Isekai Shoukan ni Makikomareta Obaachan – Chapter 7

Vanveil〈Guild, Anna's Mutter 〉


I have already gotten used to the crowd. I shall enter the guild by myself this morning…… Un…… There’s Shien-san and Iris-san in front of the guild.

「Good morning, Shien-san, Iris-san」

「Morning, you were able to come without losing your way」

「Shien-san, thank you very much for yesterday. But, I wasn’t lost yesterday. I just couldn’t enter」

「No, no, no. Baasan was definitely lost」

Shien-san which I thought to be taciturn is talkative. Did he get used to talking during the dinner?

「Are? I’ve heard from Maris that you were a lost child, so he brought you along to the guild, though?」

Shien-san grins. Moo!! I have ended up scowling at him.

「Oh?! Coercion? Baasan, stop glaring at me~」

Fufu. I’m victorious. That person also did it well, didn’t he? It was one of his special skills. It’s scary when people who are not angry get angry. Remember that, alright?


「Somehow, your relationship is really good?」

Ara, Iris-san must feel as if she has been left out. I’m sorry.

「He had accompanied me for dinner yesterday. That’s why」

「Anna calls. There」

Oya, an unfamiliar person……


This is some taciturn way of speech again.

「Ivar-san? Please, treat me well」

Ivar-san who nodded is a slender person with short gray hair. The height is not so high…… About the same as my grandchild. About 165cm I would say.

Ivar-san feels small compared to Iris-san and Shien-san . They are not so young. Probably.

Guided by Ivar-san, we arrive at the back of the guild.

There, two carriages are parked. Ara, isn’t it a covered wagon? I thought Anna-san would prepare a small carriage.

「Because Anna didn’t know that Baasan has a magic bag, she prepared this for all your baggage」

I would like you not to read my complexion.

「Shien-san knew since last night, right?」

「Yeah, since I knew I thought this would be good. Baasan, you wanted to take it easy, right?」

「I, I didn’t really want to take it easy in a carriage」

「No, if it’s Baasan, you definitely wanted to sleep in the carriage without having to stop」


「Tiyul is far away, you know?」

「I hear it will not take less than a half a month?」

「N? I don’t think you want to sit all that time」

I have been talked down. However, I certainly did want to take it easy. Un, I consent.


「Good morning, Koyu-sama」

After we finished talking, Anna-san has greeted me. Your wry smile is not concealed well, you know?

「Good morning, Anna-san. Please don’t laugh, okay? I’m already embarrased」

「No, no, you were charming? But, I didn’t think that Koyu-sama would open up this much to Shien. I would understand if it were Iris, but」

「I have remembered olden days a bit. I have talked like this with my son」

「Please, forgive me. Have I reminded you something painful?」

「Don’t mind it. It’s far in the past」

Right, right, something like that can’t make me cry forever. I also enjoy discussions. Please, talk without hesitation.

「By the way, why here?」

「I have heard that you have a lot of baggage. It would be better to load them fi…… the baggage?」

Shien-san? He didn’t tell you?
What a thing. I will glare…… glare……

「No, stop it!!」

「You have something to say, right?」

「Ah~ Sorry」

「I don’t think I should be the one to apologize to? You have wasted everyone’s time!!」

「My fault. I intended it to be just a little mischief」

「I’m sorry. Please, let him off, okay?」

「Baasan has nothing to apologize for……」

Shien-san looked away and said.


「I think it’s time? I would like to introduce the other members, but. I’m the leader, Elm. This huge one is Sapin. The one you met earlier is Ivar and the ones you met yesterday, Iris and Shien. Us five form the team《Vanveil》」

「Nice to meet you. Elm-san, Sapin-san, Ivar-san, Iris-san, Shien?」

「Why am I the only one with a question mark?」

「I wonder why?」

Grin, I glare at Shien-san, and smile at everyone else. I feel like I was laughed at by everyone because of you!! Mou.

「Since the introductions are over, Koyu-sama, Elm-san, let us go to the office, please. Others, please prepare for the departure」

Anna-san said while laughing. Laughing……

In the office, I pay the promised advanced pay of five White Gold Coins. This will cover the costs of carriage, food, and the inns we will have to stay at en route. Of course, it includes the handling fee for the guild. The guards will be paid after safely arriving at the destination. The rest seems to be for the rent. I’m glad because it seems like various arrangements were made.
Also, because it would be troublesome to do shopping with White Gold Coins, I have asked for a change to Gold, Silver, and Copper.
I had almost ran out of small change.


Now then, let’s go on a trip!!




☆☆☆ Guild, Anna’s Mutter ☆☆☆

I, I did it. Just two days. Using high communication magic tools, I have secured a property in Tiyul. Carriage, horses, camping tools, food. It was terrible. I’ve heard from Iris that Koyu-sama has for some reason purchased a large quantity of food, so I switched the carriages.
It really is terrible……

Despite all of this, Koyu-sama is chattering with the unsociable Shien? Quarreling? Messing around?

Koyu-sama, please don’t do anything strange.
Safely, I ask you, please arrive safely. Everyone from Vanveil, I’m depending on you~


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