Isekai Shoukan ni Makikomareta Obaachan – Chapter 56

The Inn's Dinner


Kon, kon, kon……

「The dinner is ready. Please come down to the dining room anytime」

Being told so, I took Iris and went towards Ivar’s room. A song『Meal, meal. A proper meal after so long……』was playing in my head. Un, I’m extremely looking forward to it. The Seu fruit…… I wonder what kind of sauce it will be. Today’s dinner menu might decide the amount of food we will purchase tomorrow. I had enough of life without veggies.

Kon, kon, kon…… gacha.
「Ivar, Shien. The meal is ready」

「Baachan, meal?」

「That’s right, let’s go down to eat」

「Ivar! Oi!」

「Shien, keep the scolding for later. I will listen to it together」

「Baasan…… don’t pamper him……」

「Yes, therefore, later together, okay?」

「Eh? Ah! I understand」

Shien has hit difficult too. He was educating? Ivar alone, wasn’t he? Ara, I wonder why Elm and others don’t do it…… I somehow understand that it would be impossible for Iris……
Shall we invite Elm and Sapin…… ah, they are already here. Elm and Sapin came out of their room.

「What kind of meal will it be? It’s fun, isn’t it?」


「Were you guys here before?」

「Yes, Sapin and I have been active around here before」

「Together with Shien and others?」

「It’s first for Iris, Ivar, and me」

「Were you in Tiyul before?」

「Tiyul? I was」

「I have also been in Tiyul before」

「How about Ivar?」


「Ara, Ivar also wasn’t. We are the same then」

「Together with Baachan」

「I heard their onsen are famous. I’m looking forward to that」


「I heard they have baths」


「I’m looking forward to it. But, today’s dinner comes first. I would be happy if they had a lot of vegetables」

「Vegetables, huh…… Baasan, you like them so much, huh」

「Fufu. Meat doesn’t go that well with the stomach of elderly」

「Baachan, hate meat?」

「I don’t hate it, you know? If I had to say, then I like it. I just like vegetables more」

「Well, if you hated it, you wouldn’t be able to cook that good」

「Ara, isn’t that quite unrelated?」

「Why? You wouldn’t make something you don’t like, right?」

「U~n. I just wanted my husband and son eat without liking or disliking. Even if I don’t like something, I will make it for people who do, you know?」

「Is it like that?」

「It’s like that. Doesn’t it make you happy when people who eat your food say that it was delicious?」

We went towards the dining room while having such conversation and arrived before long.

「What would you like for drinks?」

When I sat down, I was asked by the landlady, so I thought about it for a moment. I’m fine with tea, but what about the others?

「Can I have the herbal tea from before? How about everyone else?」

「It’s fine to relax without worrying in this village」

Because I said so, he, Sapin, and Elm asked for an ale, Ivar for the herbal tea, and Iris for juice.

Not then, it’s dinner time. What is in front of me.
Salad, sauteed meat, and soup.
The salad is Leto (lettuce), Mate (tomato), and boiled Ariko (beans).
Yes, raw lettuce, tomato, and boiled beans……
The meat is sauteed with a black sauce poured over it.
Soy sauce flavor?! It’s just salty! It’s very, very regrettable.
There are many ingredients in the soup. Teru (potato), Karo (carrot), Ouba (eggplant), Powa (spring onion), Shitoru (pumpkin), and eat. The taste…… appears to be salty. Why salty?
It’s good, but it has an acute feel of ‘this is not it’.

「How is the taste?」

「It’s delicious. I’m happy there are lots of vegetables」

「Yet, your face is……」

「That, you see…… what is used for the sauce on the meat?」

「It’s made by mixing Seu fruit with salt. We have made this just recently. How is it?」

「Ah, so it’s something made recently. It can’t be helped then?」

「Umm…… do you know about this?」

「There was something very similar in my hometown. Various sauces were made with this as the focal point. From the taste I just ate, there’s nothing」

「There’s nothing, you say……」

「The raw vegetables are delicious, you know? There’s nothing on them」

「I think that salad becomes too strongly-flavored after adding seasonings……」

「If that’s the case, may I suggest about mixing it with sour fruit?」


「Yes, fruits are good…… are there no sour liquids around here?」

「Sour? Ah, there is. When liquor made with fruit ages, it turns sour」

「Ah, so there is?」

「However, it quickly goes bad」

「Ah~…… un. It will go bad if it’s not pasteurized on a low-temperature flame, un」


「Similar to simmering? It stops aging」

「It stops aging?」

「Ah, do you make this Seu sauce just like that?」

「Yes, it’s fault is that it rots if not used immediately」

「This also should slow the aging if heated, only probably, though」

Everyone was looking at me without eating. U~n…… it would be better to talk after eating.

「I’d like to talk with you more in detail later」

「Ah! I’m sorry, I have talked to you while you were eating」

「I’m fine, but I feel sorry for everyone, so let’s leave it for later」

Fufu, everyone is steadily staring. Let’s finish the meal first.


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