Isekai Shoukan ni Makikomareta Obaachan – Chapter 20

Gathering〈Elm's Agony 1〉


Looking around, there are some herbs that look like Earth’s all around. N~? I won’t know even if I look…… I would be happy if there were mugwort, perilla or mint, but……

Ah, that tree’s flowers are blooming. Those might be fine for tea.

「Elm? Is there poison in those flowers?」

「Which one?」

「The flowers on that tree. The whitish pink ones」

「It has no poison. What do you want to do?」

「Would I need five or six? Can you pick it for me please?」

「Ah, yes……」

Ah, this…… this fragrance……

「Elm~ Is this flower poisonous?」

「It’s not…… what are you」

Ah, this plant…… un, this silver hair under the leaf…… probably……

「Elm? Does this plant have poison?」

「No poison」

Kunkun…… n. This refreshing scent.



Ara, this little adorable-looking flower……


…… Elm’s responses are becoming gradually like Shien’s, don’t they…… Oh well. It’s fast.

Ufufu. Big catch. It’s a win.

We will have fresh tea for today and tomorrow. I hope the others somehow dry well.




☆☆☆ Elm’s Agony 1☆☆☆

Iris suddenly started acting strange, and the carriage stops. Shien and Ivar accompany her off the carriage, and the three have a deep conversation.
Maa, since the two are with her it will be fine. However, what has happened?
Our employer Koyu-sama said that they just practiced magic.

It was only a while ago that Anna from the guild called us that she has an urgent request she wants us to take…… Rather, it was at night four days ago.
It was to escort a certain lady as soon as possible to Tiyul and help her with making the foundations of life.
Surprisingly, the reward is one white gold coin. A beyond exceptional amount of money was presented to us.
Tiyul, huh…… the hot-spring village at the border…… it’s said to be the village of adventurers. The adventures are gathering to heal their wounded bodies and to subjugate magic beasts gushing out fro the forest.
Can an ordinary lady live in a place like that? Not possible. There must be some kind of reason. I hope it’s not anything troublesome, though.
When talking with members about the request in one of the guild’s small rooms, Anna told us that the lady needs a guide for sightseeing. Since she’s a woman, I have decided on Iris and Shien. Shien will be able to notice. He will notice if there’s something happening behind the scenes. If there’s something happening…… I hope nothing is happening.

When the two returned, Iris had an exhausted expression, but she said she would be fine for tomorrow’s request, Shien said he has no problem. After that, Shien went for a meal, but he returned in a good mood. That was something rare.
I inform Anna that according to Iris and Shien, the lady bought large quantities of goods (especially food). It seems she decided to switch the carriages.

Tomorrow morning, we prepared the carriage for departure behind the guild. Iris and Shien waiting in front of the guild were quite not returning so I decided to send Ivar. Soon, the three companions returned with the lady who is our employer. Seeing her casually speaking to Iris and Shien, I thought the lady must be of the upper class.

She introduced herself as Koyu. Does she have no surname? The clothes she’s wearing look quite expensive, though. Or are you saying that simple greetings are fine because we are adventurers? No, that’s not the case.

By the way, where is a large amount of food Iris and Shien were talking about? They reported that she has also bought many other goods, but? We have certainly prepared rations for the travel, but…… I wanted to prepare some fresh things, but I heard that she had bought a lot yesterday, so I didn’t go to the market this morning. Should I go? While thinking about various things……


「S, stop it!!」

Ah? Shien?

「Ah~ Sorry」

What are those two doing?

Ma, maa, self-introduction……

「I think it’s time? I would like to introduce the other members, but. I’m the leader, Elm. This huge one is Sapin. The one you met earlier is Ivar and the ones you met yesterday, Iris and Shien. Us five form the team《Vanveil》」


Originally, Sapin and I went together to become adventurers, we have enrolled Shien when leaving and Iris has been added when we have returned to the village.
Iva was brought along by Iris.

Everyone’s personality is strong, but it’s somehow working out because we are of the same town. Even though things may appear this way, we are still A-Rank adventurers.

First, Anna told us to go to the office, so I headed there with her and Koyu-sama. In the office, Koyu-sama ponpon poured white gold coins from a bag on the table…… She suddenly wants to exchange money!!
White gold coins! No, we may be A-Rank adventurers, but we have not even used a large gold coin yet, you know? Our income isn’t that large.

This time’s reward might be too much…… no, no, no……
Incidentally, I wonder how much this whole request costs in total……
We must not fall into any traps……
It will be easier if they come all at once, but it will be troublesome if there’s too many……




Ma, the person in question, is absentminded Baasan, after all.


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