Isekai Yururi Kikou

Isekai Yururi Kikou – Chapter 102


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「There, Takumi, pipsqueks, go wild as you please」
「Yeah, it’s fine~」
「No, no, no!」

Wald-sama suddenly said something that fanned the children’s flame.

「Wait, Wald-sama!? W, what are you saying!!」

Wald-sama’s plan, was it perhaps utilizing us?
In Wald-sama’s case, he seriously meant it!

「Hm? This is a way to keep the damage at the minimum and eliminate the monsters most quickly. Look, Takumi, I leave the big shot to you~」
「No, no, no! Knight-sama, do your job please!!」
「Of course, I will go out too. Ah, you can leave the clean-up to me too! Well, Isaac will be the one dealing with the processing though!」

I believe that Wald-sama is extremely serious.

「Is this not an abandonment of one’s duties!? Isaac-san!」

I tried seeking help from Isaac-san.

「Let’s see~ Well, rather than being guards, our duty is to follow Takumi-san who can act freely, so~ Wald-sama telling you to go to the front doesn’t really mean he’s abandoning his duties~」
「I have no allies!?」

Isaac-san also recommended Wald-sama’s approach. When I looked towards Oswald-san and Mars-kun, they were looking at me with sympathy……

「「Onii~chan, let’s go~」」

Allen and Elena have been pulling on my clothes to go since a while ago.

「I understand, I understand~……」

Complaining already won’t change anything at this time. It would be better to clean-up before the damages become large.

「Can you withdraw people away from the group of orcs?」
「Oh, you are ready to go? You mean to keep them away so they won’t get rolled up into it, right? ――Valgan-dono, can you withdraw the soldiers?」
「Just what do you……」

A broad grin appeared on Wald-sama’s face as he begun negotiating with Valgan-san.
But, Valgan-san was confused.

「You have no choice but to believe me」
「…… I understand」

Valgan-san seemed to make a decision and started giving instructions to the surroundings.

「Allen, Elena, we will reduce their numbers with magic first, okay?」

After verifying that the front has moved away, I lowered Allen and Elena from my arms and prepared for the attack.

「Here I go~――《Water Jet》」
「「《Water Jet》」」

With the people out of the way, the three of us fired magic at my signal.
The large amount of discharged water overwhelmed the orcs’ momentum.


I heard shocked voices from the surroundings.

「Ooh~ they got blown away fancily, didn’t they?」
「What a great power」
「It was incredible the last time I saw it too, but this one was the more incredible~」

The admiration voices of Wald-sama and rest were audible.

「That being the case, we should go soon as well~」
「Let’s do that. It doesn’t seem necessary, but it’s not like we can only watch. Oswald, Mars, we are going」

Wald-sama and rest took out their swords and moved towards the orcs.

「Ah, Allen too~」
「Elena is going too~」

Allen and Elena also broke into a run. I also took out my sword――『Water Katana』from the《Infinite Storage》and ran after them.


Allen and Elena jump kicked an orc with the momentum, used its chest as a stepping stone and jumped up.


Then, they attacked the heads of the orcs. Each bringing down an orc with the exact same moves.


There was an orc who tried to swing down its club at Allen and Elena when they landed, so I cut it down with my katana.

「Next one~?」
「This way~!」

Allen and Elena identified their next prey and ran towards it without a hesitation.


Not only Allen and Elena, but seeing Wald-sama and rest smoothly defeating the orcs together with the soldiers and adventurers, the orcs’ numbers quickly decreased.


Seeing its comrades being defeated one by one, the Orc General roared.
Glaring at its hateful enemies, the Orc General’s coercion increased.

「Now then……」

Orc General is…… B-rank, right?
Well, I don’t think it’s necessary to be so cautious, but…… I don’t know what it’s capable of when enraged. Defeating it with magic and not allowing it to get close would be a valid strategy.
N~ Should I use fire magic I have not tried using before? But you see~ the Orc General’s hide seems to be quite a good material and I heard that its flesh is also tastier than that of an orc, so it would be wasteful to just burn it.
…… The Orc General doesn’t really look appetizing, but I feel like eating pork fried with ginger for some reason.

「First……――《Wind Arrow》」

When I used a wind arrow as a test, the movements of the charging Orc General just slightly quivered. On the contrary, it got enraged even more.

「…… Quite sturdy, isn’t he? Then, next is――《Air Hammer》」

This time, I activated magic to smash the Orc General with air pressure from above.


The Orc General took a posture of lifting an invisible stone with both of its hands.

「Takumi, you seem to be taking it quite easy」

Just at that moment, Wald-sama and others who defeated the rest of the orcs joined up with me.
Allen and Elena who ran over as well clung to my legs.

「Taking it easy, is not quite right, that fellow is quite a tough one~」

I keep the Orc General under the air pressure so that he couldn’t move, so it’s not like I’m taking it easy.

「Allen will defeat it~」
「Elena will defeat it too~」

Thinking this to be an opportunity to participate, Allen and Elena raised their hands an appealed to me.

「…… Oh well. Shall we bring it down with magic at once?」

I know the magic power of these two is enormous, so it would be better to bring it down at once rather than uselessly prolonging it.

「Then, are you prepared?」
「Well then――《Water Jet》」
「「《Water Jet》」」
「Also, a freebie!《Tornado》」

Invoking magic together with the children, I further mixed the water magic with wind magic.
When the vigorous whirlpool of water reached the Orc General――dokan, it made a loud noise upon impact.


The directly hit Orc General feebly collapsed to the ground.


A lot of people were injured during today’s orc raid, but luckily, there were no casualties. In addition, it ended with no damages to the town. After that, we began cleaning up, but Isaac-san told me first with a very nice smile that the Orc General and several orcs should naturally belong to me, so I immediately stored them into my《Infinite Storage》.
After storing the orc materials――rather, their corpses in the《Infinite Storage》, I was told by Isaac-san「It’s a nap-time for the children, isn’t it?」next. Well, the day has certainly become pitch dark, so I agreed as it was without a doubt that time.
Then, I was half-forcedly returned to the inn with Oswald-san. Thinking that this is the “clean-up” Wald-sama was talking about, I obediently decided to return to the inn and rest.

Then the next morning when I awoke, Wald-sama and rest were also already back. Well, they went to report to the Alveil’s Feudal Lord after cleaning up, so they seem to have just pulled an all-nighter.
After asking for details, the Feudal Lord apparently hoped to meet us. However, Wald-sama declined that after explaining that we are in the middle of a journey to the royal capital to meet with the King. The King is given the top priority after all. Wald-sama refusing in my stead was an excellent judgment. Rather, I wanted to say「Good job declining!」.
Well, you know~ the reason the Feudal Lord wanted to meet with us was apparently either an invitation to serve him or get captured by him if unlucky. He must have heard the story from Valgan-san and that’s why he wished to meet us.
Well, there’s no positive proof though.

「Takumi, sorry about this but can we depart in the afternoon? Let me take a nap for a little」
「I don’t mind leaving tomorrow?」
「No, I don’t think there would be further troubles, but I want to depart quickly」
「I understand. We will obediently wait in the room, so please rest up」
「Ou, that would be nice. Your faces are probably well-known by now, so it would be better to not leave that much」

Wald-sama and others were working all night, so it wouldn’t be good to depart right away, so we spent the morning leisurely in our room.
After that, we departed from Alveil in the afternoon, the journey went uneventfully, and we have safely arrived at the royal capital.

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