Isekai Shoukan ni Makikomareta Obaachan – Chapter 6

Breakfast at the Inn (Third day in the different world)


Uun…… Yokkoisho……
I don’t want to get any older. I have to make sounds just while getting up from the bed.
I wonder if I was too frolic yesterday and moved too much? It was the first time in a while. Since I shopped and had lunch with someone. It was very fun.

Now then, let’s change clothes and get going. The pants are chestnut color long skirt-like pants. I wonder if it’s not too different from what people in the town wear. The top is camel high-neck sweater.
I should put the cardigan on until I go out.

Well, let’s have breakfast.


「Good morning, Mistress」

「Good morning, Koyu-sama」

Are? Her wording is different from the usual? Why? Sama?

「Where would you like to eat? Shall I take it to your room? Also, I’m sorry for being impolite yesterday」

「No. It’s me who showed you something so unsightly. I’m very sorry」

「So are we. We have troubled Customer-sama」

「No, that was my fault. I’m sorry」

「No, no, Customer-sama doesn’t need to be considerate. I’m really, really sorry」


…… ……


Two people bicker at the dining room’s entrance. They look at each other and laugh. Fufu.

「I’m truly sorry. By the way, the breakfast……」

「Ah, forgive me. Where would you like to eat?」

「I will eat here. I will take a seat and wait, okay?」

「Is fruit water fine for the drink?」

「No, tea or hot water if possible」

「Tea, is it…… I’m terribly sorry. Our place…… I will bring you some hot water」

「Thank you very much. I will be troubling you」

Looking around, there is a vacant two-seater in the corner of the room.
Shall we eat leisurely?
After a short while of waiting, the breakfast was carried in. The same soup and rye bread as yesterday. And I have prepared that this morning. Fufu. Tomato puree! One of the things I bought at product exhibition. Actually, it’s one of the things I bought for the country life. I thought it could become the standard for the tomatoes I would raise and boil down.
But you see, as expected, I’m getting tired of the same taste. There was something similar to a tomato at the market, so something like this wouldn’t be strange in this world?
I have also found small earthenware pots with a lid so I bought a few. Yes, I thought about it carefully. To spend my time in this world as similarly to the residents as possible. I take out the tomato puree which I repacked into the pot.
Two spoons into soup.
Un, tomato’s good tasting acidic taste has mixed with the saltiness.
Delicious!! Ah~ Happiness. If it’s like this, I can expect the bread to taste good as well. Un. Delicious!!
But, if I eat it all, I may consume too much salt. If Insurance Lady-san were here, she would definitely scold me. Let’s endure and leave a bit of soup. If it’s this much, my life surely won’t become wasteful, right? Husband.

Although the bread was difficult to eat, as usual, it went down easier thanks to the hot water.
It’s my favorite bread because I feel both acidity and sweetness when I chew. A simple taste…… Shin-chan, you could only eat such bread, didn’t you…… When you were small.
Remembering my grandchild makes me feel a little downcast.


「Thank you for the meal」

I join my hands and appreciate the meal. After doing that, my mood quickly returns.


I tell Mistress that it was delicious and return to my room to make preparations for the departure. I drain the scattered hair around the pillow and the water I used for the laundry down the toilet and change the cardigan for the robe.
Oh yeah, the toilets in this world are simply flushed with water. After doing the deed, you flush it with water in a pot next to the toilet. I’m just glad it’s not a pot toilet.


Saa, let’s go on the trip!!


「I’m indebted to you. I have caused you many troubles. I’m truly sorry. It’s a meager amount, but I would like you to accept it for the inconveniences I have caused」

I have handed Mistress a slight tip. Now then, let’s go to the guild.


Ara, this is. Iglan-san’s bakery. Let’s buy bread for lunch.
Umm, how many people were there in total again?


「Good morning, Iglan-san. Could you divide bread a little for me, please?」

Five black rye bread, umm…… 10 Copper coins. That’s probably the right amount?
I held out the money.

「Hoi, it’s five. Thanks. It’s not wrong」

After the greetings, Iglan-san looked at me with uneasy expression, but it seems I was correct. I feel relieved.

「I’m departing today. Please convey Maris-kun my gratitude, okay? He was very kind to me. You have a good son」

I convey my gratitude for Maris-kun whom I can’t see and leave the bakery.


Saa, let’s go to the guild.



☆☆☆ 《Myao’s Sleeping Bag》 Couple’s Conversation ☆☆☆

Koyu-sama who was introduced to us by Anna-san from the guild left today.
Haa…… I sit down in the chair as if my tension thread was snapped. Even though there are still many customers.
The regular customers clap on our shoulders and leave.
Also, the customers who were here yesterday shrug their shoulders and return to their rooms.

I’m seriously exhausted!! If the guest of honor which was introduced by guild evaluates us positively, they will introduce another guest to us again.

However, she was always polite without complaining. Several times I’m sorry and excuse me…… That’s essentially what we are supposed to do.
A cozy room. Delicious meals. Serving with a smile.
Because we are busy every day, I wonder if we were not courteous enough? Did we satisfy the customer? I’m forced to think.
I feel like being taken back at the times where we began this inn.
Let’s start all over again starting today. No matter who, let’s make it a place customers would love to return.

「Dear, look at this plate」

N, this plate from the meal Koyu-sama was eating. What, the soup is red!
What is this red soup? I put a finger in and lick. It’s sweet and delicious…… I can feel acidity as well…… T, this tastes like Mate.

「Oi, it have you seen Koyu-sama put something in the soup?」
「I feel like I have seen a small pot, but……」
「Try licking it, I feel that it’s probably Mate, but」
「Yeah!! This is Mate」
「Doing something with Mate…… will make soup so delicious……」
「Let’s complete this taste before Koyu-sama comes again!」
「Koyu-sama has taught us an unknown taste, didn’t she?」


Koyu-sama, thank you very much. I will complete this taste, this soup when you visit us next.
With this gold coin, you gave us.



☆☆☆ Bakery, Iglan’s Mutter ☆☆☆

The granny from the day before yesterday came early in the morning. Today, she’s wearing a brown shirt and skirt, under a gray robe. Someone must have cautioned her about her clothes. The rich-person aura around her hasn’t changed yet, though. Her tone was stupidly overpolite as ever. Ou, she’s going on travel today? Anna said she arranged A-Rank guards for her. Then, it will be alright.
N? Maris? Ou, he’s a good child, right? He’s sensible and smart. And gentle. I know. I will tell him.

Rather than that Baasan, there are not only good people in the world. Be careful.


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