Isekai Shoukan ni Makikomareta Obaachan – Chapter 55

Clothes〈Iris's Mutter〉


Fuu. The tea was lovely.
Comfortably carefree…… right, I want to aim for such life!


Well, shall we return to the room for now?
I’d like to use the hot water. I speak to the landlady……


Ara, she will bring it to me. Well then, I will prepare and wait.



Kon, kon, kon……

The sound of knocking on the door…… it’s three times even over here, huh? Fuun…… similar things that are not similar, similar things, there are various things, aren’t there? I should remember it. Because I’m ignorant of this world’s common sense.

「Yes, enter」

Iris opens the door, and two boys were standing there. Ara, are they this place’s children?

「We have brought the hot water」

「It must have been heavy, right? Thank you」


Fufu. It seems it was heavy.

「Are you this place’s children? How old are you?」

「Un. I turned eight years old. Little brother is five」

Then, wasn’t it considerably heavy?
They have brought plenty of hot water in a wooden bucket? Slightly deeper tub?

「Are you helping your parents? How admirable」

「Uun. Not helping, but working」

「Maa, is that so! You must be working all the time then」

「We also go to the field」

「I just saw it a little while ago. It’s a very abundant field」

「We work a lot and eat a lot」

「That’s right, isn’t it? You can eat lots because you work diligently, right?」

「That’s right~」

Even little children like these can’t eat if they don’t work, huh.
But, that field should have a rich harvest. I don’t think it would get consumed only by the villagers……


Let’s ask later.


After the children left the room, I used hot water after a long time. I wiped my body with the face towel I had in the carry-on. Warm water is a happy occasion. Iris has wiped my back. The place I couldn’t reach is also feeling refreshed. Fuu. A lot for me, rest for Iris.

「Iris you wipe too, okay? Look, there’s one more towel」

「W, what are you……」

「I mean, it feels good, you know? Iris is a woman too, so wipe yourself when an opportunity arises」

「B, but it’s something that was prepared for Koyu-sama」

「What are you saying? There’s naturally also a share for Iris」

「Eh? But……」

「I have just one body. I had plenty enough, so it’s fine for Iris to use the rest. Anyhow, wouldn’t it be wasteful of those who brought it here if we throw the rest out like this?」

「That’s right, but……」

「The water will get cold. Quickly, quickly. Undress, I will wipe your back」


I soak the towel in the water which is still hot and wring it. And then, I take off the shirt of Iris who’s still slightly resisting and wipe her back. Ara, Iris’s back is very white, isn’t it? I have not noticed until now because she was cleaning herself with just the Clean so far.

「It feels nice when wiped with a warm towel, doesn’t it?」

「Yup, it does」

Ara, Iris used baby talk. Was I too forcible? But, to feel all nice and comfortable alone……

And once clean, change the clothes……. Ara, is Iris going to wear those clothes again? Even though she used Clean, to use the same clothes again…… N? Which reminds me…… I have not seen Iris wear different clothes…… perhaps!?

「Say…… Iris, other clothes?」

「I don’t have any」


「It’s fine since I use clean on my clothes」

No, no, no…… it’s not fine!
Let’s buy clothes somewhere. For my sake.



☆☆☆ Iris’s mutter ☆☆☆

Koyu-sama, what have you done!!
I, I have taken off my clothes in front of another person for the first time. My shirt was forcibly taken off, and I was handed a cloth……
Well, it felt very nice to have my body wiped with a warm cloth, but…… the clothes was also very soft……The cloth called『Towel』Koyu-sama always uses is so soft and fluffy when dry…… it’s very nice on touch……


But, I think that forcibly tearing the clothes off is unreasonable. It’s fine to resist if I don’t like it? Of course, I can’t resist.
I mean, it’s Koyu-sama, you know? I think I will lose both with words and magic. When it comes down to it, it’s likely that magic will start flying around.

Besides, I had an unpleasant hunch.

Koyu-sama has asked me whether I have any other clothes.
Because dirt from the clothes can be removed with Clean, I’m good with just one piece unless it rips. Ah, I do have a reserve, you know? When the time comes, for example, if it tears during the travel.
But, those are also similar. They are clothes I have worn before replacing them, after all. I have somehow sewn the torn places. Un, I’m not really good at sewing, so that’s all there’s to it.
Ah, the clothes I’m wearing right now are not ripped or anything.
I don’t have an Infinite Storage like Koyu-sama does, so I think it’s better to keep the baggage at the minimum.
U~n, let’s see, shall I buy new clothes once this request is over? Just one.


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