Isekai Yururi Kikou – Chapter 16

Dungeon of Earth・Capture 4


Good morning.
Today is the third day since we entered the dungeon.
We have crisply advanced through the 12th floor yesterday and were able to find the stairs to the 13th in the evening. I have decided to stay the night before proceeding further.
Therefore, we are currently staying at the entrance to the 13th floor.

The plan was to head back to the town in three days, but I think we can capture the dungeon today or tomorrow if everything goes smoothly.
I have heard that once we defeat the boss on the 15th floor, we can use a transfer device that would take us directly to the first floor.
In the worst happens and we are not able to defeat the boss, we should be able to get back on the day before the next request.

Having decided to keep on advancing, I prepare the breakfast first.
Today’s menu has been decided.
I beat eggs, sugar, and milk together to create an egg wash, soak the bread that was within the food Syl prepared for me in it. I melt butter in a pre-heated pan, put the bread in the pan and carefully cook both sides.
Un. It’s the French toast.
I pour the honey we obtained yesterday over the dish. U~n, it smells nice.
Well then, itadakimasu.

Oh! Yummy!
I understand the deliciousness with just a bite. Even though there’s intense sweetness, it’s not too heavy. Giant Bee’s honey…… delicious. Indeed, this is worth obtaining by all means.
Allen and Elena also seem to be pleased with it. They are eating in a trance.

After I had observed Allen and Elena eat for a while, I wanted to resume my meal, but a group of Giant Bees suddenly appeared from within the passage. The prey came to us on their own.

「I will take care of it, you two eat up」

I stuff my cheeks with French toast, inform the two while trying to chew it down, stand up and face the Giant Bees.

「《Air Shot》」

First, I aim at the group and shoot a sphere of air.
I was able to shoot down several of them, but more than a half were able to avoid because of their nimbleness.

「《Wind Cutter》」

I shoot several wind blades this time.
The Giant Bees got shot in succession by the wide blades.
Yosh, I was able to defeat them all this time.
After beating all the Giant Bees, I went over and collected all drop items rolling on the floor.
Most of them were wings and stingers, but I was able to obtain two more jars of honey.
While returning to continue my breakfast, another monster emerged from the passage.
Are? It’s another Giant Bee. Let’s clean up for the time being.
But, why do they keep on appearing?

I take a look at our breakfast and suddenly realize. Did the bees smell the sweet scent of honey and came over?
Oh! Could the Giant Bees be lured out by any chance?
It may be worth trying it out.


After the meal, we started the 13th-floor capture right away.
While doing so, I carried an opened jar of honey in my hand.


As a result, the fact that the Giant Bees are attracted to the scent of honey has been established.
They took the bait! A seriously big catch.
Giant Bees assault us in sequence surprising me in the process. This completely exceeded my expectations!
Of course, the Giant Bees are knocked down by Allen and Elena who fight them joyfully without getting exhausted.

「「H~on, h~on」」

Dozens of Giant Bees have appeared, but they were all defeated.

「「E~y, e~y」」

It seems that honey has ultimately become Allen’s and Elena’s favorite, their mood soars with every discovered jar.
They make an incredibly nice smile each time they pick a jar up. That’s too cute! Was that just now a Honey theme song? They make noises resembling singing while picking up the drop items, but that is also undisputedly cute!

「「Honey, was there~!」」

The Twins trot over to me with a smile and arms full of drop items. Because that was also too cute, I plentily patted their heads.
They should be my siblings based on age, but I’m just like a foolish parent since the beginning……

In the end, after a half a day of honey collecting, we smoothly advanced up to the end of the 14th floor where we found the stairs to the 15th floor.
Honey? Of course, we secured plenty!


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