Isekai Shoukan ni Makikomareta Obaachan – Chapter 52

God's Reflection and How to use Magic


God-sama who doesn’t move an inch while crouching down.


Fuu…… how troubling.
Even though I keep everyone waiting. But, I can’t leave in this situation.
What should I do? Umm, would nudging be disrespectful?

「Err…… are you all right?」

I tried calling out to him first. Yeah, there’s no answer.
I tried clapping on his shoulder……

『I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…… I made a slight blunder……』

Blunder? A god made a blunder?
Umm…… is it all right to get angry?
Even though I got unwillingly dragged into this world, a blunder on top of that……


Haa…… haa…… deep breaths…… breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out……
I must calm down…… fuuuuu…… suuuu……


We can’t move forward if I don’t hear more details.

「What was the blunder?」

I’m calm. Gulp. I swallow the saliva.

「Just what did you do wrong? Can you tell me more in detail?」



God-sama who gradually settled down took a pot and two cups from somewhere and started making tea……



The quietly brewed tea has a good nostalgic fragrance.
This is…… my favorite roasted green tea, isn’t it? The fragrant fragrance makes me calm. Un…… the stems were roasted, weren’t they?


『I’m sorry for losing composure. I didn’t know how much time has passed. There were people who could use【Holy Darkness】and【Space-time】before, but the races who inherited those are now gone. It appears the blood has been considerably thinned out』

「It was normally used in the past?」

『No, only those with the blood of saints and shrine maidens and the bestowed people had them』

「Bestowed people?」

『People like you who were called here from different worlds. They seem to be called heroes recently』

「Then, the people who came with me have them?」

『No…… Saints or shrine maidens wouldn’t appear from such incomplete circle』

「That was incomplete?」

『Normally, it wasn’t possible to summon bestowed people, but people of this world were able to recreate the process to a certain extent, and that is called the circle. It might have been possibly already used many times without my knowledge. From now on, all magic circles of the country called Kohl will be sealed. It seems they made a lot of mess without praying』


「Is there really nobody from the races which could use【Holy Darkness】and【Space-time】left?

『It seems that there’s no one with【Holy】,【Darkness】,【Time】and【Space】. Eh, ah. There are people on your side with【Darkness】and the lower rank attribute of【Holy】the【Light】, aren’t there?』

「They said it’s atavism. But, I heard it’s difficult to control the magical power」

『That’s so, isn’t it? With the power so great, may be difficult to control finely』

「I can’t use it even though I have something like that」

『The basics of magic, is it? It’s all about heartfelt imagination and creativity』

「Imagination? Just thinking of it is enough?」

『Would you like to try?』

「M, may I ask you for a touch?」

『Please, extend both of your hands』

「I extend my hands just as told to. Un, this much is fine」

『Let’s establish a light between your hands』


『Imagine and create. Turn on the light. Think of little lights』


Little lights…… candle light…… slowly swaying…… shaking light……

『With your own thoughts as power, convert the small power that’s in the area into the light』

Little swaying light…… light between my hands…… slight, bright light……

Eh? Something is smoothly…… howaa……
A tiny light……


Eh? Light? It’s lit?


Un, it’s lit…… a little swaying light is lit……

What a lovely light……


「God-sama? I did it. A little light has been lit」

『See? You have plenty of magical power, so you were able to do it immediately, weren’t you?』

「Ye…… s…… a light has been lit……」

『Putting it out also depends on imagination. What can you do to put out the little light?』

「A candlelight can be pinched, or put out using a fire extinguisher……」

A lid over the light……
The light disappeared……


『Koyu-san can do anything you see. Therefore, create many things and live carefreely, okay?』


「How to use other things?」


The heal that surprised Iris that time?

「Ah,『Pain, pain fly away……』was it?
Is that something like my heal?」

『That’s right. Before that, she let her magic circulate through your body, right?』

「Ah, it was Iris’ magic that cured my hangnail, wasn’t it?」

「Then, what about the bandits?」

『Did you not move according to your thoughts?』

「That’s right, isn’t it?」

I said『Don’t touch me』when I was held and『Don’t approach』when many of them were approaching……


「Then, it’s possible to use magic with thoughts?」

『Only in your case』

「Only in my case?」

『That’s because you have a lot of magical power』

「If my magical power was used up?」

『If it runs out completely, there is no guarantee of your life』

「Yeah, I understand. I will be careful」

『By the way, quite a lot of time has passed……』


『This time only, I will rewind using your time』

「Thank you very much. I might have kept them waiting for a while……」


『Please, come to pray again』

「Yes, I will stop by again. Excuse me for intruding then.」




Fu…… ah, the sound returned.

Sorry to keep you waiting.



☆☆☆ Iris’ mutter ☆☆☆

Koyu-sama has enthusiastically prayed like once before, but……

When she finished praying…… no, it must be just my imagination.
Her posutre improved and she seems younger. Her complexion improved and she seems to have fewer wrinkles.
It’s just my imagination. Such change is not possible in just a few minutes.

「What is it, Iris?」

It’s also reflected in her voice……

「No, it’s because you have prayed so enthusiastically」

She really did pray enthusiastically……
Did she become more lively after praying?

「I would like to go to the store next」

Yeah, she really did become lively.
But, the direction of the general store should be……

「Koyu-sama, isn’t the general store in the direction of the inn?」

「Was that so? Then, let’s walk around the village. I’d like to see the fields on the way」

「Umm, was it on the east side?」

「I feel like I heard that」

「Baasan, it’s that way, ya know? The opposite direction」

Koyu-sama already started walking while talking……
When Shien pointed out the wrong direction, she returned in panic. Surely not, no sense of direction?

Koyu-sama always makes me nervous.


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