Isekai Shoukan ni Makikomareta Obaachan – Chapter 53

Stroll Around the Fields


Somehow, my body feels light. I wonder if I got used a little to this world? I hope it’s so.

The sky is blue too?! Ah, I feel like I have not observed the sky carefully before.
It’s the same blue sky as on the Earth, isn’t it? Well, the foliage is green, the sky is blue. The soil is brown or dark brown.

Really, at last, I have finally gotten used to it……

Ah yes, I became able to use magic properly!
I won’t show to Iris and others yet, though. Let’s show then once we return to the inn. Fufufu.



When laughing, Ivar looked at me curiously.

「What is it?」

「Somehow, happy?」

「That’s right. Something good has happened. I will tell you later」


「Yes, after the walk. Next is the field, isn’t it? What did they say they plant here?」

「N, Mate, Vuron, and Ouba」

「I’m looking forward to it」

「I think they prepare it in the inn as well You should have asked」

「It’s not like that. I would like to see the place where it’s grown」

「Was it like that?」

「It was like that」

I feel somehow so happy I ended up walking fast. I feel like I can even skip. I won’t do it, though.

We walk around the village while looking around. Sometimes, I encounter the villagers, but they quickly pass by or just lightly nod when I greet them. I understand that they are distancing themselves from me for some reason.
I also know that several children are hiding behind us. What do they want to do, I wonder? Ivar occasionally sends an irritated expression behind, but pulling on him and smiling seems to be calming him down.



When I looked in front, it was green all over. Yellow and red are mixed in here and there.

The props to extend the vines are tilted, making it seem very easy for harvest.
I can tell that it’s supported by another prop when looking down.
Are those beans, I wonder?
Ah, this must be paprika? It has a very nice yellow color. The size is big enough for eating.
Ara, this is?

「Say, what are these?」

I ask everybody. I mean, it’s something round and pitch-black. The size is about the size of a ping-pong ball.

「Never seen that before」
「I have not seen it on the market either」

All three seems not to know.
N~…… are there no villagers around? After looking around, I found a working person.

「Excuse me~」

I asked in a slightly loud voice.

「What is it~?」

「What is this black object?」

「That’s Seu fruit. Have you not seen it before?」

「It’s my first time seeing it. How do you eat it?」

「This you see, you thoroughly grind it to make a sauce」

「This, can I eat this in the village?」

「Sure you can」

「I understand. Thank you very much」

Because the exchange was in loud voices, my throat hurts a bit.
But, what kind of sauce it is? I’m looking forward to finding out.

There were also Mate, cucumber and eggplant like things in the field.
It seems to be very abundant in vegetables. Which reminds me, the Kaien Elm has picked up on the way was also growing there. The size was that of baseballs. I wonder how does it taste? That time, I threw it into Elm’s mouth so it can be probably eaten raw. I’m looking forward to that as well.
Also, they were also growing something spinach-like similar to Epi. But, the size was considerably big, about 50cm? How does it taste, I wonder?
I’m looking forward to today’s meal.


We went around the field roundabout. I walked quite a lot. Let’s return to the inn for now.


☆☆☆ Shien’s mutter ☆☆☆

Baasan suddenly became awfully lively. Why?

After arriving at the inn, when I was about to warn (scold) Ivar about the other day, Baasan said that she wants to take a walk. Ivar immediately happily escaped from the room. Seriously, I don’t know whether she understands, but Baasan is spoiling Ivar way too much. I think that Baasan will be the one who’s troubled at this rate, though.
When walking out from the inn, we went to a chapel first. The villagers she greeted on the way were vigilant and ran away. Slightly dejected Baasan is quite rare. When a child was staring from the shadow of a house, Ivar stared back. This fellow, he even started imitating that face. When Baasan pulls on his sleeve to divert his attention to her and smiles, he returns a foolish smile. He makes an expression similar to a child getting embarrassed after being praised by his parents. Ahh, he seriously changed.

After Baasana enthusiastically prayed in the chapel, we went to the field. She immediately started walking away, but the place is in the opposite direction, ya know?

She talked to a villager in a loud voice…… but why am I the one who feels tired?
She was aimlessly wandering around the field…… at a considerably quick pace at that.

Are? Baasan, isn’t she too energetic?
She didn’t feel like that when arriving at the inn, but…… what’s going on?


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