Isekai Shoukan ni Makikomareta Obaachan – Chapter 5

Dinner〈Conversation of the Myao's Sleeping Bag Inn's Couple〉


I was greatly perplexed by the number of items in front of me that I have brought to the inn’s room.
Right, it’s not something to do before traveling.
What to do… Ah, God-sama said that I could put a lot in the pocket, didn’t he? Then, wouldn’t it be alright just to wrap them in cloth by type?
I take out two large wrapping cloth and a scarf from the carry-on, wrap the food and fabrics into the wrapping cloth, sewing tools, and accessories into the scarf and put them into the pocket. Enter, enter… how convenient~ I don’t need to worry about baggage like this. Ah, I was told not to show to other people.


First of all, let’s eat a dinner because my stomach is empty.
When I arrived at the dining room, the mistress has called out to me.
「Customer, would you like to eat ~ immediately? Is ale fine for the drink?」

What is an ale? But, I’m tired of water.

「Yes, please」

Now then, the first dinner in a different world. It has been a long time since I was this excited.



A really big hard meat is in front of me. What should I do with this, I wonder? It’s slightly larger than my palm and at least 5cm thick! I won’t be able to eat all of that…
Also, a boiled brown potato(I know they are potatoes because they were in the breakfast’s soup). It rolls around the plate… together with a white carrot…
Do people of this world normally eat so much, I wonder? I don’t want to leave leftovers, but. Tears are coming out.

An ale poured in a large wooden beer jug… I understood by seeing. It’s beer, isn’t it? I’m more or less fond of alcohol, but drinking this much is impossible.

In front of the food arranged on the table…
Someone, save me, please… My tears came out.

「C, customer?! What is the matter?」

Mistress who saw me burst into tears cried out in panic.

「I can’t finish this. It seems I will leave leftovers. What should I do?」

I ask the mistress while crying.

「Y, your meal wasn’t lacking?」

She says in a startle.

Eh? I didn’t some something like that. Substantively, the breakfast was just about the right amount.

「My husband saw you buying a lot of food at the market. He was sure that you didn’t have enough for breakfast… We were told by Anna to be courteous too…」

I, I was seen shopping…… I felt so embarrassed I looked down. My tears stopped all too soon.

The two people turned silent.

As if the time stopped… Someone, please save us from this atmosphere.


「Baasan, should I eat half?」

A person speaks to me while laughing… Ah, isn’t that Shien-san? I’m saved~

「Could you eat two-thirds? Also, the ale too. I can’t drink this much」

After asking the mistress, she split the food and handed the ale to Shien-san. I received only a half of a small cup of ale.

「I have caused you trouble, I’m terribly sorry」

「No, no, we are sorry for misunderstanding…」

「No. I’m at fault. I have not told you that what I bought was for a tomorrow’s trip. I’m terribly sorry for bringing food to the inn without consent」

Right, I brought food to the ryokan and was scolded. My husband was busy at that time, wasn’t he?

「Baasan, you plan on taking all of that with you? You bought quite a lot, the raw food will rot」

Shien-san asks.

「It’s all right, I have put everything into my bag」

「Ha? You have a magic bag? Then, you didn’t have to make me carry that…」

「I had just forgotten」

I wonder what magic bag is?
But, if such thing exists, I may deceive them with the pocket.

The meal while chatting was Shien-san was very delicious. It has become slightly more cheerful thanks to the alcohol.
It seems we will have an enjoyable traveling tomorrow.

It’s just hard because there’s no bath. Because I have received a basin with hot water today as well, I have wiped my body with a towel.
Because I have only one more set of underwear, I did laundry in the basin. I want soap. I have only a face-washing soap at the moment.

Let’s look for various things when things calm down.

I have become sleepy. Good night.


☆☆☆ Conversation of the Myao’s Sleeping Bag Inn’s Couple ☆☆☆

An important customer, an elderly lady Koyu-sama has been introduced to us by Anna-san. She looked really tired yesterday, so she went to sleep without eating. She ate the breakfast in the next morning, but she ate while occasionally titling her head. But, the soup was left.
She left the inn quite early, I wonder where she went?

She said she would eat the dinner at the inn, so she will return.

「You, you told me to carry that person’s things out of the room. There’s nothing」

There wasn’t anything when she entered the room for cleaning?
Was she unsatisfied with something? Which reminds me, she was restlessly looking around and tilting her head during the breakfast, wasn’t she? Was that not to her liking…

「I’m going to the market to get the ingredients」


I saw Koyu-sama at the market. She ate meat and fruit water wholeheartedly. As expected, was it not good without seasonings?

I came across Koyu-sama again later. She bought vegetables, fruits, and chicken meat. Moreover, in a massive amount. Amount!! The amount wasn’t enough!
Let’s serve her the dinner properly. Right, let’s serve some beverage too.


When Koyu-sama returned to the inn, she had more things than when I saw her at the market. Enough to render the famous adventurer Shien-san invisible.
After entering the room, Koyu-sama didn’t leave for quite some time. When the drinking people increased, and it became noisier, she came down.

Yosh, let’s make her satisfied this time.

Koyu-sama burst into tears?…
W, what happened, I wonder…


「I didn’t know what to do」
「Yeah, to think that she would cry」
「Not that, why didn’t you show up immediately?」
「Sorry. My body couldn’t move」
「Right, I didn’t think she would cry because there was too much food, but how did you make such misunderstanding?」
「No, you would think that too if you saw that amount. She bought way more than what we have prepared」
「Besides, the roasted meat she bought was enough for three people」
「Thinking about it now, it must have been share of the adventurers that were with her」
「Did she buy it herself?」
「She bought it herself」

We could only exchange glances and sigh.


Where did the meaning of escort go~!!


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