Isekai Shoukan ni Makikomareta Obaachan – Chapter 51

Place of Worship


First of all, let’s go to the chapel.
Ivar is to my right while Shien and Iris are behind. Mine and Ivar’s hands are not connected, you know? He’s staring at my face, though. Isn’t it difficult to walk like that?

It would be nice if I could hear something in the chapel, but…… I should have a memo pad in the pocket today. I will properly write down what told.


Umm, it was on the right, yes?

The village’s road is…… the width of two carriages being able to go along? It’s not paved. Most buildings either have wood or mud walls. Ah, the first villager discovered? It’s a woman. Un…… how to say this…… she has a long skirt…… ah, one-piece dress…… also apron…… there’s a cloth on her head.


Let’s greet her first.
Ara, did she perhaps not hear me…… she passed by at a quick pace.

U~n…… it might be that the word『Hello』is not used here. Let’s try『How do you do?』next time.
『Excuse me』should be good when entering a store.


Well, the chapel is first.

Ara, the second villager discovered. It’s a little child. Un…… he’s peeking from a corner of a house for some reason. I’m troubled whether it’s good to greet him in this situation or not…… I mean, he’s hiding.

Ivar, it’s fine not to stare, you know? No one is doing anything to me, right?
I pulled on Ivar’s sleeve and made him look at me. When I smile at him, he returns a happy-looking smile.

Although the houses here are one-story houses, is that on the other side the chapel, I wonder? It has stone walls. As expected, faith should be cherished.


「How do you do? Is it possible to pray here?」

I open the door and greet the person who was inside.

「Yes. Please, please go in front of the idol of Luminas」

Is he Father? An elderly man answered me.

「Wait a moment for me, okay? I’m going to pray」

When I inform Ivar, he replies by tilting his head.

「Baachan, prayer?」

「Yes, a prayer for a safe and fortunate travel」


Does Ivar not pray? He’s looking at me curiously. Let’s ask him later.


This god is called Luminas, huh.
The idol of Luminas is slightly elevated on steps. Is it an altar, I wonder?
I join my hands and pray……

Un…… the sound of surroundings disappeared.

「How do you do? God-sama? Or should I call you God Luminas?」

『Hello. It has been a while, hasn’t it? Have you gotten used to this world?』

「Ara, it has been only ten days」

『Are there any inconveniences?』

「Umm, I don’t understand magic quite well. I seem to be causing inconveniences to those I travel with」

『Magic, is it? You can use many, right? I have also granted you skill and attributes.

【Name】Koyu (Enoki Kouyuu)
【Job】Rolled up Person
【Magic Attribute】Holy Darknes Space Life
【Skills】Green Hands
【Divine Protection】Divine Protection of Almighty God

see, you should be able to do anything』

Ara…… anything……

「God-sama, I’m really sorry, but I don’t understand how to use magic. There are also no people who could teach me Holy and Dark. I’m told it’s special」


「In addition, Space appears to be special as well…… I’m in a position where I can’t ask anyone for help. Ah, I’ve taken classes in Heal, but I’m unable to change magical power to Heal for some reason. I wonder why?」

『W, wait a minute!』

Ara, God-sama is panicking…… I will wait, but I have people waiting for me…… what to do?

『I will have you show me your memories』

Ara, I felt kotsun on my forehead…… that’s a nostalgic gesture, isn’t it? I often did that to my son and Shin-chan when they were young.

『Eh? Ah? Ahh……』

Ara? He was taken aback. What do I do?

「God-sama? Is something the matter?」


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