Isekai Shoukan ni Makikomareta Obaachan – Chapter 50



Now then, let’s go for a walk. I’m prepared. Wrapping cloth, scarf, and such things. Yes, it would be nice if I could buy something.
What does Iris want to do?

「I’m going for a walk. Does Iris……」

「I will accompany you」

Yes, I understand.
Now, let’s call Ivar.


At Ivar’s room.

「Ivar, let’s go for a walk」


「Wait. I have not finished talking to you yet」

「Ara, Shien. We will hear the scolding later, together. So, is it all right to take Ivar away?」

「Ah~ Baasan. I’m going too」

「Eh? For a walk? Iris is going to so I don’t mind Shien coming as well」

「Stop excluding me」

「Ehh~…… even though I said you could come along……」

「Un, don’t need Shien」


Ivar is cute.

「Cough. May Shien come along, doesn’t he look pitiable?」

「Baasan…… that’s a bit……」

「Shien, noisy」

Well, that’s right. But you see, he’s scolding you because he’s worried about you. Un, I understand.

「Now then, let’s go for a walk. I wonder what do they have here?」

「Wouldn’t it be better to ask at the bottom?」

「You think so? Let’s ask the inn’s people then」



I come down with Ivar and others and look for the inn’s staff.
Ah, is that person over there the inn’s people.

「Excuse me. Are you a person from this inn?」

「Ara, customer. Can I help you with something?」

「We thought about going for a walk. What kind of places are there in this village?」

「Places to see in the village? We don’t have anything」

「A shop, a church or…… field?」

「In that case, there’s a chapel if you go out and go right all the way down…… as for a shop, there’s a general store on the left. Eh? You want to see a field?」

「Yes. I love seeing places which grow fruits」

「Walk to the east side of the village for fields, I don’t mind if you look, but…… I would like if you didn’t pick them……」

「Isn’t that only natural? Picking them up without permission is same as being a thief, isn’tit?」

「Haa, because noble-samas sometimes do that」

「That is all right then. I’m not a noble」

「Eh? But……」

「I’m just a retired old woman on a trip to the Land of Happiness? I wonder」


「What are you harvesting at the current time?」

「Umm. The harvest of Mate is currently the biggest, also Vuron and Ouba, that’s about it」

「Mate? Can we buy lots of it?」

「Mate rots quickly, so you probably can. If you’d like, I can make preparations for tomorrow?」

「I would be happy if you could lend me your kitchen. Of course, it’s fine when it’s free」

「Nja, I will tell Ali. I will let you know the time later」

「Thank you very much. With this, we can look forward to the meals on the road. Ah, I would also be happy if you could get me, Vuron, Powa, and Onyo」

「Nja, that too. Anything else?」

「Err…… as many various vegetables and seasonings as possible please」

「Umm. Can I have Ali watch at that time?」

「If you could help me」

「I understand. I will tell him」

「Thank you very much」


Fuu. I will be able to prepare meals in the middle of the travel. Only salty taste is lonely.

「We will be going for a walk now」

「Have a nice day」


First, the chapel. It would be nice if I could contact God-sama, though.
Go out and right was it, right?


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