Isekai Shoukan ni Makikomareta Obaachan – Chapter 14

Going to Bed〈Iris's Worry〉


Ara, what to do?
Anyhow, since we will be together for half a month, I will make a great effort so that she will tell me.
Let’s work hard at learning『Life Magic』from Iris first.

「Iris, how do I go about using life magic? Is there some kind of a trick?」

「Koyu-sama, you will be able to do it even without getting impatient. Today is already dark so, how about we start tomorrow?」


A, ara. R, right. Let’s do start tomorrow.
Fufu. In fact, I’m looking forward to it a little. Magic. Even somehow like me can become a magician?
I have seen them on television. A foreign lady made an uproar with magic, didn’t she?
Although it’s fun, let’s leave it for tomorrow. Hafu, I became sleepy.

「Iris, I became sleepy, but where should I sleep?」

「Koyu-sama, wait a moment, please. I will prepare you a place to sleep in the carriage」

「Ara, I’m okay with sleeping outside?」

「No, I will prepare it inside. Please sleep inside」


I wanted to be with everyone. But, I can’t cause troubles for everyone. Let’s endure it.

Good night.




☆☆☆ Iris’s Worry ☆☆☆

Before the town patrol arrived, Koyu-sama leaned on me and fell asleep.
And then, when she turned in her sleep, her head slowly fell on my lap.
Her posture must have been bad as she kept restlessly stirring her head, moving her head from place to place. Obaachan with chubby hands was sleeping in my lap like a little child. She must have been tired. Well, that’s right. Looking at her soft fingers with no wounds, I can tell how blessed life she has lived.
But, I wonder who kidnapped her? She as a maidservant? Received money? Let her go?
It’s as if……
No, let’s stop making conclusions unless it’s clear. Everyone feels probably the same.

Rather than that, her magical power, magic attributes, skill, and divine protection.
With more magical power than many magicians serving the country, considerably rare space-time, I have never heard of the holy darkness and the skill before.

To think I will be teaching fundamentals of magic to a person like that. Ivar quickly shook his head that it’s impossible for him. As expected, I have to teach her.

When I was young, my mother has taught me how to control my meager magical power.
What will happen if her magical power runs wild? Fortunately? her magical power was directed at enemies. If that was directed at us. I’m scared just thinking about it~


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