Isekai Yururi Kikou – Chapter 17

Dungeon of Earth・Boss


Fourth day in the dungeon.
We advanced through the 15th floor’s complex design smoothly and arrived at a massive double door made from soil.
It’s finally time to challenge the boss, but this is the boss room, right? It indeed has a strange atmosphere.
I will be embarrassed if this doesn’t turn out to be the boss room……

While thinking so, I touch the heavy door and slowly open them――Gigigi, the door opens, and I face the room.
A spacious dome-like room is inside. The size is comparable to a small concert arena.
I lead Allen and Elena by their hands and step inside――Gatan, the door behind us shuts with a loud noise.
The behind shines when I look back at the closed door.
Looking back forward, light emits from the center of the room. And then, after several seconds when the light weakens, a beast’s roar echoes around the room.


Approximately 7-8 meters long worm appears at the place where the light emerged from. Un, it’s that. A gigantic earthworm.
I see, after a fixed period of time passes, the door automatically closes and then the boss comes out.

「Allen, Elena. You two wait here」

The two nod in affirmation and I start running towards the worm.

「《Wind Cutter》」

I shoot magic towards the worm as a preliminary test. The worm avoids, and it throws its whole body towards me.
I twist my body and evade the worm’s large body by running to a different direction.
This worm is unexpectedly fast for its size. It doesn’t look like a monotone magic will work against it.
Now then, how should I defeat this fellow――while in thought……


The worm shoots《Sand Ball》at me.

「Hee~, then I will…《Air Shot》」

I shoot magic too and offset the opponent’s magic.

「Next is……《Wind Arrow》」

I shoot countless wind arrows straight ahead. If monotone magic is no good, then I just have to fire a spell it won’t be able to evade.
Un? That’s right, it’s a simple brute force approach. I don’t need overcomplicated tactics.
The trajectory of《Wind Arrow》that fly straight ahead is easy to read, but it compensates with speed. Moreover, I shot dozens of them at once, as expected, the worm with its massive body size can’t avoid everything even if it can move quick.


As planned, the《Wind Arrows》pierce the worm’s body, it raises a suffering cry and wriggles in pain.

「This is the over! 《Wind Arrow》」

I have used the chance it wriggled in pain and gathered a lot of magical power.

「!!! Sha―――………」

Doshin, the worm collapsed to the ground with its whole body hollowed.
It’s over.
The《Wind Arrows》pierced its body, the worm’s body faintly shines, its corpse disappears, leaving behind drop items.
After surprisingly defeating the worm with ease,”Low Class dungeon’s boss was just something like that” is what came to my mind first, I’m very troubled…… I wonder if the power bestowed upon me is in the cheat category?
I mean, all magic I used are general spells with about 50 proficiency.
Maa, it’s better than fighting a life-threatening battle. I gather the drop items while thinking such.

The drop items are a baseball sized yellow magic stone, Worm Meat, and several worm fangs.
…… Earthworm meat. Worm Meat is a high-class ingredient? Uun… but, I don’t want to eat something like that…… I will collect it for now, but do I sell or hoard it?
Ah! But, if I sell it, would it expose that we captured the dungeon? Ah, but, would the Guild staff be able to see it on my Guild Card?



【Dungeon Record】Fourth Dungeon “Earth” 15 floors captured.
【Title】Captor of a Low Class Dungeon


When I took out the Guild Card to confirm, it was well listed there. Un, this is not okay. I will get exposed when I receive a Request……
The capture itself is not the problem. The problem is that we have captured the dungeon only in a few days… First of all, let’s keep quiet by not receiving any requests for a while!
That means the earthworm meat is getting stored inside the《Infinite Storage》!

When I came to a conclusion, tosun, I felt a light impact on my legs. Allen and Elena rushed to me and clung to my legs before I noticed.

「Thank you for waiting. It’s over. You are not injured, right?」

I was careful not to shoot magic into the children’s direction, but I confirm to make sure. Un, no problems here.
Speaking of which, what about the records on the two’s Guild Cards?
Thinking that, I take out Allen’s and Elena’s Guild Cards to check, and find that the two have the same records properly listed on their cards.
The condition seems to be to reach this floor regardless of actually damaging the boss.




A door suddenly appears on the opposite side of the room.
After putting the cards away, we passed through the door and entered a room with a crystal on a pedestal.
This seems to be the transfer device. We can get back to the 1st floor by touching the crystal.

Switching my gaze from the transfer device, I find a nicely decorated treasure chest at the back of the room. This room which opened after defeating the boss――has apparently a small chance for a treasure chest to appear.
Meaning that this is a complimentary gift?
It doesn’t seem to be locked, and it doesn’t look like there’s a trap. I open it and see five red marble-like things inside.
Appraising it――


【Exploding Flame Sphere】
An exploding sphere that will activate after pouring magical power inside and leaving a fixed proximity of the caster.


This has… a grenade-like feeling to it? Instead of pulling a pin, you pour magical power inside, right? It’s an extraordinarily dangerous smelling magic tool.
… But, it’s power is worrisome. Should I try it somewhere once?

I take out the five spheres from the treasure chest and face the transfer device again after confirming that the treasure chest vanished.
All you have to do to activate the transfer device is to touch the crystal. Because the person that are holding onto the individual who touches the crystal transfer together, there is no need to leave anyone behind so I have decided to hold Allen and Elena in my arms and let them touch the crystal.

「Yosh. Then, touch that crystal」

As Allen and Elena touch the crystal at the same time, I start feeling a little dizzy. We moved to a familiar looking place at the same time.
Looks like we safely arrived at the hall at the 1st floor. I check the map just in case and confirm that we are indeed on the 1st floor.
The dizziness was surely due to the transfer as I’m already feeling well. Confirming that there’s no problem with Allen and Elena, I put the two down and lead them outside.

N~… outside!
The wind brushing my cheeks feels very nice.

Like this, we were able to capture a dungeon for the first time safely.


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