Isekai Shoukan ni Makikomareta Obaachan – Chapter 19

Iris's Confusion


I hear a voice from outside the curtain. It seems that someone has noticed.

「Iris has stiffened! What should I do!」

「I will stop the carriage so wait for a moment!」
Ah, the carriage will stop. I’m glad……
I wonder if Iris is all right. It seems that I have done something again. I hope I didn’t injure her. What to do……

But you see, but you see, I don’t know if I have done something bad or not……


The carriage has stopped, and Shien entered inside. Elm and Sapin as well……

「What happened?」

「Iris was giving me a lesson in magic……」

I explain to everyone.
But, speaking what we were done, Iris only poured her magical power in me, and I circulated it around my body. Ah, Iris’s neck was stiff in the middle, so I applied a good luck charm…… When small, Okaasan or Oneesan would do that often for you, right?『Pain pain fly away』. It’s just for the mind.

While speaking, I noticed that Iris shook with her neck.

「Iris! A, are you all right? Do you feel bad anywhere? How are you feeling?」

I have unconsciously ended up firing question in rapid succession.

「Baasan, calm down. Iris, you okay?」

「Ah, Shien…… I’m fine…… Just a bit……」

Iris stares at me fixedly. Recognizing it, Shien and Iris got off the carriage. I wanted to get off with them, but…… Elm has stopped me. Why? I have to hear if I have done something bad. Even though she was talking so much about the spontaneous discharge of magical power…… If Iris got injured, I must listen what I did wrong so it won’t happen again.

Elm told me to wait in the carriage.


「Koyu-sama, calm down please. She’s talking with Shien and Ivar now. It’s better they listen to what happened from Iris’s mouth alone. They might be able to find out what happened」

「R…… right」

「It’s about lunchtime. Shall we make preparations for the lunch?」

「Yes, let’s see…… …… I’d like to make tea first」

「…… I will set up a small stove……」

With the help of Elm’s hand, I get off the carriage. He skillfully set up a small stone stove. I brewed tea with the last perilla leaves.

I pour tea in wooden cups, one for me and one for Elm…… I talk with Elm while cooling it down.

「Sorry. My member caused you trouble」

「That’s…… it’s me who’s causing troubles…… even though I was warned so many times」

「Iris is from the same village as me. She has more magic attributes than is normal and her magical power is also high. She stable now, but it took time…… Moreover, the attribute she possess is light…… the only person in the village who possessed the same attribute was her mother who has passed away……」

He tells me about Iris’s past little by little.

「Because of her high magical power, she had to move to the school in the capital of the country…… she must have been bullied a lot…… I can’t say for sure, but……」


「When she left halfway through…… her mouth became quite dangerous……」


「Something must have happened…… I think she’s noisy about the control because of that」

Which reminds me, the royalty of this world is casually summoning people from other worlds while wearing extravagant clothes. That would be kidnapping if I had to say so myself. A crime. I didn’t think much about it, but…… he looked at us like disposable tools.
If the top of the country is like that…… the noble sons and daughters at the capital’s school. I can tell what kind of character they must have. They see what they parents are doing, after all.
They will learn to harm other people in order to accomplish their goals……


The reason Iris is worried more than necessary……
I have done a bad thing, I make her worry too much……


「Shall I make a lunch before Iris and others finish talking?」

I can’t be depressed forever. Saa, let’s make a delicious lunch and recover our mood. Un. Then, what should I make?
Gosogoso…… I search through the pocket…… n~……

First of all, I take out the food wrapped in cloth I bought at the market. Then, I put my hand inside the carry-on and gosogoso…… ara, brown sugar…… something sweet may also be good.
Will I be able to make simple pancakes?

When I spread the wrapping cloth, flour, right? Apples, right? Potatoes, right? What should I use next……
I have no substitute for oil, don’t I……. ah, I should have the remaining bacon somewhere. I search through the pocket…… ah, there it is!

There’s a wooden plank as a substitute for the chopping board, so I chop the bacon and put it into the pot. I peel the potatoes and cut it into long, thin straps. Once the fat seeps out of the bacon, I put the potatoes in with a little bit of salt. I fry it together after that. Once the potatoes look translucent, I put a handful of flour in, mix and fry together. I spread it flat. I remove the apple’s core and slice it thin. I sprinkle brown sugar and spread it over the potatoes. I cover it with a lid and cook until steamed.

Saa, what shall I make next……

I would like something to drink, but……

Will I be able to find some leaves around here that can substitute for tea?


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