Isekai Shoukan ni Makikomareta Obaachan – Chapter 8

Departure〈Conversation of Vanveil's members〉


Going on a trip in a horse-drawn carriage. Life is wondrous, isn’t it?
Something like this would be unthinkable in that world.
Nevertheless, this is quite shaky. My buttocks are hurting.
There is some kind of fur pulled over the chair. It’s not very effective. Oh well, shall I do some sewing or knitting since I have free time? First of all, let’s make a cushion. Wouldn’t making a cover and stuffing it with straw be enough?

U, using scissors in a shaky carriage seems difficult. Just a bit more and I had stabbed my hand.
Iris has told me to stop because it’s dangerous. Well, I don’t want to get injured so let’s stop for now.

I’m getting hungry. I’m thirsty as well.


We parked the carriage and decided to take a break.
This early. I’m so sorry, it’s because of me, isn’t it?
Watering flowers in a field like this……
We have traveled just a little bit…… so embarrassing……


I decided not to worry about it.




Now then, it’s time for lunch. Everyone took out their own dried meat, but…… Why dried meat? Let’s have a delicious lunch? I take out fruit, rye bread, bacon (bought at product exhibition), raising butter (bought at product exhibition) from the pocket. Dry perilla as well.

I slice bread on the cutting board, spread raising butter on one side, and put fruit and bacon over it and slice it across. It’s a simple sandwich.
I ask for water and boil it, put dry perilla in a pot and make a pseudo herbal tea.

Haa, tea after so long. I’m Japanese after all, I feel somewhat warm and fluffy.


A, are? I wonder what happened? Everyone freezes with a sandwich in hands……

They knew that I had bought foodstuffs in large quantity, yes?

There’s no refrigerator, so raw bacon has to be consumed rather early.

…… …… Is it just my imagination that everyone’s gaze hurts?



Sa, saa let’s depart once again~




☆☆☆ Conversation of Vanveil’s members ☆☆☆

「Koyu-sama, that’s dangerous. What do you plan to do by taking out scissors?」
「Koyu-sama, knitting needles are dangerous as well, please do that after getting accustomed to the carriage. Look at you, aren’t you swaying?」
「Koyu-sama, bathroom, is it? Ah, you mean toilet. We will stand to watch nearby, so please use that bush. There is no danger. We have confirmed that」
「Water, is it? Just a little is fine? What do you want to do?」
「Koyu-sama, where did you take this food from? Isn’t that fresh meat? Eh? This is a ham? It’s pickled in salt, so it’s okay to leave as is?」
「This is tea? The color is yellow, though. Ah, it makes one refreshed, doesn’t it?」
「Koyu-sama, listen well, okay? Please, say in advance before you do something. So we can mentally prepare」


Koyu-sama…… Koyu-sama is Koyu-sama to the bitter end.
She’s restless even in the carriage. She’s behaving suspiciously.
She abruptly takes out scissors, she suddenly starts knitting with long sticks, and she wants to light a fire at lunch. Even though we have just departed.


「Leader and Ivar who were driving are good, right? You went without being aware of the noise inside」
「No, I was surprised. To take out raw meat, sandwich, and tea all of sudden」
「Bread, tasty. Tea, first time」
「Where did she take it out from? Scissors and the sticks as well as the food」


The members talk in quiet voices.
The travel still has a way to go.
Right, this was just a small break after departure.


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