Isekai Shoukan ni Makikomareta Obaachan – Chapter 9

Surprise Attack


The feel continues everywhere…… It’s all grassland, isn’t it? Scenery with no change. It makes me sleepy.
I shut my eyes while leaning on Iris (she asked me to stop with the -san). Hafuu. Just a bit, okay…… mu……



Gatagata, gashan.
W, what?

The carriage started moving fast all of sudden. I wonder what is going on?
Iris took me to the inner part of the carriage and knelt in front of me.
An arrow pierced through the carriage’s curtain.
Are we being attacked?

「It’s bandits. I will definitely protect you. Stay low like this」

Basu, basu, basu.






The carriage has stopped.

「Listen well. Please, stay still just like this」

Iris jumps out. Umm, what can I do?
Although I don’t know what is going on outside, Iris is shouting.

The carriage shakes.


A hooded man lifts up the curtain.

He grabs my arm and drags me out of the carriage. When I come outside, Iris collapsed……

「Noo~!! Release me. Don’t touch me!!」

I strike the man’s hand and push him away…… ……


The man……




Blown away…..



W, what happened, I wonder?

Ah, now’s not the time. Iris has collapsed.
When I rush up to her side, I see several men approaching.

「Don’t come, any closer」

The wind arises and blows the men away……




I wonder what is happening.


Maa, it looks safe for the time being.


Let’s think about it later. Later. Un.


I have decided not to worry about it.




「Baasan, you okay?」

「I’m alright. Iris has…… what to do? Iris has……」

「I, I’m fine. I just feel dizzy」

「Elm? Eve?」

「Fine. Bandits. Captured」


「Not here」

「Not here……」

「I was hit from behind. While chanting」

「What is going on……」

Were we betrayed…… But, I felt no malicious intent at all.

「I think it’s different」

Pafu. Shien puts his hand on his head.

「I think that he probably went to inform the town. They were many in numbers, it would be difficult to take them back. However, to be attacked this close」

「We are still close to the town?」

「We were advancing quite slow, so your body could get used to the carriage. Moreover, we have even taken a break, right?」

Which reminds me, although we have departed this morning, the preparations and payment were also done in the morning. And we had lunch just a while ago.
We are just a few hours out of the town?

「Convinced? He went with a horse, so he will probably return immediately accompanied by the town patrol」

Yes, I understand well. But, Iris?

「Iris, why did you go outside?」

「I felt that the carriage was elevated. As if the right side was floating」

「Was there anyone?」

「Because I thought so, I tried to cut them off around the back……」

「And your head was hit?」

「Uun. There was a fellow shooting arrows, so I wanted to shoot magic at him. Then, while chanting, I got hit from behind……」

「Then, I wonder if the bandit who came into the carriage was that person?」

「「「Inside?…… 」」」

「He disappeared when I pushed him away, though」

「「「D, disappeared?」」」

「That’s right. Then, when I tried to wake up Iris who collapsed, many unfamiliar people came from distance」

Right, I didn’t know what to do at that time.

「They were blown off, weren’t they?」



「I wonder why? I’m glad since we were saved, though」

…… ……

I, is there something? I have a feeling that everyone is looking at me, but.



「Koyu-sama, are you able to use magic?」

「I have never used magic before. I think I’d like to give it a try, though」

「Do you have magical power?」

「Magical power? Not sure. I wasn’t around people who could use magic」

「What about healing?」

「Doctors were looking after me?」


「What is that?」

「It’s a magic that cures sickness and heals the wound, you know? Eeh!!」

「I either took medicine or underwent an operation, you know? After that, I made sure not to get any more sickness」

「Fire? What about source of flames when camping?」

「I would normally use matches or a lighter」

「How do you illuminate a cavern?」

「Flashlight or torch?」




It seems we can’t understand each other. Then, shall I ask some questions now?

「Can I use magic as well?」

「I think you could if you have magical power, but」

「How do I know if I have magical power or not?」

「I think you should know if you look at status, but」

「Status, how do I look at it?」

「You look at it through magical power, but……」

「How do you use magical power if you don’t know if you have magical power?」

「Eh!! Now that you mention it……」

「Baasan, try saying『Status Open』while thinking that you want to know about yourself」

Ara, I feel like I have heard those words somewhere before.

「『Status Open』tte, are. I can see something」

「You can see it? Then, do you see magical power or MP?」

「Ah, there」

「The number beside is the magical power amount. If it’s too low, you can’t use magic and you can if it’s higher」

Err, I wonder if 900 is too little? I have never used it, though.

「I want to ask a little…… How much is normal?」

「I’m about 60 with a full tank. I’m not very good at it」
「I have a magic job, so mine is 200」
「Searching for the enemy, use. Always used. 300」


「…… I have a bad feeling for some reason, but…… Baasan, how much?」

A bad feeling he says…… Well, I guess so. I have ended up shifting my gaze. I mean, I have remembered. That time. I have surely seen it at that time.

「…… N ……」

「N? I couldn’t hear you. Sorry, once more」

「At the moment, nine hundred」



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