Isekai Shoukan ni Makikomareta Obaachan – Chapter 63

Scolding (part 2)


Haa, yes.

It’s my turn now, isn’t it?

Iris looks at me with a resolved expression.

「Koyu-sama, could you show us your status please?」

「Sure.『Status Open』」


【Job】Rolled up Person
【Magic Attribute】Holy Darkness Space-time Life Creation
【Skills】Green Hands Imagination
【Divine Protection】Divine Protection of Almighty God


Elm and Sapin peek at the status. Glittery letters jump out. I already saw it last night, but it really somehow changed, didn’t it?
Elm, Sapin, and Shien all open their eyes wide. Un, they are surprised. I’m surprised as well. Ara, Ivar is not surprised. I’m surprised, you know?

No one is speaking…… that means it won’t end with this right, un.

「It became like this, but……」


「I don’t know when, but I became a bit younger」

「Ah…… haa?」

「Apparently, my attribute skills also increased」

「U…… n……」

「That’s about it」

「「「It’s not ‘that’s about it’!!」」」

「I mean, it increased without me knowing」

「「「It’s not ‘without me knowing’!!」」」

「Then, when?」

「Was there no notice or something?」
「When did you start moving comfortably?」
「Didn’t you use some unknown magic?」

「Haa…… I told you, didn’t I? That Koyu-sama is weird」

「You did say something like that」
「That’s the closest guess……」

「I understand Elm and Sapin, but you didn’t notice, Shien?」

「Eh? Ah~…… I thought she was quite lively during the walk, but……」

「Right, her movements during the walk became energetic」

「Ah, which reminds me, she did talk in a loud voice」

「Come to think of it, she got immediately exhausted during the gathering the last time」

「That’s right, she would tire out and sit down……」

「Her voice is usually quiet……」

「Right, right……」


Everyone is saying a lot, but…… the one responding is Iris, okay? It’s not me, you know?
When I hear about it…… I do recall something like that, but……
This, it’s thanks to God-sama helping me practice, isn’t it? Would they believe me if I told them?


Looking around, Ivar is looking at me with a smile. Even if they won’t belive me, oh well…… even I can’t believe what I experienced.

「Um…… umm……」

「Oh. Did you remember anything, Baasan?」

「Umm, I don’t know whether you will believe me or not, but」

「N? What is it?」

「We went to a place of worship on the walk, right?」

「Yeah, we did」

「At that time you see, a person called God-sama has taught me how to use magic」


「So you see, I took quite a lot of time learning……」

「No, didn’t you finish immediately?」

「That you see, he apparently rewind the time I have taken to learn」

A, ara…… everyone fell silent……
Ivar? He opened his eyes wide, didn’t he……


Everyone stopped moving……
N~…… I’m thirsty. Shall I ask for a tea……


Let’s leave the room and go to the kitchen.
Oya, the couple is cooking.
They seem to be making vegetable scrap soup stock.

「Excuse me. May I request a tea?」

「Ah, yes」

「It’s a vegetable soup stock, isn’t it?」

「Yes, but it’s not going well」

「Vegetable soup stock has to be simmered slowly and patiently」

「Slowly, is it?」

「That’s right. It takes time for the taste of vegetables to dissolve into the soup」

「Ah, yes…… slowly and patiently」
Master repeats and takes notes.

「You can also use bird or beast bones for a strong stock too. However, you must carefully remove the scum」

「Soup stock can be made with bones we throw away?」

「You are making a stock with vegetables you planned to throw away, right? It’s the same」

「Yes. Crush the bones and boil them out. Carefully remove the scum」

He’s taking notes again, isn’t he? Then, another one.

「Grind the bird meat, knead it with water until it turns muddy and simmer that to make a simple stock. You can insert finely chopped Powa, Kaien…… putting in herbs to remove the bad smell is the trick. Also, I think that using a bit of salt or a Seu fruit will make it taste even more deliciously. Of course, a proper sampling is necessary」

「Umm, is it fine to be telling us your recipes so casually?」

「Yeah, I don’t mind. Meals are better when delicious」

「「Thank you very much」」

「That you see, could I request the tea to be brought to the room?」

「Yes, I will bring it immediately」
I secured the tea with this. Let’s return to the room.
I wonder if everyone started moving by now?


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