough man’s voice from somewhere.

「Ku…… kill me!」
「Ihihi…… I will enjoy myself before that……」

When I looked back, I saw two hoodlums drawing closer to a young woman.

「Takuma-sama, that is……」
「It’s a scene of Knight Princess getting assaulted by Orcs, huh」
「…… Orku?」
「Don’t mind it, just talking to myself」

But then, the one being assaulted is not a Knight Princess, but a red-haired beauty-san.

And that beauty-san is not assaulted by orcs, but by two small-fry looking man.

…… Red hair!?

I look closely.

And observe.

I catch a glance of a long, sharp ears in her red hair.

「I see, so it’s such development」

I nod and step forward.

「Hey, Takuma-sama? Where are you going nodesu?」
「Where am I going? Of course, I’m going to help that girl」
「Wait!? What do you think will happen desu!? It’s dangerous nodesu! You must not go nodesu!」

Tina grabs my clothes in order to stop me.

I tell her trying to persuade her.

「Tina, the save bishoujo event almost always develops into something delicious」

That red haired elf is without a doubt that architect the old woman talked about.

If this would have been a romance game, the overlook situation in silence option would definitely be a bad choice.

Saving her is the only option.

Blow after blow.

「Besides, I can’t let a girl suffer right in front of my eyes」

Before, I would have definitely avoided such situation.

But now, for some reason, I’m overflowing with confidence and motivation.

My instincts are exploding, telling me not to abandon this girl.

At my words, Tina had an expression of giving up, but

「That’s right. Takuma-sama is such person」

She separates her hands from me and says with a proud looking smile,

「Will you definitely come back safely nodesu yo?」
「Yes, of course!!」

I start running.


I was driven out of the apartment.

The reason is simple.

I lost my money and was unable to pay the rent.


I, Eirias Alred, sigh while looking back at the apartment I was living in for a half year.

My luggage contains a little clothing and tools more important than my life.

As a result of having sold everything I could, the weight of my backpack has decreased by a lot.

The traveling expenses at my hand can keep me going only for three more days.

In order to survive until my next job, I need to keep my saving in mind more than anything.

Staying under a bridge in order to protect myself from wind and rain, eating only to an extent that I won’t collapse, I will probably die on the roadside in this kingdom, far away from my home.

「Just where did I go wrong……」

It has been a year since I left my home country『Yamato』which is located far away in the east of Ergland Kingdom.

In the past, Yamato’s architecture has spread through this kingdom, but now it has reduced to a distant memory.

The difference in values is just too different.

Architecture in Yamato is considered first-class, but it’s considered heresy in this country where they steal from each other with smiles.

Certainly, Yamato is two or three steps behind in science and technology.

Elves from Yamato are advanced in Magic, but science is a little……

It’s only natural to be seen with such prejudice.

But, while that may be true, saying that the Yamato’s elegant and refined architecture is old-fashioned, isn’t that just ridiculous?

Even if I insisted, the situation wouldn’t change, therefore, without any other talents than architecture, I was forced to keep trying.

Believing that one day, my craft would be recognized, I proposed my designs to the nobles and higher ups on a daily basis, but there was no indication of success.

One day, the funds which would allow me to return home disappeared and I lived troubled every day.

I designed, worked for low wages, and designed again……

Such days continued for a year until I hit the limit.

Both mentally and financially.

「Let’s find a place to stay first……」

While carrying my backpack and tottering on my way,

「Oi Eirias? What happened? Were you finally driven out of that run-down apartment!?」
「Aarara what a poor thing! Well, doing something non-profitable is your own fault!」

I was laughed at with the familiar ‘Gahahaha’ laugh.

When I turn around, the two hoodlums I recently picked a fight with were standing there.

Grinning at me and looking at me with perverted gazes, cold crept on my spine.

I felt chilly.

That these two picked a quarrel with me intentionally, I understand well.

I was disgusted with them for a long time, I was hoping to never meet them again.

「Nuisance. I’m in a hurry. Move from there」

I tried to leave with a cold attitude, but

「An? What, you bitch!?」

My hand was seized.

「You, when did you get so conceited! Even though you are just an elf!」
「Wa, release me……」

I can’t escape from his hold, I’m too hungry, I have no power.

At once, I’m driven to a wall.

「You are going to disappear from here, therefore, it’s okay to do you once, right!?」

The sleazebag’s face approaches.

「Guhehehe! You won’t be able to escape anymore, lass!」
「Ku…… kill me!」


When I think about the current me, tears start flowing from my eyes.

The feelings of wanting to die were already true.

When I think about the current me, I’d rather die than be violated.

「Ihihi…… I will enjoy myself before that……」

The man’s hand reaches towards my chest.

I’m trying to escape with all my might, but my arm is held firmly, I can’t move.

──Someone, please save me!!

While strongly wishing,




The man who reached his hands towards me was comically blown off right before my eyes.

「…… Eh?」

The man’s body rotated and crashed into a wooden box in the back alley.

His body twitches like a frog with cramps.

(J, just what has……?)

When I swallow blankly,

「Un! I don’t understand well, but surprise attack – success!」

I look up at the owner of the voice.

A young man in clothes I have never seen before was standing there in a guts pose.


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