Isekai Yururi Kikou

Isekai Yururi Kikou – Chapter 103

Arrival at the Royal Capital

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「Really. There’s a lot of people and carriages」

Arriving at the capital, we promptly got off the horses and approached the gate in order to get inside.
There was a long queue in order to get inside, but the knights and us as their fellow travelers went to the front of the queue without lining up, and were able to enter immediately after identification papers check.
I had the four animals return to my shadow as the number of people started increasing. I would like them to walk together with us, but it might become a problem in a place with tons of people after all~


When we entered the town, Allen and Elena raised voices of astonishment.
I thought there were many people both in Shirin and Bailey, but as I thought, they can’t compare with the capital as it’s crowded with people.

「Allen, Elena, don’t separate from me~ We won’t be able to see each other if you get lost~」

The moment I somehow half seriously declared, Allen and Elena who were looking around the town with a great interest firmly stuck to my legs.
I won’t be able to move if they stuck to me this close. Moreover, we will obstruct the passersby. I lifted up the two in my arms in order not to lose sight of them.

「Sorry, sorry. I was lying. I will be able to properly find you even if you get lost」

Uwaa~~~ they have extremely teary eyes……
I did it now. I shouldn’t joke in such way with Allen and Elena.

「Oy, Takumi. We should――Oh? Why do the pipsqueaks seem like they’re about to cry?」

Just at that time, Wald-sama who finished with the procedures approached us and found the children’s state strange.

「No…… well, I joked around a bit you see……」
「N? You mean you made them cry? That’s rare. What did you say?」
「That I won’t be able to see each other if they get lost……」
「Ahh~ I see. So that’s why the pipsqueaks are like that~」
「…… Yes」

Wald-sama looked at the two who were clinging to me as if they were saying “I’m never letting go” with faces that were about to cry.

「Well, there are more people in the capital than anywhere else in the kingdom on top of being really difficult to go in and out~ but, don’t worry! It’s often the case that children who are not familiar with the geography of the town get lost and need to be searched for!」

Wald-sama said such with confidence, but…… was that supposed to be a follow-up?
That’s not a follow-up at all~~~

「Wald-sama, what are you doing fanning the children’s insecurity?」

It’s as Isaac-san said! The children seem like they’d burst into tears at any moment.
It appears that Isaac-san took on the role of scolding Wald-sama, so I decided to follow-up with the children myself.

「Allen, Elena, it’s all right. Look, shall we go like this for today? We will never separate from each other that way」
「「…… Un」」

It was just feebly, but the two properly nodded, so I felt relieved.
Seriously…… Losing sight, getting lost, I will be careful not to play that hand ever again.

「I’m sorry, Takumi-san. From here on out, Wald-sama will be accompanying you alone as we will go directly to the castle……」

As I was about to finish soothing Allen and Elena in my arms, Isaac-san who apparently finished scolding Wald-sama said to me worriedly while glancing at Wald-sama.
Hahaha~ It appears that we will say farewell to Isaac-san and rest here, but Isaac-san seems really worried to leave us in Wald-sama’s care.

「Don’t worry about it. Well, we will somehow manage even if we separate (from Wald-sama). I could look for a suitable inn or something」
「Haa? What are you saying?」
「Oh my? Takumi-san, did you not hear by any chance?」

Even though the capital is vast, I will be able to find an inn with no guide. When I said such, Wald-sama and Isaac-san looked at me with strange faces.

「Your inn is my place」
「…… Eh!?」

My place, he said…… surely not, the Ruven House!? Ehh~!?

「Wait, I didn’t hear anything about that though-!」
「Did I not tell you?」

That the place we will be staying at has been already decided…… just when was it decided?

「I haven’t heard anything about that! We are fine with an inn」
「There’s no way I can let you stay there」
「…… Is that no good?」

Indeed, we have been taken care of by the Risner House before, so I thought whether it will be the same in the capital, but~ I thought such but~ While staying at the Risner House, we weren’t really restricted and we have been taken care of really well, but you know. I feel much more comfortable at an inn.

「Did you perhaps want to stay at a guest room in the castle, Takumi-san? I believe you will be able to stay as the King’s guest of honor, would you like to request a stay?」
「No, I’m fine! It seems that we will be intruding to Wald-sama’s home, so there’s no need to stay at the castle!」
「Oh my, is that so?」

While I was hesitating to stay at the Ruven House, Isaac-san proposed to stay at the castle with a smile. I would like to refrain from that as much as possible, so I immediately refused.
Staying at the castle…… I don’t want to do something so nerve wrecking willingly~
When I refused, Isaac-san made a really nice smile. Ku~~~
That’s right. Isaac-san knew that I would definitely choose the Ruven House over the castle, that’s why he made such proposal. Haa……
This is just how I feel, but if I said「Then, I will go with the castle」Isaac-san would definitely manage to let us stay in the castle.
Therefore, I mustn’t make a wrong choice here!

「Isaac-san, Oswald-san, Mars-kun. We have been in your care」
「No, no, it was us who were taken care of」
「That’s right. You made us delicious food, we have received precious herbs from you……」
「Uwa! That’s not good, is it? Somehow, even the monsters were defeated by Takumi-san’s contracted beasts…… when I think about it, we haven’t done anything!」

When I regrouped my feelings and said goodbye to the three we will be separating from, the three recalled the happenings of the journey.
But well, it’s not like they haven’t done anything, it’s that we have come uninvited in various ways~

「Hahaha~ We have made the meals on our own and you can consider the herbs as wages for labor. Ah, I mean you don’t have to pay or anything, okay?」
「Well, I don’t think that much was enough, so if you have something you are troubled with, I will help you as much as possible so don’t hesitate to contact me anytime」
「I will cooperate if there’s something I might be useful for. Please, call out to me anytime」
「Me too!」
「Thank you very much」

Following Isaac-san, I have also received reliable words from Oswald-san and Mars-kun. During our stay in the capital, I will rely on them without reservation if something comes up.
…… Well, I would prefer if such a situation didn’t occur though.

「Well then Allen-kun, Elena-san, we will meet again during the audience, but it’s farewell until then」
「「Un, bye bye~」」

Taking Allen’s and Elena’s farewell as a signal, Isaac-san, Oswald-san, and Mars-kun mounted their horses and departed.

「Well then, we should go as well. The day is still long, should I show you around the town on the way to my house?」

It has been decided that we will go to the Ruven House now, but Wald-sama decided to show us around the town on the way.
That proposal was honestly really good. The town is huge and I don’t have the slightest idea what’s where.
Unfortunately, the map function is blank just like when entering a dungeon, so I will be able to do a bit of mapping while being guided around.

「Hey, let’s go then~」
「Thank you very much」

I’m carrying Allen and Elena in my arms, so Wald-sama started walking with the reins of two horses in his hands. I promptly followed after him and entered the town.
――In fact, at this time, I thought that I will just be taught the names of several main streets.
But, Wald-sama guided us around shopping areas and roads where carriages can turn around, he unexpectedly shown us some important places.

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