Isekai Shoukan ni Makikomareta Obaachan – Chapter 4

Church and Shopping〈Iris' mutter〉


The guard and the guide Anna-san has introduced to me are part of the guards that I will be traveling tomorrow with.
It’s just two people today, but it appears there will be five tomorrow.
The guide is Iris-san, a blue-eyed, blonde-haired, slender woman. Woah gorgeous?
The guard is Shien-san, a tall, short-haired man. For a beige to look this gentle. I should have done some coloring too.


The two turned out to be friendly people after talking to them for a while.


I have decided to visit the church first.
The church looks like an ordinary Christian church. The roof is in a shape of a spire with chairs lined inside in rows.
What’s different are the statues of several Gods in the center that are one step higher. I wonder if you pray to them one by one? I will line up as well. I have received money, and my carry-on was placed in my pocket, after all.


『God-sama, thank you very much for the time being. There are many things I don’t know, but I will do my best to live little-by-little』

Fuu. It seems you have been able to change your feelings.


Ha!? What?
I heard some sound……


『Koyu-san, do your best, okay? Also, you can use magic, but don’t go practicing in the middle of the town, alright? Also, there’s an Infinite Storage in your pocket, but you can’t put living things inside. It has a large capacity, but you can’t show it to other people, okay? Also, you can confirm status in your head…………』


Quite a long reply was returned……


Err. Un. I won’t practice magic. I won’t stuff people in my pockets. I will prepare clothes of this world. I won’t flaunt the money. …… …… I couldn’t remember it all.

Let’s pray again when I arrive at the new town.


Now then, it’s almost noon. Let’s have lunch somewhere.

There was a stall at the market. Meat grilled on iron plates, fruit juice, thin slice of rye bread.

There are no vegetables. Boiled greens~ Want to eat~ Maa, I’m probably asking for too much.

Though I wanted to visit the library too, I came at the wrong time. To leave right after entering!! What kind of torture is this?!

After that, I shop at the marketplace. I want fruit and vegetables. I can eat them anytime if I have them on me.Meat…… Just a bit is fine.
Ah, if they have chicken meat, I will buy!!
I would like fish too…
N? It’s all food? What about it?
You can’t live without eating~


Kyorokyoro, chorochoro.
I went this way to shop. I went that way to shop.
Ah, I was told to buy some clothes too.

Kyorokyoro? N? Nai wa. There’s no clothes shop.


「Koyu-san, what are you searching for?」

Iris-san. What a good question~

「I wanted to buy clothes, but I can’t find a shop」
「Clothes, is it? Excuse me, but an order must be placed for clothes Koyu-san wears, there’s not enough time?」

Eh. There are no ready-made products?

「Are there no mass produced clothes? Also, farming clothes or such」

「Clothes are mostly made at home. Also, clothes that you have small become hand-me-downs, so nearly all sold clothes are secondhand」

「Then, let’s go to a secondhand shop. Please, show me the way」

「You want to buy secondhand clothes?」
「Yes! Because I was warned that it would be dangerous for me if my clothes are not in line with the surroundings」

Iris-san has a questioning expression. However, I can’t tell you who told me that. I’m really sorry.


There’s a secondhand shop. There is, but… there isn’t. Clothes that I’m likely to wear.

There are no clothes. Because elderly don’t sell used clothes. Un. Because they wear clothes until they fall apart, right? It becomes a dustcloth afterward.

It can’t be helped then. I will make clothes myself.
I can buy fabrics, so I can at least make a skirt and a blouse, right?

「Take me to a fabric shop, please. Also, it would be good to buy yarn. Two pairs of shoes would be nice too」




In the end, I bought raw cotton fabric, raw wool yarn, several ordinary threads, and needles. I also bought scissors and a small knife.

There was a robe in a luxury store about to be canceled, so I bought it to substitute the cardigan. People probably didn’t like the color. It’s like gray mixed with yellow and green. I like it, though. I thought it was very chic.
It’s like the color of the past, kikujin.

I have bought a lot. When I looked back, I saw the quiet Shien-san buried in baggage.
Not only his both hands, but baggage hung from his shoulders and even his neck.


Ah, what to do……

First of all, I had him bring it to the inn.


I’m really sorry. I will be more careful next time.




☆☆☆ Adventurer, Iris’s Muter☆☆☆

Yesterday, there was designated request to our team.
It’s to bring a rich Okusama to the hot-spring village Tiyul. Of course, while guarding. However, because she’s alone, we must substitute for her attendants. It’s a pretty expensive work. It will be a one-month round trip, but it seems we will be able to live for a full year just from that.

Tiyul, huh. There seemed to be something wrong with the dungeon the last time we were there. Although I don’t usually feel pain, I occasionally feel an uncomfortable sensation on my neck. Although I have not informed my companions, they probably noticed. Because they seem to be declining hard requests as if not to overstrain me. Nevertheless, since they have accepted this request, the profit won over. Ah, shouldn’t I just use the hot-springs myself?

I thought that I would be able to indulge in Onsen after taking care of a selfish Okusama for half a month.

While preparing for the travel, we got contacted by the guild. Okusama wants to sightsee and shop. Eeh~ babysitting for one day more? Aaah, can’t be helped. It seems to be a separate request fee. Patience, patience.


When we met, it was a plumpish old lady.
In the church, she joined her hands and prayed seriously.
At the market, she bought vegetables and fruit for the travel, she ate the same lunch as us (delightfully), she abruptly said she wanted to buy clothes, then ended up purchasing a large amount of fabric, yarn, and sewing tools. Does she intend to take it with her on the travel?
I didn’t say anything since she’s a client, but.

She’s not selfish, but chorochoro, chorochoro…


I would like you to be obedient in the carriage. I plead you.



☆☆☆ Adventurer, Shien’s Mutter ☆☆☆

The Baasan we are escorting tomorrow is a weird person.
We got in touch from the guild for an introduction? I was supposed to be a guard for the day, but I wasn’t able to guard because of the baggage. Guards normally need both hands to be free, but she hung up the baggage on my shoulders for some reason. Maa, Iris was there too, so nothing would really happen when it comes to it. Carrying lots of baggage, while wary of surroundings and releasing coercion at those trying to do evil.
I’m quite tired.


Well, whatever, but what does Baasan to plan with that baggage? We are going to travel, right?


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