Isekai Shoukan ni Makikomareta Obaachan – Chapter 64

Scolding (part 3)


When I returned to the room, everyone was noisily talking.
Un, I understand, but could you consider the loudness of your voices at least a little?
No, no, it’s not like I’m the only one at fault, right?

Well, it can’t be helped. Because it certainly turned into something incomprehensible.

「Could you calm down a little, please? I went down asking for tea」

「Where did you go……」

「Eh? I mean, everyone stopped moving. I thought that you might calm down after drinking tea, so I went to the kitchen?」

「Ah, un. We have slightly? lost our composure」

Shien is saying such thing, but? You weren’t moving at all, you know? It was just slightly, was it?

「Ah, sorry. We have certainly lost our composure. Because Baasan suddenly disappeared……」

「By the way, the tea?」

「Yes, they said they would immediately prepare it……」


Kon, kon, kon……
Yes, I just heard knocking.


「Please, enter」
When I answer……
Ivar immediately moved and opened the door.

Landlady-san brought in a tray with a pot and cups.

Kacha, kacha…… she prepares the cups and pours in the tea. Ara? This fragrance is?

「It’s something I set aside. The fragrance is nice, isn’t it?」

Landlady-san proudly says.


This is? T…… his… tea?

「Please, put in this nectar and drink」

Nec…… tar… ?

There was a thick liquid similar to honey next to the pot.


「The tea is brewed, why don’t we take a short rest first?」

「Baachan, short rest? This too?」

「Ivar you see, tea has many varieties. But, taking a breather is the same, right?」

「Is…… that…… so?」

Here you go, I hand Ivar a cup and take a sip myself……
What a nice fragrance. It has a taste of a proper fermentation.

After having a sip, let’s add a little more nectar. A full teaspoon of thick thing.
Guru, guru I mix it round and round…… I can see the tea swirling in the cup.

It slowly calms down…… a sip…… delicious……

Fuu. A sweetness different from the sweetness found in my original world……

Fufu. This world also has sweets. The only sweetness I have tasted so far was fruity.
There they are. A splendid flavor in tea…… if they have a complete fermentation technology, half-fermented, and non-fermented teas also could be made.

「Ivar, try adding in a bit of this nectar」

「A little? Like Baachan?」

「Ara, you were watching? That’s right, just a spoon」

I was seen! Uwaa…… well, I’m already done, un.

He puts in a spoon of nectar in the cup and stirrs……
Uu, Ivar was observing really well……

「Sweet! Baachan, it became sweet」

「Un, this is this village nectar, huh. It’s delicious」

It has a slightly sweet taste. Ara? Is this Ivar’s first except my brown sugar?

「Koyu-sama, is this tea?」

Ah, it looks like it’s Iris’s first as well. N? Shien’s too?
Aside from Elm and Sapin, everyone is surprised.
Which reminds me, I think I heard that Elm and Sapin were in this village before……

The two are drinking tea with the nectar.


Fuu. So calming.


「It looks like everyone has calmed down. Well then, let’s continue the talk? Is that fine?」

No one was speaking up, so I did. Because if we don’t finish early, I won’t be able to do the shopping, after all.




「Err…… where were we?」

「Ara, Iris has forgotten? You were just checking my status」

「Ah! That’s right. So, Koyu-sama has been taught magic by God-sama?」

「Right! Iris, you have scolded me, right? Umm, I intended to use heal and transferred magical power instead」


「I thought about why it didn’t turn into heal, so I asked. Then, he taught me the difference between moving magical power and doing something with magic」


「Making fire, creating light? Warming up water? Umm, creating plates!」

「I, I don’t understand!」

「Eh? I mean, he taught me the things I need to live little by little」

「Eh? I understand fire or light, but warming up water and creating plates?」

「Right, right, plates you see, they were extremely difficult. You need to knead the water and earth, and bake it with fire in a shielded space…… really, it took quite a lot of time, didn’t it……」

「Where was the time like that!」

「That’s right, isn’t it…… therefore, he rewinded the time we have used back. To think I would rejuvenate, I didn’t really imagine that」

Seriously. You would normally turn the used time back, wouldn’t you……


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