Isekai Tensei Harem – Chapter 2

Childhood friend, a female knight※

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The night of that day, a small welcome back banquet was held for Claire.Even though I say banquet, because it’s a small village it’s nothing formal.

To entertain the villagers, slighty more luxurious meals, freshly harvested vegetables, and meat were served, with a few cups of liquor.

It was a very humble event, but it overflowed with warm feelings of villagers.

「To think that Claire joined the Royal Knight’s Order」
「Claire is the pride of our village」
「Beautiful, strong, simple the best」
「Apparently, the invasion of the evil forces soon begins, I have to protect the village」

It seems that Claire has become an idol for young villagers, I was exposed to their burning eyes.

By the way, I’m the silent one, I eat silently.
It’s basics of survival.

Claire is chatting with young men pleasantly, I left my seat.

「Everyone, I’m sorry. I want to speak with Abel for a while」

The men start booing.

「Leave a guy like that alone」
「He’s just a poor boy. He doesn’t deserve to speak to you」
「He’s poor, it’s the truth~」
「Poor! Poor!」

So noisy. I’m not that poor.

I retort in my mind.
Claire declines politely and came over.

「Fuu, I finally made it to you」

Cheeks are slightly red.
I guess the liquor took its toll.

This neat beautiful girl seemed awfully seductive.

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「What’s wrong, to stare at person’s face」

「N, nothing… in particular」

Feeling embarrassed, I divert my gaze.

Although I got used to it to some extent, I still get nervous talking to Claire one-on-one.
And now, she’s awfully attractive, making me nervous even more.

「You are popular as ever, Claire」

「『Do you have a lover?』or『What’s your type of man?』everyone just asks the same… haa」

Claire smiles wryly.

「You are village’s number one beauty, also entered the Royal Knight’s Order, there’s no helping it」

「Mou, you shouldn’t use flattery with me」

「Iya, I really think you are cool」

The Royal Knight’s Order is directly under the control of Royalty.
Only the strongest amongst elites can enter, the strongest Knight unit in the country.

And such young girl as Claire joined them, frankly speaking, it’s a terrifying achievement.

「Abel, you are also doing your best at home. Aunty praised you a lot」

「Mother was…」

「Won’t you go to school?」

Claire asks.

「N, no. It’s busy at home」

I suppress my bewilderment and answer.

「And to become a knight like you is impossible for me. I have no physical strength」

In fact, the villagers make fun of me.
Because no one knows that I can use magic, to them I’m just a poor boy.

「You don’t have to become a knight. Even if your physical strength is lower than others, there should be something only Abel is good at」

However, Claire doesn’t make a fool of me.
She doesn’t look down on me, nor she scorns me.

「Because Abel was always hardworking」

In Abel’s memories, she was always gentle like that.

「…… Thank you」

Afterwards, we talked about silly things, it was getting late──

… Before I noticed, a beautiful girl with red ponytail knelt before me.

Eh, this is── ?

I’m puzzled.

If I’m not mistaken, I talked with Claire, then drank a little afterwards, my head became dizzy──
Have I returned home after getting drunk?

I can’t remember for some reason.

In the first place, this isn’t my room.
Where is this place…?

Moreover, the girl at my feet is Claire.
What the hell is happening?

「Is it okay… to take it out?」

Claire asked nervously.

She reaches for my crotch with trembling hands.
She takes off my pants and underwear timidly.

I remain staring blankly.
She looses the string of my pants and slowly lowers them.

It’s like someone else’s experience──
Actually, it was a scene without a sense of reality.

The pants fall on the ground and my lower body is exposed.


Claire raises her voice in surprises after seeing my penis.

Possibly the first time she saw that.
It was an extremely innocent reaction.

It is also a first time for me that a girl sees my thing.

(Uwaa, she’s looking to her heart’s content…)

Feeling the warm breath, my meat stick strikes a pose.

「This is… a man’s…!?」

The point of my genitals has approached her lip to a degree it may touch any moment.

I’m stared at from a point-blank distance.
My whole body is burning with embarrassment.

On the other hand, my brain becomes numb, a sweet, refreshing sense of freedom.
The blood in my penis starts boiling because of Claire’s gaze.

「Amazing… it gets this big…?」

Her sweet breath lands on my spear again, the vanguard is ready.

The erection of my meat stick will turn into a rock hard state any moment.


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