Isekai Shoukan ni Makikomareta Obaachan – Chapter 2

To the Guild (Second day in the different world)


Ah, I slept well. Where is this… Ah, that’s right, I came to a different world.
Shin-chan… I want to see you… Uun. I have already died, didn’t I? At that place.
I have caused you trouble. Maa, you already have a husband, so you will be all right even without me worrying about you. Let’s assume that the wedding of my grandchild went well.
Now then, what should I start with today?

First, let’s confirm the baggage. God-sama? said he put it in my pockets, but. I also have to check the money in my bag.
Although I have received 2 Gold Coins and 5 Silver Coins as compensation, there were over 50 White Gold Coins when I paid for the bread at the bakery for some reason… I wonder who gave it to me? God-sama? It can’t be helped, can it? Perhaps it’s part of the money I carried on the passbook while moving. He must have noticed that. Nice one, God-sama.
I forgot. I can’t live without money, can I?

Pocket, pocket… Ah, this is it? While searching with my hands and imagining pocket, I found it. Can I take it out, I wonder? I carried quite a lot. Because the billboard said it could carry ten days worth, I bought it on impulse. That reminds me, I have to change. Even though I sweated so much yesterday, I was so tired I fell asleep without changing. Yoishotto.
It came out. The carry-on. Somehow, it feels really out of place in this world.
Oh, well. God-sama left it as is so no one will probably complain. I crammed a lot inside. Clothes, washing tools, cosmetics, medicine, snacks, and flavorings. I mean, I wanted my home town’s department store’s specialties. Brown cane sugar and honey, herbs, dried food, cookies, and jam. Seaweed salt, miso, malted rice, soup stock pack. Cookbook and home medicine book. Seeds I intended to plant in the garden.
I packed a lot, didn’t I?
The miscellaneous can’t be helped, it’s me, after all.

Well, let’s change clothes and have breakfast first. I have become quite hungry.

I returned the carry-on to the pocket. I should make shoulder string? for the bag. It will become easier to carry.

Ah, would it be better to divide the money a bit? Let’s leave the 50 White Gold Coins and one Gold Coin in the pocket and wrap the rest in the scarf.
Having 1 Gold Coin, Silver Coins, and Copper Coins in the bag at hand should be enough.
If it costs 3 Silver for three nights, Gold Coins should be about ten times that. I have thought that I could buy only five loafs of rye bread with 1 Silver since I one cost 2 Coppers, but jarajara change was returned. I wonder if someone could teach me the units?

It looks like my stomach reached the limit. Which reminds me, I have not eaten since yesterday morning. I didn’t get to eat in the castle, in the guild, not even in the inn…

Let’s go to eat. What does this world offer? I’m looking forward to it~
The first floor of the inn looks like a dining room. I delicious fragrance is floating around.

「Good morning. Would you like to eat~」

The inn’s mistress calls out to me.

「Yes. What kind of meals do you have?」

「Mornings are bread and soup」

Eeh, the menu is just that?

「Then, I will take that please」

First of all, I lower my head and request.

「Right away」

What she brought me was soup? in a wooden bowl full of ingredients. The broth was on a scarce side. Also, a thin slice of rye bread.
Looking around, the soup seems to be eaten while scooping it out with a spoon-like tool, and the bread torn to pieces and soaked in the soup.

My first different world meal. Fufufun. I scooped potato?-esk thing and ate. Un, it’s a potato, it’s brown, though. This is? Ah, carrot-ish. It’s pure white, though. How about the meat~ Pork? I guess. It tastes bland, though. I wonder if salt is the only ingredient. It’s boiled well, but… Ah, bread soaked in the soup is delicious. A slight sour taste follows after the saltiness. But… I feel a bit hypertensive. Let’s dip the bread only a bit. I wouldn’t like to die again before getting to live leisurely.
There’s taste when I bite and chew, but it’s hard. It can’t be helped, I’m an elderly. I still have all my teeth, but… I prefer soft things. I bring moisture in the mouth full of bread.

The beverage seems to be an ordinary water. It’s morning, after all. But, even if not liquor, I would like tea. I don’t see anyone drinking tea around, that means either that tea is expensive, or there’s no custom of drinking tea.

Let’s look for herbs earlier than planned. I want to drink tea. I won’t say green tea or black tea. I want to at least drink herbal tea. Coffee as well, if possible… If they don’t have that, roasting beans for a coffee substitute would be fine as well.
This is an urgent business. My life depends on it!!

I have decided to look around the market today. For the healing of my leisure life.


「I’m going out. Do I return the key to you?」

The inn’s mistress was at the inn’s entrance, so I call her and ask.



「Yes, where are you going today? What are you going to do about dinner?」

Ah, I was already asked about the dinner. That means lunch is going to be outside. Un.
Because I will be most likely tired in the evening, I answered that I would eat the dinner at the inn.

Let’s look for a book or something to learn about this world. Also, do shopping at the market. Eat a lunch… There are many things to do, but I have no idea where to go.
…… How troubling.

Ah, that’s right. Don’t I have to just request for a guide in the guild?


That being decided, let’s hurry to the guild.


…… Un, I can’t get inside the guild. There are too many people. Well-built people are going in and out. Umm. What to do……


…… … Ah… That…


… Excuse me~ …


Un? I hear a voice from behind.

「Yes? What is it?」

When I turn around… Nobody’s there…

Tsuntsun. I feel pulling on my skirt. N? Maa, isn’t that Maris-kun?


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