Isekai Shoukan ni Makikomareta Obaachan – Chapter 3

Reunion with Maris-kun〈Maris, Anna's mutter〉


Ara, isn’t that Maris-kun?
Does he need something from me?

「Maris-kun, good morning」

「Obaachan, good morning. Do you need something from the guild? Would you like to go in?」

Maa, he understood well.

「That’s right. There’s something I need a little help with. But you see, there are so many people」

「The guild is overcrowded in the morning. The good requests are first come, first served」

「Maa, was that so? I can’t come back again later…」

「Then, wait for a bit. You have something you need help with, right? I will call Anna-san over」

Maris-kun weaves through the crowd and enters the guild. It’s good to be young, isn’t it? That agile movement… that would be impossible for me.


「Koyu-sama, the arrangement is for tomorrow… do you have any urgent business?」

「Yes. I have a different request I would like to ask for today」

「Then, I will hear you inside. Please, come this way」

Ara, I was led to a different room than yesterday… I wonder why?
Incidentally, Maris-kun is by my side. What a good child.


Because Anna-san has offered me a seat, Maris-kun sits beside me. It’s a wooden bench. It took a bit of time to enter the guild which tired me out a little, so it really helps.

「What kind of request do you want to put out?」

「I would like to sightsee around the town, I would like to do some shopping, visit the church, and I’m thinking of seeing the library. I would like to request a guard that could act as a guide and willing to carry my baggage」

「Sightseeing… is it… I understand. So, a guard for the day, it is. That will be 5 Silver」

「5 Silver, is it? Yes, then let’s go with that」

「Could you wait for a moment, please? I will post the request. May I talk to you concerning the tomorrow’s schedule during the wait?」

「Yes. I understand」

I hope the guards would be found soon. Time is precious.

「Obaachan, where do you want to go? I will guide you?」

Maris-kun, how kind you are. But you see, I would like someone to carry my things.

「Thank you. But, I would like to shop. The baggage will most likely be too heavy, I’m sorry. I’m really happy for your kind thoughts, though」

「Uun. I just said it selfishly. But, where do you want to go?」

「Ufufu. The market, right? Church? Also, is there a library? Ah, could you teach me something? The units of money over here. I’m not from here, so I don’t know well. Do you know about money?」

I remembered when talking about places I want to visit. That I don’t understand the units of money yet. Although I have a lot, I don’t even understand how much I really have. I would be troubled if someone ripped me off. Even though I intend to go to the market now. I’m glad that I met only kind people yesterday, but. It’s not like I will come across only kind people from now on.
I have realized just now. I was too absentminded until now. All this time after meeting that God-sama.
I was hurrying, so I talked quite fast. Maris-kun is looking at me blankly. Ah, what to do?


「You want to know about money? Anone, Iron, and Copper, and Silver, and Gold and………」

Maris-kun politely taught me.
From what I heard,

Iron Coin = Children’s pocket money
Copper Coin = Iron Coin x10 (One thin slice of rye bread)
Big Copper Coin = Copper Coin x10
Silver Coin = Big Copper Coin x10
Big Silver Coin = Silver Coin x10
Gold Coin = Big Silver Coin x10
Big Gold Coin = Gold Coin x10

He apparently has never seen White Gold Coin before so he doesn’t know.

Two parents and two children can live on 1 Gold and 2 Silver, tte…… I wonder if I made a mistake…… because it feels like 1 Copper is 10 yen. Un. A White Gold Coin in the previous world…… 200… million yen… I didn’t have that much in my passbook.
I had about 5 million… there’s the house, pension, and also the bank deposit.
I finally understand Anna-san’s『That’s dangerous』… I’m a dangerous person, aren’t I? No, no, I really didn’t have such intentions~


Well, it already happened so it can’t be helped. Let’s be more careful from now on. Un.




☆☆☆ Ten years old Maris, discovered a person in front of the guild ☆☆☆

Are? Isn’t that Obaachan from yesterday? What is she doing? Even though it’s dangerous to loiter in front of the guild.
Ah, see? She bumped into adventurer-san. If you have a business, you should go in right away. Don’t keep peeking inside, hey, that’s dangerous.

「Ano. Obaachan? That’s dangerous」
「Nee, Obaachan. Anone, if you want to enter you should just go in」
Does she not hear my voice?
「Excuse me~」
Un, it looks like she doesn’t hear me. Will she notice if I pull on her clothes?

「Yes, what is it?」

It looks like she doesn’t see me. Over here. I pull on her skirt once more.

「Maris-kun, good morning」

As expected, she talks politely even to a child like me.
From what I heard, she wants to enter the guild, but she’s not able to because there are too many people. But, it’s always like that in the morning, though.
First of all, I decided to call Anna-san. I slipped through the adventurers and had the person on the reception call Anna-san for me.

「Anna-san, morning. It seems the Obaachan from yesterday has some matter to discuss, but she’s unable to enter. It appears she wants to put up some kind of request」

「Koyu-san came? Where?」

「She’s loitering in front of the guild… It looks like she doesn’t know how to call out to everyone. She has strange clothes, different from yesterday, she looks to be a person of a foreign country」

「Strage clothes…」

「Un. I think it’s a skirt? Uun, it looks like pants? But, it’s made of a dress-like fabric. It’s fluttering in the wind」

Anna-san has guided Obaachan through the staff door to a room, but she immediately went out to post the request.
She wants a guide and baggage carrier because she wants to do shopping. Would I be able to do it, I wonder?
I have asked, but it appears that Obaachan wants to buy a lot. It seems that I’m not good.
tte, while chatting… I found something unexpected. She doesn’t understand the value of money.


Obaachan…… Will you be really all right?




☆☆☆ Guild, Anna’s Mutter☆☆☆

「Anna-sa~n. The bakery’s Maris-kun has something to talk with you~」

My coworker Biri has called out to me while I was making arrangements for the yesterday’s outrageous request. Mou, even though I’m so busy. Preparations of the carriage, selection of adventurers, place to stay en route, food…… There are so many things to do.
Because she has money, I have to make sure that her trip is as safe and as comfortable as possible. There’s the guild’s face to uphold.

But, well. I could take a break for a bit to cool down. There must be no mistakes, after all. Taking a break may be just right.


「Maris-kun, morning. What is it?」

「It seems the Obaachan from yesterday has some matter to discuss, but she’s unable to enter」

Eh. The one from yesterday. Koyu-san?

「Koyu-san came? Where?」

Loitering in front of the guild…… strange clothes……
Umm. A usable private room…


Koyu-sama’s appointment is for tomorrow. When I asked if she had some urgent business, it turned out to be a shopping and sightseeing, she even wanted to see the library. Then, guard and a guide… Commoners don’t visit library too often, though. Well, someone with a magic job should be fine. Is there someone available now?

Right, I should ask the tomorrow’s team. They could introduce themselves and get used to her. This is just right.

I can trust them if it’s the team『Vanveil』, un. Let’s push it on them. This heavy heart stone.




Anna has broken a little.


Obaachan’s current outfit: Japanese turtleneck sweater, wide pants, leather sneakers, long cardigan.


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