Isekai Shoukan ni Makikomareta Obaachan – Chapter 57

Dissapointing Meal


Now then, let’s finish the dinner first.

I cut the meat into small pieces and eat it together with the lettuce. I still find it salty. I don’t want to suffer from high blood pressure anymore. Since I was healed with much effort, I would like to live healthy from now on.

The soup full of veggies is delicious. This meat, how to say it? The taste is good, but it’s lightly…… hard…… although I’m able to eat it, it’s difficult to chew……
Ngu…… I somehow managed to gulp it down.

Unfortunately, there was no staple food……
I wonder why……



Anyhow, the dinner has finished. Elm and Sapin apparently want to drink for a little longer. Ivar and Iris seem to have finished the dinner too. Shien? He’s looking at me. Ah, it’s about Ivar’s scolding, isn’t it? But, wait for a little longer.

Finishing my tea, I leave my seat, intending to call out to Landlady. Is it a bit rude? Well, I don’t see any other customers……
Just as I started walking inside the dining room towards the kitchen, Landlady opened the door and entered.

「Thank you for the delicious meal」

「Ah, no……」

Un, it’s because there are leftovers on my plate. Yes, I left what I didn’t like, but I started working on it, and I was not able to eat anymore (physically). I’m truly sorry.

「I’m sorry, I’m old. I can’t do strong flavors and hard things anymore」

「No, Customer is not at fault. We were not able to cook delicious meal……」

「Umm, if you’d like to continue our discussion from before……」

「Ah, yes. It’s I who should request from you, if possible, I would be happy if you could take a look at the real thing in the kitchen, but」

「Yes. I want to see the real thing as well」

「Then, this way please……」

I happily follow her to the kitchen. I mean, they might have soy sauce-like thing.
I didn’t think about Ivar, Iris, and Shien who are following behind me.

Hou, the kitchen is spacious, isn’t it? However, do you operate this with just two people? I can feel the wastefulness of the size. Pots too, un, they have quite a lot. From large to little ones. However, they are all just pots. I don’t see anything frying pan-like. That’s unfortunate.

There are ingredients lined up on a table in the center. Most of them are vegetables. Ara, where are they preserving the meat, I wonder? I don’t see anything like the refrigerator.

The veggies are tomatoes, lettuces, eggplants, carrots, pumpkins, spring onions…… nothing different from what I ate just now.
The seasoning!! There’s seasoning. Rock salt, minced herbs, black liquid, oil?
Ah! T, they have eggs! Where did they get this, I wonder? I wonder if they are raising poultry over here. But, I have not seen anything like that on my walk?
And…… they have no fish. Regrettable.

I also don’t see anything sweet like sugar……

There’s a subtle sense of disappointment.

Happy thing and disappointing thing……
Well, I will understand if I ask.


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