Isekai Shoukan ni Makikomareta Obaachan – Chapter 12



N…… Have I fell asleep? H, how embarrassing. To sleep with my head on Iris’s lap. I’m really sorry. I must have been heavy.


It looks like I have dozed off for a bit. When I woke up, I was borrowing a young lady’s thighs. Even though it would be fine to just toss me into the carriage.


Although outside, I became too much senile. Ah, I was also often scolded by husband in the past, that I have no wariness. But, it’s because I trust them, okay? I also feel at peace.


Right, right, while I was sleeping, the town patrol came and brought the bandits away. The Vanveil members were rewarded with money for capturing the bandits.



The camping preparations were done, and we ready the dinner. I put the pot on fire again and warmed it up. Now then, let’s eat.
The broth is poured in wooden containers.
It’s not a full food, but there are wheat dumplings inside so it should fill up. Joining my hands, itadakimasu.
Delicious, if I say so myself…… the miso soup is…… warming……

Miso taste after so long. The miso soup which I should be eating every day. Since when I have not eaten so much?

Potatoes, carrots as well are delicious. The dumplings are springy too. The broth has a chicken taste. The pumpkin and onions are also nice. Seconds…… ara…… there’s none. Even though I made that much.

I’m glad it suited everyone’s tastes. Let’s make it again, okay?

Tea…… only a bit is left.
Perilla or mint or…… mugwort would also be fine, can’t we find it around? It should be enough for a simple tea.
I don’t see anything like it around, though. Let’s take a look around when it becomes bright again.


Right, right, we were supposed to talk about me, right? I almost forgot now that I became full. Now then, where should we start from……


「Nee, Iris. From when should I start talking? From the time I came to this country? Or since when I was born?」

「Koyu-sama. Which country does Koyu-sama come from?」

「The country I come from is very far away. It’s a country called Japan. I came to this country…… I said by carriage, but…… the truth is different」

「Japan…… never heard of it. What do you mean by different?」

「I was kidnapped by a mistake」

「Ha? Kidnapped by a mistake?」

「Right. It can’t be helped so become a maidservant, I was told. But, I would rather work in the fields, so they let me out」

「Maid servant? Work in the fields?」

「Yes. I was given money, so I went out」

「There isn’t magic in the country where I come from. Therefore, I don’t know anything about magic and magical power」

「There is no magic, magical power in your country?」

「That’s right. Over here, I hear it’s necessary ability for livelihood? Would you please teach me the way to use magical power?」

「You were able to see your status, right? Can I have you confirm it again, please?」

「That’s alright.『Status Open』」

「Although you have said open, is there a reason we can’t see it?」

「Ara? Is that so? I don’t know what’s what. I mean, I don’t even understand how it works」

「Normally, you can see『Status』only by yourself,『Status Open』should allow others to see your status as well. We weren’t able to see it even when Shien asked you to open it before so there must be something going on」

「Is that so? What should I do?」

「Do you by any chance not want us to see it?」

「U~n. I don’t understand well. It’s not something I have thought about」

「Ah, do you still have it open? Then, could you try giving me permission to see?」

「Alright. It’s something you have to teach me about.『I grant Iris permission to see my status』, how about it, can you see it?」

「Ah, I can…… eeh!?」

「What’s wrong?」

「Baasan, give me a permission too」

「? Yes, all right.『I grant Vanveil members permission to see my status』Is this okay? Can you see?」


Not only Shien, I let everyone see. I mean, it would be troublesome one by one……

「Baasan, are you serious……」
「To think it was this much……」
「…… ……」
「I have heard, but……」

Is there something strange?
A, ara, something has increased.
It wasn’t like this when I looked a while ago.
Looking closely, doesn’t it show even my real name? That’s somehow embarrassing. Ah, even my age, this would be better not showing.

【Name】Koyu (Enoki Kouyuu)
【Job】Rolled up Person
【Magic Attribute】Holy Darkness Space-time Life
【Skills】Green Hands
【Divine Protection】Divine Protection of Almighty God


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