Isekai Shoukan ni Makikomareta Obaachan – Chapter 62

Scolding (part 1)


After we had finished the breakfast, I was brought to a room in between Shien and Iris.
I will properly follow even if you don’t guard me on both sides? Just what are they angry about?
I was brought to a largish room on the first floor. It’s a conference-like room that’s bigger than our room. The table is also big and feels solidly built?
Elm and Sapin arrived earlier. Ivar is here as well. He’s caught between Sapin and Elm.

Un. Is this Ivar’s and my scolding?
Well, I had invited Ivar out yesterday just when he was about to be scolded by Shien.
And I am me…… I apparently did something wrong. But, just what that is……


「Ivar, Koyu-sama, please sit down first of all」

Ivar sat down beside me. Iris is sitting before me. Shien is sitting before Ivar.
Sapin and Elm are standing behind Shien.


「Koyu-sama, Ivar. Who shall we talk about first?」

「You can start with me」

「No, let’s leave Baasan for later. I want to finish with Ivar first」

「Ara. Why?」

「Ivar was sentenced to think for himself yesterday. He just has to say it so that everyone understands. I feel like Baasan won’t be finished that quickly」

「Maa! But, but when I think about it, it certainly felt like Ivar was lost in thoughts. tte, what was he thinking about?」

「I will let him say it himself」

Shien stares at Ivar. Everyone’s gaze gathers on Ivar.

「I was asked by Shien. How do I want to live?」

What? How will he live from now on?

「Until now, I did as I was told. I would search for enemies if Elm told me to do so. I would only do if asked to do. I was glad I didn’t have to think」

Do what asked to……

「But, when Baachan was injured, I tried the blood binding without thinking. So I was told」

Blood binding?

「Probably…… I think I wanted you to stay by my side even if you died……」

By his side even when dead?

「I don’t understand well, but I think I can do that」

I don’t understand well?

「But, it’s not like I wanted you to die. If you died, I surely wouldn’t be able to smile…… I wouldn’t get patted……」

You wouldn’t be able to smile if I died……

「Therefore, neither magic nor magical power can run wild……」

Ah, un. That’s right.

「I will control the power that seems to be within me……」

Seems……? It’s probably difficult to control something you don’t understand.

「I will properly study and do my best at to learn to control it, I will properly ask about what I don’t understand」

Ask? Who?

The lack of understanding reflects on his expression.
Shien opens his mouth.

「You have finally become able to speak」

「Wait a moment. What do you mean by finally?」

「Baachan…… there was a time where what I said became a pledge. I was scared of talking. That’s why I spoke only a little」

「Ivar…… you can speak properly, don’t you?」


「I’m glad. I thought I had to teach you how to speak」

「Are you not scared?」

「N? What? What is scary?」

「Someone like me」

「Ivar is not scary. I don’t quite understand, though」

「I will become like that when I go run out of control」

「Like that? Ah, you mean bloody. Un, I was scared Ivar might die」

「I didn’t mean that, I might forcibly subordinate you……」

「Ivar won’t do something like that」


「It’s fine because I know Ivar won’t do that」

「U…… un……」

Even though it’s okay to cry. I take out a handkerchief from my pocket and wipe Ivar’s tears…… he’s still a child, isn’t he……

「So? Who is Ivar going to learn from?」

When I turn towards Shien, a voice responds from behind him.

「He will receive guidance from this village…… I’m really sorry Koyu-sama, but I would like to remove Ivar from the escort. Is that fine?」

「I see. It’s for Ivar’s growth. That might be better. I would like to meet sometimes again, though」

「May I visit at Baachan’s place?」

「Of course. You are welcomed anytime. I will be waiting」

「Un. I will come at once」

「Ivar…… only after you are authorized for proper control, alright?」


「Umm…… is there no term for this in this language…… right, only after the person teaching you says『You will be fine now』!」

「I will do my best」

Un, un…… don’t cute children have to be sent on a journey? This is similar. Just pampering and spoiling him is no good.


「So. Ivar’s situation is cleared. Next is……」

「Yes, it’s Koyu-sama’s turn」


I have forgotten…… yes, it’s my turn, isn’t it? Umm, what is it…….


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