Isekai Shoukan ni Makikomareta Obaachan – Chapter 60

Nostalgic Taste


Iris and I returned to the room.
Iris is staring at me for some reason……
First of all, let’s change. I will be finally sleeping in bed, after all. Un…… Iris’s gaze is on my mind.

「Iris…… what is it?」

I turned towards Iris on the bed and asked.


She stares at me while avoiding my questions.

「You are making me curious」

Iris looks into my eyes and answers.

「Koyu-sama. Could you confirm your status?」

Eh? Status? Right now? Well, that’s fine, but.

『Status Open』

【Job】Rolled up Person
【Magic Attribute】Holy Darkness Space-time Life Creation
【Skills】Green Hands Imagination
【Divine Protection】Divine Protection of Almighty God

Why, I wonder? Huh……

「Koyu-sama, what does this mean?」

「Un. I wonder why」

「Why have you become younger? Your attributes, skills, and even magical power!」

「I wonder why?」

「Your movements became lively in the middle of the yesterday’s stroll, right? You also created light with no chant today」

「Ara, it wasn’t with no chant. Iris had told me before that chantless magic was strange, so I properly used a chant, you know?」

「Do you know about chanting?」

「You mean incantation, right? Because there were people around, I properly say click, switch on, you know?」

「No way, is that perhaps your chant?」

「That’s right. Didn’t I properly do click, switch on and click, switch off?」

Iris is greatly perplexed, but isn’t it fine since I did it just fine? I don’t think I’m at fault…… probably……

「I would like to have a proper talk with Elm and others tomorrow」


「All right?」


「Inicdentally, I heard that you want to make breakfast tomorrow」

「I will?」

「When do you intend on waking up?」

「Early? I would say」

「I will wake up together with you」

「Ara, does Iris want to cook with me?」

「No…… I will settle just on watching」

「Oh well. There will be Landlady-san tomorrow as well, right?」

Iris averts her gaze. Un. I will eventually properly teach you.

「Then, good night. Iris」

「Good night. Koyu-sama」



U~nto. Nobinobi~……
Nto. Fuu. Yokkoishotto. Un, the noises are coming out, aren’t they? Even though I’m supposed to be younger.
Well, I don’t really feel troubled by it.

It became slightly bright outside the window. Well then, let’s change the clothes first.
I got slightly sweaty yesterday, so let’s wear thinner clothes today. It didn’t become much better, though. Open neck cut and sewn, and wide pants. Both are in a light beige. I wind a black cloth around my waist the stead of a belt.



「Good morning」

「Ah, good morning. You are really going to cook, huh……」

「I’m sorry for troubling you. I really want to cook」

「No, that’s fine, but…… what do you plan on making?」

「A soup」

「A soup, is it?」

「That’s right. Then, may I borrow the ingredients?」

「That’s all right. But, what will you use? I will prepare it」

「Let’s see. Onyo, Shitoru, and Powa…… a little bit of meat」

「Onyo, Shitoru, Powa, and meat…… is bird meat fine? Or would beast meat be better?」

「Butcher’s meat? Umm…… do you have pigs?」

「Orc, is it? There is, but……」

Pigs are called Orcs, I see.

「Ah, that would be fine. May I ask you to cut it thin?」

「Ah, yes」

Peel Onyo’s light brown skin and chop finely, chop Shitoru finely as well, remove the seeds and skin. Wash the seeds and set them aside. Make round slices from the white part of the spring onion. Cut the green part in chunks.

Insert the green chunks of the spring onion in the pot and cook for a little. Put plenty of water in the pot, gently simmer Onyo’s light brown skin and pumpkin’s hard skin in the water.
U~n…… it takes time, after all. It can’t be helped. Let’s boil it……

Ara, it boiled down completely and turned syrupy. Un, filter this through a cloth.
Little sampling. Ah, it tastes properly like a vegetable soup stock. But, this is too thick so let’s thin it with hot water.
Ah, the meat is sliced thin.
Put the meat and little bit of oil in a different pot. Turn on the fire. Make the pot a little bit hotter and make sure not to burn it. Umm…… ginger…… un. There’s none. It can’t be helped. Umm, I should have Kaien in the inventory. Let’s mince up one. Put this into the pot as well. Put the finely chopped Onyo and Shitoru, and round slices of Powa in the thinned out vegetable soup stock. Ah, let’s carefully remove the lye.
Let’s boil it……
A good smell floats around.

Un. The foundation is done.

It’s that thing’s entrance. Insert in the so-called rotten thing from the jar.

Get the soup into a bowl and just a bit of that……

Un. My tears are flowing out. To think I would be able to eat this even in this world.
I put that into the pot little by little. I ascertain the little by little flavor by tasting.


It’s complete……

This was necessary for my breakfast.
It became this because there was no fish nor seaweed, though.

The miso soup is finished. It turned out into a pork miso soup today, but…… ah, I should have put in carrots as well……


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