Isekai Shoukan ni Makikomareta Obaachan – Chapter 13

Koyu's Desires


I came to the world from a fairy tale, haven’t I?
But, I wonder why did the writings change? I also must ask about this, don’t I?
With this, I have understood a few things.

『Status』is my present information.
Doing『Status Open』, I can allow others to see my status as well. With a permission system. Only the guards from Vanveil I’m traveling with are allowed to see.

「Nee, Iris. I wonder why the things that were written there have changed?」

「What has changed, what do you mean?」

「See, the MP place. When I looked just a short while ago, it said 900, you see? Didn’t it become 1000 now? Why is it?」

「…… It’s just my guess, but a little while ago, Koyu-sama said something about bandits being『Thrusted away and disappeared』『Blown away』, didn’t you? I think that you have used magical power at that time」

「I have used magical power? I used it without knowing?」

「Baasan, you can normally use it, can’t you? Was that unconscious?」

「Ara, what does that mean?」

「When I was teasing you, you have glared at me, right? I’m talking about that」

「Didn’t I just stare a bit?」

「Haa, you have not noticed, after all. That was called『Coercion』, it suppresses your opponent. Baasan’s was quite heavy」

「A, ara」

「I think that Koyu-sama unconsciously released magical power, that’s why the bandits got blown away」

「You have just said that it has changed by 100, right? Haven’t you used that amount? The used magical power exceeds my MAX amount, ya know?」

「Ah~…… I see. So that’s why the fight stopped all of sudden. The opponents have all abruptly fainted, after all」

「Fell down」

「Just how far does your magical power reach?」

「I wouldn’t know even if you ask me. It’s something I want to know myself」

「I have cut six, Ivar five, Shien five. The remaining were Koyu-sama, huh……」

「The remaining were overwhelmingly many……」

「Baasan, you need guards?」

Such thing…… I didn’t know……
Mou! Just a slightly bit, I will glare at Shien~


「S, stop~!!」




Let’s take a breather. There’s only a little bit left, but let’s make tea.
Tea, tea…… I search around the bag…… N? This is! Tea bag from the previous world! Ah, that’s what I have prepared for the hotel. I have not used it. I have only two left, so it will be a bit light, but it will be drinkable, right?

Boil the water and plop. After a while…… a little bit more…… Ah, a beautiful yellow-green color.
The fragrance too…… after all, green tea’s fragrance is nice.



Now then, now I got to take a breather. There was still something I have to ask, right?



「Nee, magic, how do I use it? It’s not usable only when I get mad at people, is it?」

「What kind of magic would Koyu-sama like to use?」

「What, you ask? Normal magic for ordinary life if possible, I don’t need something difficult」

「Ordinary life…… how do you live?」

「Eh? Sleep and wake up. Make a meal and eat? Umm, I would be saved if doing laundry and cleaning would become easier」

「That’s truly magic for living only, isn’t it?」

「I think it’s quite luxurious? Ah, if possible, I’d like to work on a field」

「Field, is it?」

「Producing vegetables and raising flowers? Anyway, I want to live with soil. My wish is just that」

「Koyu-sama, I will teach you life magic then」

「Life magic? If I know that, life will become easier?」

「I think so? You can lit a fire, produce water, you can raise a bit of wind. It’s foundation for other magic. But, you won’t be specializing in any of them, so you won’t be able to do strong attacks or defenses」

「I don’t need attacks and defenses. I just want to live an ordinary life」

「The Magic Attributes Koyu-sama has are special, so I can’t really teach you anything besides that」

「Ara, they are special?」

「I have not heard of few, while space is really rare」


「Baasan, think a little about defense」

「Ara, why?」

「Haa? Are you seriously asking me that?」

「Even if you ask me that…… I don’t understand the reason」

「Do you not understand that you were aimed at by bad guys in your country?」

「I wasn’t. I was just rolled up in it」

「Koyu-sama. Speaking bluntly, you can be considered a national piece. The country also has high-level magicians. They may be using magic that we are not even aware of」
「Are you saying that I may get involved in danger because of my magic?」

「That’s right. You may think it would be okay if you just don’t use it, but can you endure a torture? What will you do if they attach a slavery collar on you?」

「Slavery collar?」

「It’s used on slaves. If they oppose, they will get hurt」

「…… I wouldn’t like that」

「Therefore, learn some defense. Also, Ivar’s Enemy Detection. If you can’t attack, you better prioritize running away」

「Right, running away would be better. But, what should I do about the defense? Fighting is impossible for me」

「That’s also Ivar’s specialty. To put it simply, you should just not get found out」

「I see…… That may be possible……」

Fumufumu. I excel at hide-and-seek.
Will Ivar teach me?
When I looked at him, he shook his head.
Araara, what should I do?


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