Isekai Yururi Kikou – Chapter 136

Crystal Flower


「Ahh, this way」

Raizel showed a pattern and Allen and Elena copied it――while that repeated for several times, we have arrived at our destination. Yea~ my turn did not appear.

「Whoa, that’s a pretty deep valley」

The destination was a valley of a considerable depth, moreover, it was a place where strong wind occasionally blew from the bellow.
The requested『Crystal Flower』grows at the mountainside of this valley.

「At the bottom is…… a river?」

Taking a look down, I could see a river.

「That’s right. A deep river flows down below, although you won’t die if you fall down, please still watch your steps」

I thought I chose a relatively safe request, but it seems to be more dangerous than I thought.

「Have you gathered Crystal Flowers before, Raizel?」
「Yes, I did several times」
「How did you pick them that time?」
「In my case, I tied a rope around a strong tree and descended by relying on that」
「…… I see」

Descend with a rope…… it’s that right? The thing rescue troops practice to get down the buildings’ walls, right? What was it called again? Err…… was it rappelling?

「In some cases, the wind blowing from below may carry you away, but that happens only when unlucky」
「Well, they are growing in a place like that, so they won’t let themselves to be picked that easily~」

That means, we should tie a rope and descend.

「Allen, will do it~」
「Elena too~」
「Eh? I was the one who invited you, so let me do the gathering?」
「…… As expected, we wouldn’t be able to do that」

It appears that Raizel intended to gather the flowers by himself. Did he plan to do undertake the troublesome things because he was the one who invited us?

「「Will do it~」」
「…… Eh?」

Raizel looked at me troubledly because of Allen’s and Elena’s full willingness.
The children like to challenge everything, so well…… it’s within my expectations.

「I’m glad since I have one, but I would be happy if you told me a sturdy rope we necessary before the departure~」
「Eh? Eh? Ehh~!?」

As for me, I am self-aware. It’s only natural because I have never done something like rappelling before. But, while that may be true, leaving it all to Raizel even though I have accepted the request myself would be a little bad.
Ignoring my own negligence and jokingly complaining to Raizel, I prepared the ropes.

「Wha, wait, Takumi-san? W, why are you tying the ropes around the children!?」

Raizel panicked after seeing me tie the ropes around the children.

「N? No, I mean~ we are assuming that only you and I will go down to pick the Crystal Flowers」
「No, I will…… no, it’s nothing. Yes」

Silencing Raizel who still wanted to go alone with my gaze, I explained my prediction.

「If we do that, it’s highly possible that the two who remained up here will descend without using a rope」
「I’m sorry? Su, surely not……」
「It is. Don’t look down on the motivated faces of these two」

The children are obviously sporting “excited” faces. Seeing that, Raizel was at a loss for words.

「These children are like that. That being the case, I shouldn’t neglect the prevention of danger right from the start. If you understand, make preparations or we will leave you behind, Raizel」
「Uwaa, wa, wait a moment please!!」

When I told the absentminded Raizel to prepare, he panicked, took out a rope from his belongings and started preparing.

「Alright, we are good to go」
「「Good to go~!」」

After I finished preparing the ropes, Allen and Elena raised both of their hands and urged me「Quickly, quickly」.

「How about you, Raizel? Are you prepared?」
「Yes, I am」
「Alright, shall we go then?」

With my words as a signal, Allen and Elena broke into a run.

「Eh? Wha, waitwait!」

Chasing after the two who were preparing to jump down in panic, I managed to catch them.

「…… Allen, Elena, you are way too excited~」

I wonder if the two intended to do bungee-jumping just now? Anyhow, that was dangerous~……

「Gee~ you can’t do that, alright? While it might be a tough rope, we can’t be sure it would survive your vigorous free falling」
「Yes. You must go slowly」
「「Got it~」」

Correcting themselves, the two started slowly descending.
I somehow managed even though I had a hard time…… Raizel naturally, Allen and Elena smoothly descended.


It appears that Allen and Elena found a Crystal Flower right away.
The Crystal Flower was a crystal clear blue color, that I found seemingly glittering.

「Yes, this is a Crystal Flower. You two found it fast~」
「Whoa, you already found it? Crystal Flowers aren’t things that are supposed to be found this easily though……」

Raizel was surprised by Allen’s and Elena’s discovery speed.

「Finding things like this is a specialty of these two. ――Allen, Elena. I don’t think that these flowers can be picked by hands, so cut them at the roots with a knife. Ah, it’s dangerous so make sure to have a proper grip on the rope. All right?」

Allen and Elena took out a knife from their magic bag and picked the Crystal Flower while tightly holding onto the rope.

「「Is done~」」
「Skillful, so skillful!」
「「Will get more~!」」
「Yes, let’s do our best. But, you must be the most careful to not fall, okay?」

We continued working hard at picking Crystal Flowers.


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