Isekai Shoukan ni Makikomareta Obaachan – Chapter 54

Herbal Tea


Ah, I’m worn out. I have walked quite a lot. I’d like to take a short break.
This village doesn’t have a coffee shop, does it? Ah, there was a dining room in the inn, right?
Should we return to the inn for now? That might be good. If so, wouldn’t it be nice to serve tea in the room?

「Say, let’s return to the inn for the time being?」

「Baasan, what’s wrong?」

「I’m a bit tired. Don’t you want to drink tea?」

「Let’s do that then if you are tired. We still have tomorrow」

「Then, let’s return」

「Baachan, alright?」

「Ivar, I’m fine. I’m just slightly tired or rather, yes I’m thirsty」

Ivar looks at me worriedly. Even though I’m fine. What a worrywart……
I have forgotten again. Un, communication is important. Let’s report, communicate, and consult properly.

「I’m alright, you know? There’s no need to be so worried. It seems I got thirsty for speaking so loudly」


「Really. I want to take a rest for a bit」

「Un, return」


First of all, let’s return to the inn. I wonder what they have for drinking.
I don’t have tea in my pocket anymore……
But, unlike the capital, this place is very rich in nature, the fields were also splendid.
I thought it was a world with undeveloped culture, but they use ridges, props, and trellises. It wasn’t different from the world I’m used to.
Moreover, to produce fruit crops for a sauce.
Because the food in the capital was all with a salty flavor, I didn’t think they would have something like this.
Which reminds me, Iris did say that she smelled something different from the food of the upper class……
Somehow, this world might be more different than I thought. I must learn more about this world. Fufufu.
I wonder what dishes they have. I’m looking forward to it very much.



「We have returned」

I immediately call out to the master in the inn’s dining room.

Then, the landlady-looking like person immediately came out from inside.
「It’s nice weather outside, right? Where did you go?」she asked.

「We went to the chapel and to look at the fields. There were a lot of tasty looking fruit and vegetables. Are those used for the dinner, I wonder?」

「That field is our village’s pride. You don’t see something like that elsewhere, right?」

「I saw something like that for the first time」

I’m slightly excited. Ah, I’m thirsty……

「Umm, do you have tea?」

「We don’t have tea leaves, but we do have herbal tea? Would you like some?」

「Ah, I will gladly have some. My throat is feeling a bit dry……」

「Where would you like to drink?」

N? Will she bring it even to the room? But, I will be only with Iris if we drink in the room. It might be better to use this inn’s dining room. Ivar should be also looking forward to tea.

「Is it fine to drink here?」

「It’s fine~ then, wait for a moment」

「Ah, may I have hot water later?」

「Yes, umm, when would you like it? Before the dinner? Or perhaps after?」

「After the tea, before the dinner, please」

Fuu, I can clean my body with this. I really want to take a bath, but……


Before long, the landlady brought tea.
Not in wooden cups, but in porcelain.
This is my first time seeing a porcelain cup since coming here.
She apparently bought it from a peddler just recently.
I wanted to buy some if possible, but…… I would like to find them someday…… someday……

「Baachan, this short rest, is the usual one」

「That’s right, it has the usual fragrance……」


The herbal tea was perilla…… so they even have perilla here……
Tea of this world…… just what kind of teas do they have here? Something like green tea? Perhaps something like black tea?
It would be nice if I could drink it sometimes……


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