Isekai Yururi Kikou – Chapter 104

Ruven House

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We have arrived at the Ruven House at last.

「Welcome home, Bocchan

When we entered the Ruven House following after Wald-sama, something shocking happened.
A man past his middle age wearing a tail coat with tightly combed down hair called Wald-sama “Bocchan” when greeting him. Bocchan! Wald-sama is Bocchan! T, that doesn’t suit him at all, does it~

「Oy, Ivan. Don’t I always tell you to stop calling me Bocchan?」
「To this Ivan, Bocchan has been Bocchan since you were a child. Rather than that Bocchan, would you please introduce our guests?」

Apparently, this man called Ivan is a veteran servant that has worked in this Ruven House since Wald-sama’s childhood.

「Yeah, sorry about that. Takumi, this is our butler Ivan. Ivan, this is Takumi who will be staying with us for a while and his little brother Allen and little sister Elena. I informed the old man about it, but」
「Yes, he has been asking for you. Takumi-sama, welcome. I’m a butler called Ivan. I will complete any requests you may have as soon as possible, so please, don’t hesitate to order me」
「I’m Takumi. I will be in your care for a while」
「Thank you for your politeness」

Ivan-san silently bowed once the introductions finished. I have been quite concerned about that, but Wald-sama who was ignorant of my feelings advanced the talk.

「So, what about the old man and Mother? They are home, right?」
「Yes. Dannasama is in his office, Okusama is in the salon」
「Let’s go meet the old man first. Takumi, follow me」
「Ah, yes. ――Allen, Elena, come」

After lightly bowing my head to Ivan-san, I briskly chased after Wald-sama. And so, we went towards the office of the head of the Count Ruven family――Wald-sama’s father.
When we arrived before the office, Wald-sama abruptly opened the door and walked inside.

「Oh, Wald, you have returned. Then, is that Takumi-kun?」
「P, pardon my intrustion」
「Welcome. Please come inside」

Wald-sama’s father was sitting at a desk dealing with some documents, but he put the documents on the desk when he saw me and hastily invited me inside.

「Make yourself comfortable. You can talk casually. My name is Matthias. I think you already know, but I’m this stupid son’s father」
「Thank you very much. I’m Takumi. These children are――」

After settling down on the sofa I was led to, we exchange greetings.
Whether it was because he’s Wald-sama’s relative, Allen and Elena gave their names cheerfully. It really was just their names, so I thought it might be a good time to step-up their game, so when I told them to attach「I am」next time――

「I am Allen!」
「I am Elena!」

The two introduced themselves on the spot once again. Matthias-sama who saw immediately addressed that.

「Children being lively is the most important. Think of my home as yours and spend your time here at ease」
「Thank you very much, Matthias-sama」
「N~ you are still a bit too stiff」

The calm expression Matthias-sama had when he looked at Allen and Elena changed completely, turning into a dissatisfied one.
…… But well, I remember having such an exchange before.
It was similar to the exchange I had with Cedric-san when I visited the Risner House for the first time. There’s ninety percent chance that he didn’t like the way I called him.

「Would it be all right to call you Matthias-san?」
「Yes, of course」

When I called him「Matthias-san」to confirm, Matthias-san immediately smiled.
As I thought, he was dissatisfied with the way I called him.
Rather, Matthias-san’s smiling face――is exactly same as Wald-sama’s, especially his eyes.
Matthias-san’s bright brown leaf-colored eyes is completely different from Wald-sama’s color, and he’s the civil official type which is completely different from Wald-sama’s knight type though.

「Oy, Takumi. Even though you won’t stop attaching -sama to my name, why did you changed the way you call my old man so easily!」

While feeling that those two are certainly a parent and a child, Wald-sama complained.
Wald-sama is apparently also dissatisfied with the way I call him. Well, Wald-sama did tell me to change how I call him when we reunited at Bailey~

「Well~…… I got used to calling you Wald-sama……」
「Change it even if it’s impossible」
「Change it!」

It finally turned into coercion…… can’t be helped.

「Wald? Wald-san? ――………… Wald-sama」
「Hahaha~ No~ yeah, it’s not possible」
「…… Oy」
「I’m sorry~」

I tried but as expected…… it doesn’t fit him. Wald-sama is Wald-sama after all~

「You will get eventually used to it even when you change it forcibly. Rather, get used to it!」

Do I have to really change it? I think that’s impossible for me though~

「…… Kukuku~」

Seeing such exchange between Wald-sama and me, Matthias-san burst into laughter.

「It’s good you have built such good relationship above all」

It seems that we appear to be on a good terms to Matthias-san.
Wald-sama clicked his tongue and averted his gaze in embarrassment.

「Now then, you must be tired from riding horses all the way here. There’s still some time before dinner. You should rest at the salon」

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